Record of the Missing Sect Master ch056

In which there is flirting.

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With his position as a prodigal son, since coming with them to Shaolin, other than going to the small county town to eat a good meal and drink some alcohol, Qin Yuemian most enjoyed going to find Lady Tao to drink some tea. He wasn’t like Sir Xiao who had other people’s eyes on him, and it was far easier for him to receive information.

He asked, “The drugged men this is referring to are the white piece’s?”

Ye You nodded.

He had never been certain about where exactly those people were located; he could make only a rough estimate of their position and send people to watch the surroundings. The “possibility” written on the paper could be either that those keeping watch had thought something felt wrong or that accomplice of his had made a new discovery and so had thought of a way to hand Qin Yuemian new information.

Having seen Master Deru’s berserk appearance, Qin Yuemian was profoundly aware of the fearsome quality of those drugged men. He asked, “What do they want to use those drugged people to do?”

Ye You said, all smiles, “For instance, directly murdering all of Shaolin. Or, for instance, capturing a group of people from Jianghu and then surrounding this place so as to force the Abbot to exchange prisoners, all the while killing the hostages one by one as they count down, until we’re willing to do the exchange. Or, for instance, if they decide to do something even worse, after capturing people, they’ll pick an advantageous place to do an exchange of prisoners with the Abbot, while also preparing a trap, thus neatly killing all of us, resulting in a clean resolution.”

Qin Yuemian’s heart immediately started beating erratically. “—-What?”

Ye You said, “If the other party is deranged enough, I think that this is what they’ll do. We can only wait and see which one they choose, hm… Since I’ve been a thorn in their eyes, I’ll definitely be one of those chosen when the time comes. If I’m really chosen, don’t miss me too much.”

Qin Yuemian forced himself to be calm and asked. “You’d listen?”

“I would,” Ye You earnestly said, “What does a single person’s life count in the face of Jianghu’s great righteousness?”

Qin Yuemian didn’t want to hear the other’s nonsense and looked towards Wenren Heng.

Wenren Heng said, “After two days, it’ll be the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Qin Yuemian said, “So?”

Wenren Heng asked, “You don’t want to go out to play?”

Qin Yuemian raised his brows.


At this time, those elders had heard the entire course of events from the Alliance Leader’s mouth, and all of them had fallen silent in the face of Xie Junming’s formidable reasoning.

Pavilion Master Ding coldly said, “I did say not to let him remain.”

The Alliance Leader had already gradually calmed. He wrinkled his brows. “Could it be that he purposely found an excuse?”

Manor Lord Wei asked, “You think that he has some other goal?”

Using those words “some other goal” in this type of situation caused the rest of them to start thinking a bit crookedly, just like Ding Xilai, but they forcibly pulled themselves back with their rationality. They heard the Alliance Leader continue with, “I don’t know. No ordinary person would ever…”

As he spoke, he realized that one couldn’t use common sense to comprehend Xie Junming, so he could only bear with his aching head and change his words, “No matter what it is, we still need to at least say a word to him. We can’t let him take off someone else’s clothes.”

Everyone thought that this made sense. Besides, with the way that this person of the demonic faction had treated the martial arts circle’s Alliance Leader, how could they possibly swallow their anger. Thus, they went together to Xie Junming’s small courtyard at once, wanting to drag out an explanation.

Xie Junming was currently drinking some tea, with completely no intention of going to sleep.

Everyone collectively wondered had this person been waiting for them as they walked into the yard.

Xie Junming said, “Because of what happened just now?”

The Alliance Leader said, “You really did it for that reason?”

Xie Junming laughed and returned with a question, “It couldn’t be that you thought I was interested in you?”

The Alliance Leader choked. Upon hearing this nonsense, Pavilion Master Ding’s expression turned even more ugly. Upon seeing all this, Manor Lord Wei hurried to speak, amiably mediating for a moment, before then vaguely indicating that they all didn’t believe this excuse.

Xie Junming said, “What I said was the truth.”

Everyone felt their heads ache, and they all thought this person was hopeless.

“I don’t have many friends, and I think all of you’ve already guessed who I did this for,” Xie Junming said, “That fortune-teller really did say this at the time, but all the information was too detailed, so it contrarily made people think that there were problems with it.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Xie Junming was far too familiar with Ye You. During the day, he had heard about the entire progress of events, including the words that Ye You had said to Mr. Xiao, and so he had understood the other’s intention to sow discord. He said, “This matter happened recently, and your righteous faction were coincidentally all abuzz with trouble. Me and Ah-You both thought that someone wanted to lure him over to Shaolin, so I stopped him and came first by myself.”

The Alliance Leader asked, “You two didn’t capture that fortune-teller?”

“Wouldn’t doing that just alert the enemy?” Xie Junming said, “At that time, Ah-You simply sent people to follow that fortune-teller, but there hasn’t been any news even up till now.”

Everyone fell silent.

Xie Junming said, “The fortune-teller also said that that person’s identity was respected. Right when I got nearby, I heard that Sir Zhong was kidnapped, so I naturally and inadvertently started thinking of the Alliance Leader.” He looked at the Alliance Leader. “Does Sir Zhong have a birthmark on his lower back?”

The Alliance Leader’s head throbbed. “No.”

Xie Junming said, “See, I didn’t know this. It could be that the matter with the birthmark was the fortune-teller just speaking nonsense, or else with the sea of people so vast, how could it be so easy to find that person? Do any of you have anyone to choose from?”

Everyone thought for a moment before shaking their heads.

Xie Junming said, “So I still think this matter is odd. Alliance Leader, do you have any enemies?”

The Alliance Leader said, “It doesn’t have to be referring to me.”

Xie Junming said, “But even with this many people, the first one I thought of was you. Oh, maybe I really did make a mistake.”

Everyone once again fell silent.

All these things had come one after the other. Whether something was true or not, everything about this situation was still as yet unclear, as if covered by a layer of fog, and they completely didn’t know what kind of scene would greet them when they awoke tomorrow.

Xie Junming said, “In short, this is all I know.”

Everyone gave him a look. They understood that they would not be able to get anything else useful from him and so took their leave one by one. Xie Junming watched them leave. Carrying a wicked smile, he joyfully finished drinking his cup of tea and then went to sleep.


At this moment, Qin Yuemian had also left. Seeing his good friend personally see him out, he couldn’t help but say, “I also just learned his identity.”

Wenren Heng nodded and gently said, “You should sleep early.”

Qin Yuemian still felt somewhat cold, and guessed that he had earned some ill luck for the future. In his heart, he cursed these two disciple-brothers, resigning himself to fate.

Wenren Heng turned around and entered the room. Seeing his Junior Brother sitting there in deep thought, he went over to unravel the bandages, pinching the other’s chin to look at the traces of the burns, before deciding to apply medicine for a few more days. He said, “Go wash your face.”

Ye You obediently washed his face, and when he returned, he sat down and had his Senior Brother apply medicine, still completely absent-minded.

The scars on his face were already very light and were almost invisible unless one looked very carefully. Wenren Heng simply helped the other apply a very thin layer of medicine before stowing away the small porcelain bottle and wiping his hands. “Let’s sleep.”

Ye You made a sound in agreement. He stood up, took off his clothes, and crawled into bed.

Wenren Heng cleaned up very simply before lying down next to him, pulling this person into an embrace and asking, “What are you still thinking about? Are you afraid that if there really is a portion of drugged people nearby that our arrangements won’t be ready in time?”

Ye You said, “That’s one of them.”

Wenren Heng said, “What are the others?”

Ye You said, “I want to talk with Miracle Doctor Ji alone and ask him about the matter with his oldest disciple.”

Wenren Heng said, “You suspect that the white piece’s miracle doctor is his oldest disciple?”

Ye You said a simple, “Yes.”

However, Miracle Doctor Ji’s status right now was special. He had to make an antidote for the drugged Master Deru, and he also had to investigate if Li Hua had been drugged in her childhood. And with the white piece relying heavily on drugged people, if an antidote was not found, they could capture and drug anyone at anytime, and the amount of drugged people would be neverending.

So right now the ones whom the white piece most wanted to get rid of were Miracle Doctor Ji and Young Miracle Doctor Fang, and even he was considered secondary to those two. Abbot Ciyuan and Sect Leader Xuanyang also definitely guessed this issue and thus had sent several of Shaolin’s senior monks and eighteen arhats[1] to protect that master-disciple pair. No matter who went, those guards would be keeping watch on the side. Today, when the Young Miracle Doctor came to examine his health, Shaolin’s people also provided an escort along the way. If he wanted to talk to Miracle Doctor Ji alone, it’d be extremely difficult.

He looked at his Senior Brother. “If I go over and directly ask him about the matter with his oldest disciple, do you think that he’d tell me the truth with Shaolin’s people there?”

Wenren Heng considered it for a moment. “You can try. He helped cover for you once. This time, perhaps he’ll tell you something useful.”

“Yes, I thought so too. But I’ve already called over the Young Miracle Doctor today, so what excuse do I use to go find him? Chest pains?” Ye You suddenly stopped. He looked at that face that was almost within reach and blurted out the words, “Senior Brother, my chest hurts.”

“…” Wenren Heng’s entire mind had been filled with proper business, so when he heard the other suddenly turn towards this, he became suddenly speechless.

Ye You laughed and leaned towards him.

Wenren Heng gathered the person in his arms and then used a hand to reach down the other’s collar, exploring as he went.

Ye You raised a brow.

Wenren Heng said, “Doesn’t your chest hurt? I’m helping you massage it.”

“Actually, it doesn’t hurt too badly. Senior Brother, don’t forget that this is Shaolin. We need to be a bit more proper…” Ye You’s words disappeared when another mouth met his own. Upon feeling his waistband being undone, he wrapped his arms around his Senior Brother’s neck.

Wenren Heng held the other, kissing with heartfelt feeling for a very long time. By the time he let go, his own clothes were also half-open. He half-supported himself up and looked at the other. “Does it still hurt?”

Ye You’s breathing was stuttered, and he looked at the person next to him under the ambiguous candlelight. He narrowed his eyes. “It’s all right.”

Wenren Heng reached out a thumb to rub at the corners of his mouth. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere else?”

Ye You asked, “Where do you think I feel uncomfortable?”

“I think you look quite good.” Wenren Heng let him go and laid down on the side, half-leaning with head lowered to look at him, clothes still untidy, with half the chest exposed, exuding a somewhat wanton and unrestrained air, somewhat different from the usual gentle appearance.

Ye You examined him for a while before pulling at his collar.

Wenren Heng grabbed the other’s rebellious hand and raised it up to his lips to kiss. “Not sleeping?”

Ye You asked, “Are you sleeping?”

Wenren Heng said, “If you’re more well-behaved, I’ll sleep.”

Ye You nodded, unhurriedly straightened out his clothes, and lazily laid down, as an indication that he was going to sleep and that he was definitely not going to mess around. Wenren Heng saw him seriously close his eyes and watched him for a while before leaning over to kiss him on the lips. Ye You’s lips twitched. “It definitely isn’t an issue with me this time.”

Wenren Heng internally thought a simple you disaster and couldn’t help kissing deep, regaining control of himself only several moments later and retreating.

Ye You did his best to calm down his breathing. “You’re worried that there will be some movements tonight?”

“It’s not like that isn’t a possibility,” Wenren Heng said.

Since learning of the white piece’s identity, he was now clear on how serious matters were. Right now, they were right beneath the white piece’s eyes, and so they couldn’t be easily distracted. What’s more, the Alliance Leader had one thing after another happen to him today, so no one knew whether he’d decide to make some moves tonight.

Wenren Heng asked, “Twenty years ago, did that monster die?”

All the messy thoughts in Ye You’s mind swiftly quieted down, and he was silent for an instant before saying, “I don’t know, but I don’t think he died.”

Wenren Heng said, “When all of you went to Xiangxing City, Miracle Doctor Ji said that the white piece was continually adding efficacy to the drug, possibly in order to control even more incredible martial artists. If that monster isn’t dead, could they be wanting to control him?”

Ye You suddenly sat up. “Miracle Doctor Ji said this?”

Wenren Heng said, “Yes. If the Alliance Leader is truly that monster’s retainer, and he had left that year only as a stopgap measure, then he’s still that monster’s man, and so he only has a working relationship with the white piece.”

Ye You continued the conversation, “If, for example, the Alliance Leader is completely ignorant about the white piece’s drugging plan, then hearing those words from Miracle Doctor Ji would’ve made him think of his master. And right after that, his son was kidnapped, while I also sowed some additional discord, and then tonight, he also had his clothes taken off by Xie Junming…”

Wenren Heng said, “The Alliance Leader has worked with the white piece for this many years, so he’s the most familiar with and clear about the white piece’s methods.”

Ye You immediately said, “Senior Brother, I’m going out really quick.”

Wenren Heng said, “I’ll go with you.”

Ye You said, “No need, I’m fine by myself. I’m just going to first find Xie Junming and ask about the results.”

Wenren Heng didn’t stop him, telling him that there was a set of night-walking clothes[2] in the cloth bundle, and, while watching him change into it, asked, “If I hadn’t forced you to tell me the truth, what would you be doing now?”

Ye You let out a laugh. “I’d probably spend the night sleeping with Xie Junming.”

Wenren Heng said, “Your reasoning?”

Ye You earnestly said, “Sorrow at such a belated meeting, as ’twas love at first sight.”

Wenren Heng, “…”

Ye You laughed at him again before pushing open the window and leaving.

Wenren Heng patiently waited, and he waited for no less than two hours before he saw the other finally return. The stone lodged in his heart dissolved, and he asked, “Finished arranging everything?”

“Yes, even if I’m watched midway, I’ve resolved it all.” As Ye You spoke, he took off the night-walking clothes and placed them down neatly, simply wiping himself clean, before once again returning to bed.

Wenren Heng helped him find a comfortable position and held him securely. “Let’s sleep.”

Ye You laid there for a while before saying, “Senior Brother?”

Wenren Heng said, “Hm?”

Ye You said, “I think even if the Alliance Leader is going to move, he’ll move in the later part of the night. Why don’t we ah…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wenren Heng kissed him and, immediately following, took off his clothes. He took a moment to react before slightly moving aside and saying in surprise, “…Senior Brother?”

Wenren Heng responded with a simple sound of acknowledgement, but the hands on his body didn’t stop.

Ye You said, “I was going to say, why don’t we get up later in the night to look. What did you think I meant?”

Wenren Heng, “…”

The two looked at one another. Ye You meaningfully raised his eyebrows, and Wenren Heng’s expression turned slightly dark before the other pressed him down and kissed him again.

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[1] 十八羅漢 Arhats is a Buddhist term to refer to one who is basically just a few steps away from achieving full Enlightenment and ascending to Buddhahood. Eighteen Arhats is apparently a special designation, though (akin to the twelve apostles, basically).

[2] 夜行衣 Translated literally. These are those fully black clothes you see in TV/movies that assassins/thieves wear. Here’s the Baidu page.

So re: hint from last chapter. I realized afterwards that it’s a pretty small hint if you’re not the translator (and paying attention to every word)…

So, uh, here’s a hint for the hint?

Remember that both Ye You and Wenren Heng now know the truth, so they speak/think with full knowledge of the white piece’s identity. (Don’t worry if you can’t spot it now, as it does get repeated fairly often.)

Also, next chapter is… well, you can probably guess. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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  1. Can you clarify this whole passage from ‘if I hadn’t force you to yell me the truth, what would you be doing right now……..’‘twas love at first sight’. What is this dialogue about ? I don’t get it. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.


    1. Wenren Heng’s asking what excuse Ye You would be giving right now to leave the room if Wenren Heng hadn’t forced Ye You to reveal his grand master plan. (Remember, Ye You was also pretending to be an amnesiac.) Ye You says he’d just choose to stay in Xie Junming’s room, with the reason that he fell in love at first sight and want to make up for lost time. (His response is an idiom/quote about falling in love with someone that you feel like you’ve known forever/regret not meeting sooner, which is why I translated it so oddly. I wanted to keep the slight poetic feel of it.)

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