Record of the Missing Sect Master ch044

In which there’s a fight, guest starring a cliff!

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The scarred man was practically sitting on pins and needles.

He carefully listened for movements in the carriage. In the end, he was again unable to endure it and pulled open a small slit so he could secretly sneak a peek inside. He discovered that Young Master Xiao’s hand seemed to be inside the other person’s clothes, and he was immediately shocked. Inwardly, he wondered if Young Master Xiao wasn’t thinking that Fuping would immediately be locked up upon reaching Shaolin and so wanted to take some advantage now, right?

It couldn’t be, right?

Was Young Master Xiao this kind of person? Or did he lose all rationality because of his feelings?

He again looked over a few more times and saw those two people sitting together very closely, giving off the feeling that they had a very close relationship. From the corners of his eyes, he saw the person driving the carriage next to them looking at him, so he put down the curtains and sat back, stupefied. His heart was feeling particularly aggrieved.

After this many years, their Sect Master was finally able to find someone he liked, but who could’ve known it was a case of one-sided love[1]. Even if the other person no longer liked this entertainer after regaining his memories, he still had an intimate friend by the name of Lady Tao. What could their Sect Master possibly do… Wait, if one was speaking of the similarities between Fuping and Lady Tao, then they were both skilled at playing the qin. Could it be that Sect Master Ye liked those who could play the qin?

He suddenly felt as if he had discovered a sliver of truth and decided to tell the Sect Master to learn how to play the qin when he returned.

At this time, Ye You had already pulled out a command token[2] and a jade pendant from Fuping’s person. He gave them a simple glance before returning the token and keeping the jade pendant.

Fuping’s heart sunk slightly.

He occupied a high position and had already long considered the possibility of being captured. Thus, he purposely made a command token to carry around, using it as a means to communicate the news that he was in danger. Because the usual person, upon seeing these two things, would always think the command token was more useful and wouldn’t pay attention to an ordinary jade pendant. As such, if he had truly been captured and the assailant took the command token to find his people, the latter would know that he was in trouble and wouldn’t easily fall for any tricks.

But this person actually directly chose the jade pendant. It definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

He unconsciously asked, “You’ve placed a person into our ranks? No, that can’t be…”

Without waiting for this person to answer, he went ahead and refuted himself, saying, “That can’t be, or else you would’ve long come to visit me at my place… You must have captured one of ours before, and managed to get some information out of him?”

Ye You placed him back and helped him tidy up his clothes very simply. “Oh?”

Fuping asked, “Last time, we found that someone was following Li Hua. Was it your man?”

Ye You asked, all smiles, “Is it, or is it not?”

“I’ll just take him to be your man,” Fuping said.

Since he had become tangled with this person, he had never denied that they had caught the wrong person, because that would be too stupid, but a few things still had to be made clear. He asked, “How did all of you come to suspect me? Did Li Hua talk?”

“No, this matter was thanks to those young masters.” This time, Ye You was very generous and told him the entire sequence of events. Seeing his eyes flash with cold intent, Ye You laughed and asked, “Li Hua thought too much, so she didn’t dare tell you about this matter, right?”

Fuping didn’t answer and instead asked, “Then why did you absolutely insist on me?”

Ye You tenderly said, “Because I fell in love with you at first sight. Even if you weren’t, I would still want to obtain you.”

Fuping had been taken liberties with so many times that he thought he might as well follow along with the other’s words and say, “If you actually like me, then let me see your true face. Perhaps I’ll also fall in love with you at first sight and throw aside everything so as to wander the world with you.”

“All right.” Ye You was true to his words and immediately lifted his disguise. Fuping had not anticipated that he’d be this easy to convince and had further not anticipated that the face underneath that fake skin would be so devastatingly attractive. At once, Fuping turned blank.

Ye You pinched the other’s chin and moved closer. “How is it? Did I obtain your favor?”

Fuping quickly regained his senses, pushed down the astonishment in his heart, and sincerely said, “It’s very good.”

Ye You asked, “Then are you willing to come with me?”

Fuping said, “I’ll think about it.”

“All right. No matter how long, I’ll wait for you,” Ye You said with deep feeling. Putting the other down and sitting back, he carelessly asked, “Where do you live? Do you still have any relatives? In the event that your people are completely annihilated, I’ll help you take care of them.”

Fuping said, “There’s no need to trouble yourself over this.”

Ye You said, “Do you not want to tell me, do you simply not remember clearly, or have you never returned home before?”

Hearing this, Fuping became apprehensive. Could this person be trying to sound out if he had eaten that kind of memory-changing drug in his childhood? Could it be? How could the other even know about this kind of thing?

Ye You looked at the expression in his eyes and immediately knew that Fuping was aware that that kind of drug existed. Such a clever person like Fuping would definitely think of a way to verify that his own memory was real, so he had probably never eaten the drug.

Ye You made a sound of regret in his heart and said, “I was able to determine that there was a problem with you because I could hear that there were many people guarding you in the surroundings, so I could guess that your identity was definitely not ordinary.”

Fuping took a while to react before he realized that this was a response to his previous question. But those that were guarding him were mostly experts who had been fed the drug. If this person truly could hear them, then how high was this person’s martial arts?

He couldn’t help reassessing this person’s strength all over again.

Ye You calmly allowed the other’s examination. He picked up the fake skin on the side and was preparing to wear it when he heard impatient hoofbeats echoing from behind, gradually coalescing into one. It was clear that there were many people.

The scarred man pulled open the window curtains with one hand. “Young Master Xiao, there’s people in pursuit…”

He suddenly saw this person’s face, and upon seeing that Young Master Xiao had even taken off his disguise, his first reaction was that in an attempt to win Fuping’s love, Young Master Xiao was even willing to use a honey trap!

Ye You put on the fake skin and said, “This isn’t good.”

The scarred man felt his heart shiver, and he no longer thought of those pointless things, hastily moving to guard them. To prepare for any eventualities, he also hit Fuping’s acupoint. Seeing the other not even avoiding it, and even acting very cooperative, he felt a certain unsatisfactory astonishment.

“…” Right now, Fuping wasn’t even able to let out a sound, so he was unable to tell the other that he already had his acupoint sealed. Silently, he turned his gaze away.

At this time, the people of “Moon’s Shadow” and “Heaven’s Firmament” had already engaged in combat with the shadows.

They almost immediately realized that the other party’s strength was not small, and their expressions couldn’t help turning grave. Promptly, they separated a portion of people to impede these shadows, while the rest were responsible for escorting the young masters quickly back. They had already left for one day and one night, so Shaolin’s people would probably send people to search for them. They simply had to meet up, and there would no longer be any reason to worry.

Wei Jiangyue grabbed his sword and wanted to step outside, but he was vigilantly and swiftly stopped by a member of “Heaven’s Firmament.” He coldly said, “I’ll remain behind. All of you protect them and go.”

The person from “Heaven’s Firmament” said, “That’s out of the question, Second Young Master. All of our pursuers are experts.”

Ding Xilai was also next to them and was nodding his head.

The moment he became nervous, he also became more talkative, and he said, “You should listen to him. Hurry and rest, don’t follow along and cause trouble.”

Wei Jiangyue said, “You think that I’m you?”

Ding Xilai was unhappy. “What kind of talk is this? If it wasn’t for me, how could you have known about Xiangxing City?”

Wei Jiangyue didn’t want to argue with the other. He pulled open the window curtains and took a look. He saw that these black-clothed men seemed as if they were set on Fuping’s carriage, and after breaking through two attempts at obstructing them, they rushed straight for that carriage. His expression couldn’t help but change. “Let me go out!”

The Junior Alliance Leader and Ding Xilai said in unison, “Don’t go seeking death!”

Wei Jiangyue turned a deaf ear and hastily moved towards the outside.

“Moon’s Shadow” and “Heaven’s Firmament” had a limited amount of people, while the black-clothed men were many. The latter weren’t planning on fighting to the last, and thus soon enough, there were another few black-clothed men who rushed past the defenses in rapid pursuit of Fuping’s carriage. Although Shuangji Sect had people trying to block the way, but as the other party’s men grew more and more, they gradually became unable to sustain it.

The scarred man’s thoughts flew through his head.

If Fuping had actually agreed to follow them, then Xiangxing City’s people wouldn’t have pursued them. Even if it was the black piece’s people, they still wouldn’t want Fuping’s life. So were these pursuers from Xiangxing City’s side who ended up regretting the decision and wanting to rescue this person? Or was it the black piece who wanted to capture this person personally and bring him to Shaolin? Or could it be yet another party?

His expression turned heavy. He was just thinking that he might as well gamble on using a knife to threaten Fuping and get these people to retreat when two black-clothed people suddenly flew out from the neighboring forest. In a surprise attack, they started fighting with a row of concealed weapons, hitting the horses’ backs, and the two horses immediately started shrieking and wildly attempting to escape.

The horse driver hadn’t been holding on properly and so had been thrown off in a moment of inattention.

The scarred man was afraid that these two horses had run onto a dead-end road and hastily pulled on the reins. He had immediately stopped thinking of the ‘using a hostage to confront them’ idea.

Hearing the movements outside, Fuping sized up the person next to him, and seeing the other remain calm from beginning to end, he still didn’t know what the other was thinking. Ye You felt his gaze and helped him unseal an acupoint. Once Fuping was able to speak, he asked, “You aren’t worried?”

“Worried?” Ye You said, “Didn’t you see that I hadn’t spoken for a while? I’m thinking of a countermeasure.”

Fuping didn’t quite believe him and was about to say a few more things only to hear the sound of swords clashing. It was clear that the scarred man had begun fighting someone else.

The black-clothed men’s lightness skills were high, and it wasn’t long after the scarred man had regained control of the horses that they had caught up, so the only thing he could do was hurriedly meet the attack. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw that one of the black-clothed men was approaching the carriage. His expression changed, and clenching his teeth, he pulled out a dagger and threw it, forcefully hitting the horses’ behinds. Seeing the carriage wildly rushing forward, he could only pray that it’d end up in a safe place.

The panicked, wild horses didn’t even pick a road and directly entered the forest. The carriage immediately started jolting and shaking. Ye You supported Fuping for a moment, and the two finally managed to sit down somewhat. Fuping asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Ye You opened the window curtains and gave the way ahead a glance before also looking behind at the black-clothed men in relentless pursuit. He let out a faint sigh. “My martial arts are gone, so naturally I’m not their opponent. But people need to have courage. If we’re caught, we’ll still die, so it’d be better to take one’s beloved and jump off a cliff together instead. Dying together like this would also count as dying without regrets.”

Fuping’s heart jumped. Before he could even parse if what the other said was true or not, a sharp neigh sounded, and the carriage stopped at the edge of the cliff. But Ye You didn’t stop. Pulling along the person beside him, he jumped down, his resolution able to be seen clearly from his back.

Fuping, “…!”

The black-clothed men who had chased them up to this point, along with the scarred man and Wei Jiangyue who had hurried over from afar to provide assistance, all collectively sucked in a cold breath, and their minds immediately went blank. They fought to go over to the cliff’s edge, and upon seeing its height, their hearts sunk deeply down.

This messy and disorderly situation swiftly reached its conclusion.

Both sides no longer had the heart to continue fighting as zealously as before. After fighting for a while, they hurried to those people’s rescue. At this time, the people from Shaolin Temple conveniently found them in the vicinity. Worried about his Junior Brother’s safety, Wenren Heng had also come along. Upon hearing the course of events, his steps came to a halt, and he slowly turned to look at his subordinate. His voice sounded as if it had been soaked in an icy abyss. “Say that again.”

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[1] 落花有意流水無情 lit. the falling flowers are interested, while the running waters are merciless.

[2] 令牌 A token that can be made of either metal or wood, symbolizing authority. Based on the imperial tiger tally (which allowed the emperor to command troops), according to Baidu, so I assume it serves a similar purpose here, but on a smaller scale.

Surprise double update! [huffs and puffs] Next… chapter… almost there… (It’s already translated, so it’ll probably be out tomorrow…)

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  1. Wow omg I wonder what happens next!? I feel like Wenren Heng is about to do some total crazy badass stuff. And the scarred man is really the ultimate wing man. Have we learned his name yet tho? I feel bad referring to him as scarred man all the time.
    Thanks for your hard work on these chapters! I mean a double release!? Awesome.

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    1. No, we haven’t learned his name, and I’m not sure if we’re ever going to. (Hopefully we’ll learn it? But I’m really not counting on it.) It’s not an uncommon thing for Chinese authors to refer to people using epithets, and it doesn’t sound nearly as strange as it does in English.

      You know whose name I’d really like to know? Young Miracle Doctor Fang’s! His title is so akshrwkejrw long that everytime I see it I say a few words to the author in my heart, hoping that they’ll give him an actual name soon, haha.


      1. Lol at least it sounds more natural in Chinese. And hopefully we get Young Miracle Doctor Fang’s name soon. That is super long.


  2. i just hope that there is no misunderstanding or angst between hengheng and ye you because of this fuping plot. but they should really threaten using a knife on fuping or even slit his throat if he is of no use anymore……. anyway hengheng is gong to do it

    thank you emiliers for fast updates now a days…… because of curiosity, i read few chapters from mtl and they made my brain go spinning and dizzy. maybe i will never dare to read from those sites again. so loading all our hopes on your shoulders, thank you…….


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