Record of the Missing Sect Master ch035

In which Ye You is very proud of his Senior Brother for knowing him so well.

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Sect Master Han felt that he had been very wronged.

But at this time, he couldn’t just yell, “I’ve been wrongly accused.”

He said, “I did find the people, but the layout of Bodhi Prison wasn’t something I decided by myself. Wasn’t it something that we all discussed together?”

“It seems like it.” A Sect Master that had a good relationship with Sect Master Han said, “I remember that we didn’t want them to pass on information, and that we were probably also going to imprison women, so we decided on a single entrance with a winding path?”

With some hesitation, the rest nodded their heads.

But it was, after all, something that had happened fifteen years ago, so they could only roughly recall the reason behind this style of construction. As for who was the one who originally proposed it, they could not remember at all clearly.

The feeling of misfortune that had bubbled up in a split second in Sect Master Han’s heart had completely disappeared. With his thoughts clear, he said, “Sir Xiao also said that the white piece was very cautious. If I was really the white piece, I would definitely consider what to do if my misdeeds were exposed, so I wouldn’t have been willing to get involved with such things. And what’s more, at that time, the only thing I did back then was to help find some people. Afterwards, I never even went to look in on them. Who knows why they would build a hidden chamber.”

Sect Leader Xuanyang muttered to himself for a while before once again looking at the person kneeling on the ground.

Thinking that the other was suspicious of him, Priest Hezhen ferociously shook his head. “It’s also not me. Newly building a hidden chamber would make too obvious a commotion, so I wouldn’t do this. At the time, the miracle doctor had been planning on picking out a prison cell to live in, but then he inadvertently discovered a hidden chamber. I also thought originally that it was something built to lock up important prisoners…”

The more he talked, the more bitter he became, and he became unable to speak any further.

At the time, he had thought that their luck was good, but who could have imagined that that person had known about it all along. Why was he so stupid? Why hadn’t he been the least bit suspicious?

The Alliance Leader said, “It looks like the hidden chamber had been built back when Bodhi Prison was originally being built.”

The others turned silent.

Since it was like this, every single one of them had suspicions.

Manor Lord Wei suddenly looked at Priest Hezhen. “When the incident occurred, all of you were prepared to cope with it and simply wait for the rumors to die down before returning, so that miracle doctor and those others probably haven’t gone far. They should know who the white piece is, right?”

A light flashed through everyone’s eyes, and they heard Priest Hezhen say that he couldn’t be sure, but that he did know to which direction those people fled. Thus, they immediately sent people to search, striving to capture and bring back that miracle doctor.

After they finished relaying their instructions, Sect Leader Xuanyang again began asking about other matters.

The remaining issues were all various odds and ends, such as that Single-eyed Li was still alive but, having been fed drugs by that miracle doctor, had already become an obedient killing puppet, and that the previously mentioned “Long Sissal” was already long dead, and that one of the miracle doctor’s people had been disguised as that man, wanting to put forth the impression that the other had fled.

During the day, when he heard Ye You wanting to verify the number of people, that large man had started sneering before changing his tune halfway. He had probably seen too many corpses lifted out of here over the years and so feared also being out of luck, thus he stiffly stopped his own mouth.

Seeing that there was no longer anything else to ask, Sect Leader Xuanyang escorted Priest Hezhen into Bodhi Prison, indicating for the other to open up the hidden chamber.

That rotten, black-hearted doctor had left in a hurry, and so many items reminded behind in the room, with quite a few bottles and pots lying around.

The Young Miracle Doctor looked around and wanted to stay to investigate. But there was no telling when the black piece and the white piece would make their next moves, and it was also unknown if there were further secrets in this hidden chamber, so remaining behind would be too dangerous. Thus, they let him carry away only a portion of the items and had him wait until tomorrow to return.

The Young Miracle Doctor listened well to the advice and picked and chose the items, carrying them out.

The day was already late, but neither Wudang nor Shaolin’s people rested, continuing to check the numbers.

When those white bones were still living, no one paid them any mind, and even when they died, no one was aware of it. Even if they had done wrong before, now that they were already dust to dust, ashes to ashes, those living should at least erect a grave and allow them to rest in peace.

Sect Leader Xuanyang was going to deal with the matter of Priest Hezhen and the Wudang disciples personally, and none from the Alliance Leader’s group was planning on interfering.

And since Bodhi Prison was able to come out unscathed for fifteen years, then it was possible that even Shaolin wasn’t blameless. Abbot Ciyuan also didn’t need anyone to remind him and had already locked up all the disciples involved, already making preparations to question them after they finished counting the numbers.

Ye You didn’t much care about these matters.

He had been pulled back to the room by his Senior Brother, and upon seeing the other look at him thoughtfully, he asked, “What?”

Wenren Heng said, “I’m just wondering, how exactly did the black piece learn about these matters at Bodhi Prison?”

Ye You really wanted to know if his Senior Brother would be able to guess it, so he went along with the other’s analysis and said, “Yes, that’s really a crucial point. Could it be the black piece has another accomplice?”

“And that accomplice has been to Bodhi Prison before. Either it’s someone beside the miracle doctor who suddenly had regrets, or it’s some prisoner who was fed the drug but luckily survived, managing to escape and meet the black piece,” Wenren Heng continued, “Of these two options, both of them carry the sense of having to be extraordinarily lucky, so I don’t think either possibility is very high.”

Ye You raised a brow. “Oh?”

“That secret book was written eight, nine years ago. While the black piece was waiting over these years, he most likely did some other things as well.” Wenren Heng looked at this Junior Brother of his and, after thinking it over, said, “He knew who the white piece was, and he also knew that the other wasn’t easy to oppose, so for the sake of the white piece’s downfall, he must have tracked everything that had ever involved the white piece, and so Bodhi Prison naturally fell under his purview.”

Ye You nodded approvingly. “And then?”

Wenren Heng reached out a hand and unraveled his Junior Brother’s bandages. He said, “At first, he probably sent only one person to keep watch, and only after finding out that there was actually a problem did he send more subordinates over. He knew that the white piece couldn’t simply do whatever he pleased at Bodhi Prison, so for the sake of confirming his suspicions, he probably sent people inside to probe into the truth. Just now, I flipped through the visitors’ register, and right away I found that that woman who is about to be released has a younger brother. That brother would come and bring his sister snacks every month, and out of all the visitors, he’s the one who visits the most frequently. What do you think, is it possible that they were sent by the black piece?”

Ye You felt a shudder in delight go down his back in a flash.

Wenren Heng continued with, “That woman’s crime doesn’t seem to be too serious, and her sentence was four and a half years, so the time matches up.”

The so-called ‘time matches up’ was referring to the time it took for the Demonic Sect to stand on steady footing after moving to the Central Plans, and then for Ye You to send subordinates to Bodhi Prison, and then to discover something fishy, and then for him to send people to spy in the prison; the time matches up just right.

Ye You really wanted to give his Senior Brother some applause.

But his Senior Brother was incorrect about one thing; that woman wasn’t one of his, but that so-called younger brother was.

At the time, when he had guessed that they were choosing people to test drugs at Bodhi Prison, he still had the option of backing out, and while he was hesitating over whether he should send someone inside, he coincidentally heard about a woman about to be locked up after committing a crime. He saw that she didn’t look too stupid, so while she was being escorted to the prison, he secretly sent the information, telling her that, if she didn’t want to die, to say that she had a younger brother on the outside and that every month he’ll come to see her. Luckily, the woman was somewhat clever and listened to what he said, so he was saved from having to send someone else.

By and large, it was a mutually beneficial exchange, and in these four and a half years, the woman had told his subordinate of many matters that had happened inside. But because she was imprisoned, the woman was not sure about where the miracle doctor was. It was also only after walking through the prison today that he guessed that there was a secret chamber.

But his Senior Brother knew none of these things and was still able to deduce his train of thought so accurately and even saw that there was an issue with the woman and her “younger brother” at a glance; all of this made him very happy.

Ye You suppressed his inner feelings and gave the other a confirmation, “If I was the black piece, I probably would’ve acted like that.”

Wenren Heng made a sound in acknowledgement and said, “I also want to know how the black piece guessed that they were testing drugs and that it wasn’t something like excessive corporal punishments and so on. Did he send people to dig up those corpses, or did he have some idea from the beginning?”

“I also want to clear that up.” Ye You looked quite put out as he let out a sigh. “Let’s hope my memories return quickly.”

Wenren Heng said, “Yes.”

He unhurriedly stroked the bottle containing the Hundred-Grass Dew, leaving it unopened for the time being.

He remembered Priest Hezhen’s words, that those who took the drug would have their internal energy grow exponentially while losing their rationality. Then did the swordsman “Boundless Line” who murdered his Master that year really have a qi deviation, or was he fed this kind of drug?

Ten years.

For ten years, he had been thinking about why his Junior Brother had left him. Sometimes, he would think that it really was due to that wrong of his, and other times, he’d think that his Junior Brother must have had some unspoken troubles of his own. It was only today that he had finally grasped a hint regarding what truly happened that year.

Ye You said, “Senior Brother?”

Wenren Heng returned to himself and looked at the person in front of him before stroking his Junior Brother’s head extremely tenderly.

That was also his Master, and what’s more, he was also the eldest disciple. If his Junior Brother had truly concealed such matters from him and decided to carry the burden alone, he definitely had to give this person a good tidying up at some point.

Ye You had a sudden sense of foreboding and ducked out of the way. “…Senior Brother?”

With a gentle voice, Wenren Heng said, “Come here, I’ll put on the medicine for you.”

Ye You didn’t move from his seat, feeling as if his back was very cold. Wenren Heng then decided that he might as well move forward himself, and he then applied the medicine with the same expression as always. Ye You observed for a while, and just like how his Senior Brother couldn’t always see through his thoughts, he also couldn’t always understand this person’s way of thinking, so the only thing he could do was sit still and quietly observe.


After being angered by those white bones, many Jianghu adventurers voluntarily joined the search parties for the miracle doctor. But after an entire night, they still had not captured him. Everyone guessed that either he had been hidden too deeply or he had fled faraway at the first signs of trouble.

Everyone was immediately furious, internally thinking that he better not let them know who he was or else they’d really humiliate him!

At this time, the Demonic Sect Elders were currently swearing alongside this crowd of people. When they found that it was about done, they let out a large sigh and, with arms around each other’s shoulders, went down the mountain to find something to eat. And then, after walking some ways, they pulled out a youth who had been hidden in the underbrush and glared at him maliciously.

That youth was precisely that “younger brother” who always brought food for his “dear sister”.

When an incident happened at Bodhi Prison, this impostor “younger brother” had felt it natural to come take a look. Today, other than giving that woman some cooked chicken, his main goal was to find these Demonic Sect Elders.

Looking at their ruthless expressions, he felt cold sweat appear. “Elders, I have s-s-something to tell you… Elder H-H-Hei is still w-w-waiting for you…”

Those Elders coldly snorted and indicated for him to lead the way before following behind him all the way to the small county town.

Elder Baili said, “Why is he staying this far away? He couldn’t have been scared by those search parties last night, right?”

“No,” the youth said, “We just returned not long ago.”

Elder Mei asked, “Why were you gone?”

The youth said, “We went to chase those people. The Sect Master wanted us to do our best to block their way, but their skills were too formidable. When we couldn’t stop them, only then did we return.”

The Elders said an, “Oh,” and their expressions turned even more sinister.

The youth was so scared that he started to quiver, and he didn’t dare to say whatever he pleased anymore. Trembling with fear, he brought them into a small courtyard.

At this moment, Elder Hei was eating some noodles.

His surname wasn’t Hei, and he wasn’t dark-skinned[1], but he was in charge of the Demonic Sect’s shadow guards and so he often wore pitch-black clothes, which was where he got this name. But although he often worked as a shadow guard, his appearance wasn’t frightening, and he couldn’t put on a mask of killing intent to scare a child with one look. On the contrary, he had been born looking delicate, and if he changed his clothes and picked up a folding fan, he’d look just like those weak and sickly young masters.

Seeing him eating those appetizing noodles, those Elders eagerly hurried over for a fight.

Upon seeing them, Elder Hei hastily greeted them warmly, “Have you eaten? If you haven’t, let’s eat together. The kitchens made extra… Ow!”

Without a word, those Elders had pressed him down and ruthlessly began giving him a beating.

“What did I do? Why are you hitting me?” Elder Hei did his best to dodge. “Wasn’t I just eating a bowl of noodles? I wasn’t even eating your noodles, ow! Are we really doing this? Don’t think that this older brother wouldn’t dare to beat you back… Stop, my body has injuries, injuries, injuries… Ah, we’re on the same side, so why are we being so violent to each other… If I’m going to die, at least let me know what I’m dying for, ahhhh…”

The grievances and anger in those Elders’ hearts were enough to overflow the Yellow River.

“So it turned out that you knew everything from the beginning! If you already knew, why didn’t you say so earlier!”

“That’s right! Leaving us scared and frightened for that many days, that many days—-!”

“These past few weeks we’ve traversed mountains and waded through rivers, even climbing through mountain ranges right after crossing actual mountain peaks! We couldn’t eat till we were full and sleep until we were rested! It’s all your fault!”

“That’s absolutely right! It’s all your fault!”

Elder Hei struggled and shouted, “I also didn’t know anything!”

Those Elders stopped. “Then what are you doing here?”

Elder Hei said, “The Sect Leader only told me to keep watch on Bodhi Prison, and if someone runs away from there to not let them run. He also said that once he gets here he’ll probably already be secretly watched by someone and that his every move would be followed by that person. He told me to find someone to send a letter over there and also told me to tell all of you not to contact him for now and just to wait for him to take the initiative to find you. He never told me about anything else. What did you mean when you said you traversed mountains and waded through rivers?”

Those Elders were silent for a moment before throwing him away and moving to sit at the table. They picked up the bowl, grabbed some noodles, and started eating.

“These noodles are pretty delicious.”

“I think if we add an egg, it’d taste even better.”

“Yes, this soup also tastes pretty good.”

“It’s very flavorful, I like it. Hey, whoever, you should go heat up some water; I want to take a bath in a bit.”

“…” Elder Hei finally exploded. “Why don’t all of you say something? You just beat me up for nothing—-?!”


At this time, the Alliance Leader and the others had also received the results of the search, and everyone collectively let out a sigh.

Right now, the white piece had yet to be captured, and the black piece was still hiding in secret, so there was no telling where things would develop from here.

The group couldn’t help but look at Sir Xiao. Academy Master Ge asked, “Does Sir Xiao have any thoughts? What do you think their next steps will be?”

“This, I don’t know.” Ye You paused. “But…”

Everyone’s hearts also paused with him.

They were always endlessly flabbergasted every time this person turned the conversation around; they didn’t know what he’d say this time.

Ye You threw out the words his Senior Brother said last night, “Don’t you think something is strange? Bodhi Prison’s matters are guarded so strictly, so how did the black piece learn of it? And to also know everything in such detail, including clear ideas of where they buried the bodies and who exactly died?”

Everyone startled.

“There’s no meaning in guessing what’s odd about only the white piece. The black piece also contributed to this board. Let’s all guess at the black piece’s identity this time.” Ye You said, “I’ve felt that it was strange since earlier on. The villa was built to be so well-hidden, yet the black piece was still able to find its location so accurately. It’s quite inconceivable. And if you include this current incident, do you think that the black piece could have long since been familiar with the white piece? Is it possible that he’s the white piece’s partner or trusted confidant and, unable to abide by the white piece’s deeds anymore, wanted to expose him?”

Everyone thought for a bit. “It’s not impossible.”

Wenren Heng internally thought a simple ferocious; his Junior Brother was trying to make the white piece suspicious of his own people.

But the board that his Junior Brother laid out was so vast that there could actually be someone by the white piece’s side who was a traitor. So he wasn’t afraid of harming that person by saying these words?

Academy Master Ge couldn’t help but say, “If this is really the case, what if after hearing this, the white piece secretly deals with the black piece, then what?”

Ye You returned with a question, “If the black piece feels it’s too dangerous, then he should take the initiative to escape and reveal the truth to the world, wouldn’t this be even better?”

This was also true.

Everyone turned silent.

The Alliance Leader pinched his brows and brought everyone’s attentions back to the current incident. He said, “We probably can’t get anything more useful from Wudang’s side. From Shaolin’s side…”

Before he could finish speaking, an earsplitting Buddha came from the backyard, piercing right through people’s souls.

Everyone was immediately alarmed and hastily began rushing over.

Ye You unhurriedly followed behind. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw yesterday’s old woman sitting on the steps. She looked as if she had aged overnight, and Lady Tao was currently holding her hand, patiently accompanying her.

Wenren Heng asked, “What are you looking at?”

Ye You honestly said, “I’m looking at Lady Tao.”

Wenren Heng was extremely dissatisfied, but he asked, even-tempered, “Beautiful to look at?”

Ye You laughed and was even more honest, “The most beautiful woman in Jiangnan is naturally also beautiful to look at. It’s not only her appearance that’s beautiful but also her heart as well.”

Wenren Heng felt his anger peak, but before he could open his mouth, someone beside them interjected with an indifferent, “In Jianghu, everyone says that Lady Tao and Sect Master Ye are already a harmonious couple, and Lady Tao even danced the Fengqi Dance for Sect Master Ye, so perhaps we’ll hear about their marriage not long from now.”

The two turned their heads and found that it was Wei Jiangyue who had come.

Ye You said, “Since Sect Master Ye was able to earn Lady Tao’s favor, he must be an outstanding person.”

Wei Jiangyue, who set clear lines between right and wrong, coldly said, “He’s only a monster. Nothing good about him.”

What I said just now wasn’t a question, I was simply making a statement, Ye You silently shot the other a glance and didn’t respond. The corners of Wenren Heng’s mouth lifted up, but he quickly stowed it away when his Junior Brother turned to look at him, holding his smile in.

In the time that Wei Jiangyue took to speak, he had walked over to them and was now walking alongside them. He looked at Sir Xiao, and while he hesitated for a while, he ultimately couldn’t hold it in and reminded in a low voice, “It’s too dangerous for you to always be like this.”

Ye You laughed and asked, “Like what? Looking at beautiful people?”

“…No,” Wei Jiangyue said, “I’m talking about how you’re able to see through the white piece and the black piece’s moves. Before, it was guessing the white piece’s misdeeds, and today, it’s guessing who the black piece is.”

Ye You understood. “So I could be silenced?”

Wei Jiangyue nodded. “Right now, you… don’t have the ability to protect yourself after all. It’s better to investigate secretly. I’ll help you.”

Ye You said, “But I’ve already shown off my ability. Even if I stop speaking from now on, they still won’t be reassured… We’re here.”

The two people next to him lifted their heads and saw seven, eight Shaolin disciples lying on the ground, looking as if they were no longer breathing. Master[2] Deru, who was in charge of guarding Bodhi Prison, had red eyes. His acupoints had been hit, and he was currently pressed down on the ground, with veins visible on his forehead.

Abbot Ciyuan was currently using his internal energy to suppress his disciple. The Buddha just now was also something that he had shouted.

Ye You quietly stood there, pressing his emotions down into the depths of his heart. He looked for a long while before asking, “What happened?”

Academy Master Ge’s expression was grave. “I heard that they suddenly went mad out of nowhere. Their internal energy rose, and they all wanted to commit suicide. Those people couldn’t be saved, and the only one left now is Master Deru.”

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[1] The Hei in Elder Hei’s name is the one for black (黑).

[2] 大師, not to be confused with 師父 which is what disciples (e.g. Ye You and Wenren Heng) call their masters. Here, he’s a Master of his craft as a Buddhist practitioner.

I can’t believe an Elder we’ve never met got a name the moment he appeared yet Elder Ji had to wait twenty-eight whole chapters before being named!! You definitely got a raw deal, Elder Ji!!

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