Record of the Missing Sect Master ch046

In which Wenren Heng is very angry.

Also, a content warning:

Some provocative touching while one party is unconscious. Also some dubiously consensual skinship.

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Ye You’s disguise had already been washed away by the river. With his head leaning on Wenren Heng, his entire face was visible.

The people of “Moon’s Shadow” were also searching in the same place, with Ren Shaotian leading. Upon seeing them, he walked quickly over to greet them before immediately startling upon seeing a certain person’s face. He couldn’t help but shoot Sir Xiao a few more looks before asking, “How is he?”

Wenren Heng said, “We still don’t know.”

Ren Shaotian asked, “Has Sect Master Wenren seen Fuping?”

Wenren Heng said, “No.”

Ren Shaotian thought of his young master’s pitiful face and internally hoped that since the young master had finally done something good and proper for once, that it wouldn’t end up a wasted effort, with everything coming to nothing. Since Sir Xiao had already been found, he separated with Wenren Heng and took people to search for Fuping.

This time, those who had come to search were many. Other than Ding Xilai and the Junior Alliance Leader, who had been kept behind by their old mans for a lecture, the remaining participants in this matter had practically all come. Upon seeing Wenren Heng approaching from afar with a person in his arms, the expressions of Wei Jiangyue and the Junior Sect Masters all changed, and they hastily ran over.

When Wei Jiangyue saw Sir Xiao motionless, with eyes closed, he felt somewhat afraid to ask. In a hoarse voice, he said, “He…”

Wenren Heng weren’t interested in speaking, and he passed by them and continued walking.

The scarred man remained behind and carefully answered them, telling them that Sir Xiao was still alive, but it was unknown whether he was injured, so they had to hurry and bring him to a doctor to check.

Wei Jiangyue immediately let out a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the Junior Sect Masters were stupefied for a long while. Their first question following that was, “That was Sir Xiao’s true appearance?”

The scarred man nodded, understanding their inner thoughts, because he also thought that Young Master Xiao looked quite capable of bringing disaster on people.

The Junior Sect Masters were shocked, and they thought almost the same thing as Ding Xilai and the others: Sir Xiao looks like this, and Wenren Heng eats with him, lives with him, and sleeps with him; who would believe it if anyone says that Wenren Heng isn’t into men!

Wei Jiangyue didn’t join in on this, and with quick steps, he chased after Wenren Heng. Looking at the person in the other’s arms, he felt the heart tightly gripped by fear gradually ease, and it was no longer difficult to bear. He said, in a low voice, “He should be fine, right.”

Wenren Heng replied with only a simple sound of acknowledgment.

Wei Jiangyue could see that the other’s mood was bad and so didn’t speak any further, going along with him through the forest and onto the small road leading upwards.

Since the two people’s situation at the bottom of the cliff wasn’t clear, the scarred man had made the most serious decision and had instructed the people of Shuangji Sect to bring a carriage. No matter whether it was used for a person or a corpse, it’d still be used. Right now, this carriage was stopped at the side of the road.

Wenren Heng gave it a glance and, with the person in his arms, stepped into it. He saw Wei Jiangyue following behind and told the other that he was going to change his Junior Brother’s clothes, politely keeping the other on the outside. He then told his subordinate to start driving.

At once, the scarred man pulled the horses to turn around, deciding to go directly to Shaolin to find the miracle doctor. But, at this time, he heard the Sect Master say to first go to the small county town. With a word of acknowledgment, he drove the carriage off.

The inside of the carriage was quiet.

Wenren Heng pulled his Junior Brother into an embrace, untying the other’s waistband and quickly undressing this person. He also took off his own outer robes that had been soaked in water. Looking at the cloth-wrapped bundle on the seat, he knew that it contained the clothes and medicine that his subordinate had brought.

For now, he didn’t use it. He reached out a hand to grab his Junior Brother’s ankle and, little by little, gently rubbed and kneaded upwards. He stroked all the way up until the inner thigh, the entire process looking quite erotic, completely full of seductive meaning.

He stared at the person in his arms, and again felt up a bit more. He observed for a short while before finally letting go.

It looks like he’s really unconscious, Wenren Heng thought.

He pulled out some clothes and put it on his Junior Brother before then feeling for the other’s internal energy and finding it was also truly empty. Placing the person down evenly, he opened the carriage curtains and went out to sit next to his subordinate.

The scarred man was very astonished. “Sect Master isn’t going to guard Young Master Xiao?”

“In a while,” Wenren Heng said, “Let our people continue searching and find that Fuping. My Junior Brother finally fell for someone, so no matter what, I need to capture and send this person over for him.”

Are these his true feelings?

The scarred man looked at his Sect Master. Feeling as if the other’s smile was quite frightening, he didn’t dare to ask too much and said, “Understood.”

“Other than that…” Wenren Heng lowered his voice and told him a few sentences. The scarred man completely didn’t understand but still said a word of, “Understood.” Wenren Heng then said, “Say everything one more time, beginning from when all of you left Shaolin Temple. You must not leave out a single detail.”

The scarred man still didn’t understand, because he had already said it once before while they were on the way to find Young Master Xiao. But since the Sect Master wanted to ask about it again, he then also repeated it again. Last time, they didn’t know what terrible things had happened to Young Master Xiao, so he hadn’t said anything extraneous. This time, he tactfully told the Sect Master to consider learning the qin, and that maybe Young Master Xiao liked qin players.

Wenren Heng calmly listened to the whole thing before standing up and going back inside the carriage.


While Junior Sect Masters had been unaccounted for, everyone had been worried to no end.

Shaolin’s people had been split into two groups. One group was headed by Abbot Ciyuan, Sect Leader Xuanyang, and Manor Lord Wei, and left behind to guard Shaolin. The other group was lead by the Alliance Leader and Pavilion Master Ding, and went down the mountain to search for these people. After hearing the entire story from beginning to end, Ding Xilai and the Junior Alliance Leader were both severely reprimanded by their old mans, and right now they really seemed like quails huddled together.

They were both very concerned about Sir Xiao’s safety. Upon seeing the carriage at this moment, they immediately turned, mouth dry, to look at the scarred man.

The Alliance Leader and Pavilion Master Ding similarly noticed this person from Shuangji Sect and walked over with quick steps. After inquiring about the situation, the two hurriedly let them bring Sir Xiao to heal his injuries before continuing their search, while also going to investigate that male brothel that their good-for-nothing sons told them about.

When Ye You awoke, the sky had already darkened, and night appeared to have just fallen.

He wanted to get up but felt too stiff because, as he discovered, he was being held by someone. This wouldn’t normally count as anything big, but the alarming thing was that he wasn’t wearing a single thread of clothing on his body.

Wenren Heng said, “Awake?”

Ye You lifted his head and silently looked at his Senior Brother’s face. If this person hadn’t been wearing clothes, he really would’ve thought that they had done something.

Wenren Heng said, “How do you feel?”

“All right. My body just feels slightly sore,” Ye You said, “Where are my clothes?”

Wenren Heng said, “They got wet.”

“…” Ye You said, “It couldn’t be that Shuangji Sect is too poor to even afford a set of clothes, right?”

Wenren Heng calmly said, “I can afford it, but I don’t want to let you wear it.”

Ye You immediately wanted to ask the reason, but then he suddenly felt that there was something wrong.

According to common sense, even if he’d just fallen off a cliff, he still should ask about the person who had been with him, or else it’d mean that he already knew where that person was and so wasn’t in a hurry to ask. Internally, he thought that he had almost fallen into a trap, and he hastily moved to save the situation. “Where’s Fuping?”

“He hasn’t been found yet.” Feeling that he wanted to move away, Wenren Heng grabbed his waist and moved him even closer into an embrace, even stroking a thumb slowly down his bare back for a while.

Ye You’s breathing slowed. He couldn’t tell what his Senior Brother’s goal was. Fighting to remain calm, he said, “He could be someone very important to the white piece. Don’t let him fall into someone else’s hands.” He paused, and finally couldn’t help it, “Senior Brother, you doing this…”

“I don’t want to let you leave me again.” Wenren Heng looked at him, unblinking, the profound emotions in that gaze seemed as if they were about to envelop him in their entirety, and in a low voice, “When I heard something happened to you, I almost wanted to jump down right after you.”

Ye You’s thoughts flew very fast, and he wasn’t so pleasantly surprised that he completely lost his head.

The slips he had made during this journey were many, and his Senior Brother had always understood him, so there was no way that the other wouldn’t ask anything and would simply jump right into murmuring sweet nothings. He decided that he might as well take the initiative to say, “You aren’t asking about the matter with Fuping?”

Wenren Heng said, “Before all of you left, I already promised you that I would try with you. You aren’t a frivolous kind of person, so you must have known that there were problems with Fuping when you decided to get entangled with him.”

Ye You nodded. “Senior Brother, I really am the black piece.”

Wenren Heng said, “Why would you say that?”

Ye You said, “When I was eating at the small county town, my subordinates came to find me, and they gave me a small note while telling me that Xiangxing City’s side had already been prepared and so was ready to move anytime. They also said that they’ve been watching over there for a long time already.”

Wenren Heng said, “So then you knew that there was a problem with Fuping?”

Ye You said, “Yes, I looked at that note and it was my handwriting.”

Wenren Heng said, “Where’s the note?”

Ye You said, “I already destroyed it.”

Wenren Heng asked, “Did it say who the white piece is?”

“It didn’t say the whole sequence of events; it only said that I should capture Fuping.” Ye You had given an explanation for every possible question and then said, “Later, at the male brothel, I also had the help of my subordinates when I knocked out Fuping. Fuping was willing to come back with me because I fed him poison.”

Wenren Heng said, “Then was jumping off the cliff also something you calculated?”

Ye You shook his head. “That wasn’t. At that time, the horses were injured, and when I saw that there was a cliff in front, I originally wanted to pull Fuping along and jump off the carriage. But we had just gotten out when the carriage stopped. We were unsteady, so we fell directly down from there.”

Wenren Heng pulled him closer. “Luckily nothing happened to you.”

Did this mean his Senior Brother believed him or didn’t believe him?

Ye You was hugged and didn’t dare to think of superfluous things. He said, “Senior Brother, is there anything to eat?”

“Yes, I’ll have people prepare some.” Wenren Heng let him go and stood up from the bed, handing over some clothes to him. “Can you wear them by yourself?”

Ye You said, “I can.”

Wenren Heng told him to wait and then went outside.

Ye You began to put on the clothes, and halfway through, he slowly started going through his thoughts.

Reasonably, if his Senior Brother had truly been frightened by this event, then the other would definitely want to stay and guard him for the next long while. So when he awoke, shouldn’t the other have first been a bit more tender and affectionate? Why would the other so calmly listen to him fabricating the entire story from beginning to end?

So it turned out that his Senior Brother was suspicious of him, and the other taking off his clothes was most likely to sound him out? Then was his Senior Brother’s words about never wanting him to leave the other’s side true or not?

As Ye You pondered this, he also put on a facade of weakness to walk over and sit in front of the table. Find that this place wasn’t Shaolin, he was about to get up when he saw his Senior Brother return with a bowl of noodles in hand and place it in front of him.

He asked, “Where are we?”

Wenren Heng said, “The county town.”

Ye You said, “Why didn’t we return to Shaolin?”

Wenren Heng said, “Since you were unconscious and wouldn’t wake at that time, I was very frantic, and so first came here to find a doctor to look at you. After hearing from him that it wasn’t serious, I decided to stay. It’s more convenient to buy things in the county town. I’ll help you recover.”

Ye You said, “No need, there’s nothing wrong with me. Let’s return to Shaolin tomorrow… That’s right, where are my things?”

Wenren Heng said, “I put them away.”

Ye You said, “Did you see a jade pendant?”

Wenren Heng pulled out two pendants for him, one was precisely the one that Wenren Heng had originally gifted him, while the other was new, probably the one found during this incident. Ye You took both back and felt more at ease. Wenren Heng looked at him from the side and waited until he had finished the bowl of noodles before asking, “Do you truly have nothing else to say to me about this matter?”

Ye You thought for a moment before saying, “There’s nothing.”

Wenren Heng lifted this person and carried him over to the bed.

Ye You, “…”

Wenren Heng had one hand on the bed, the other on his face, and slowly said, “While you were unconscious, they all came to see you and said that you fell in love with that Fuping at first sight.”

Ye You raised a brow. “Senior Brother, are you jealous?”

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m jealous. I’m only somewhat curious about what that Fuping looks like, so I let my people go along with Shaolin’s to help find him. I told them that the most important thing is to search in all the small nooks and corners, in case he was buried by someone. And then it turned out that there really was an area that had seemingly been dug up before.” Wenren Heng stared at him and then asked, extremely tenderly, “Do you want to go with me to try and dig right now, and see if that darling of yours really is buried under there?”

Ye You, “…”

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Next chapter will be up in a few (after I finish editing it), and hoo boy, do I have Thoughts on it.

Also, after posting the last chapter, I realized that I’ve been providing content warnings only when there’s dubiously consensual touching/assault going on, since it’s what I’m personally more sensitive to. So if anyone wants any content warnings for anything else (choking, vomiting, etc.), feel free to ask! You don’t need to give a reason or anything. So long as it’s something that I can properly recognize, I’d be willing to warn for it.

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  1. Huuumm Senior Brother it’s a good thing your Junior Brother actually loves you… although I still don’t agree with what he did here…


  2. His senior brother knows him too well. I am not sure how I feel about what WRH
    did. Difficult to understand the emotional turmoil that YY causes WRH to feel. Thank you again for your hard work and explanations. Take care of yourself.


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