Record of the Missing Sect Master ch057

In which there is sexytimes (which fades to black). So, uh, semi-NSFW warning, I guess?

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In all honesty, Ye You truly had wanted to ask if they should go outside.

But of course since his Senior Brother had continuously been suppressing the urge, his words unintentionally aroused his Senior Brother’s fire.

He was somewhat anxious and had a mind to use a few words to explain when he felt himself suddenly being let go, and those burning lips moved to his ears before then traveling downwards. He couldn’t help but let out a gasp, “Senior Brother…”

The two’s clothes had already been completely taken off and thrown to the side. Wenren Heng held him, finally wrestling back a sliver of rationality amidst the assault from the chaos of desire, akin to someone guarding a city on the verge of collapse. And amidst this invisible fight that blanketed all beneath the heavens, a cry rang out, How is it proper for this one to keep acting so willfully?

He sucked in a deep breath and stiffly forced himself to stop. He held the person in his arms tightly, his thumb slowly stroking this person’s skin, the warmth of his breath causing Ye You’s ears to burn red-hot.

Ye You swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Senior…”

Wenren Heng said, in a hoarse voice, “Stop talking.”

Right now, he already couldn’t take simply hearing this person calling him “Senior Brother” anymore.

Ye You was silent for a moment. “Actually, it’s fine if we don’t go out at night.”

Wenren Heng didn’t move.

Ye You said, “It’s not completely certain that he’ll make a move tonight, and we can’t just wait for him for an entire night. We didn’t sleep yesterday night, so let’s rest well today. And, I also already arranged everything…”

“Take this opportunity while I still don’t have any regrets to think this through,” Wenren Heng interrupted him, “Or else in a while nothing you say will be of any use.”

Ye You lifted his eyes. “There’s nothing to think about.”

He had never been someone who was fearful of things without reason or plagued by indecision. After he made the decision, he took the initiative to move his head over and give his Senior Brother a kiss on the lips. In a low voice, he murmured, “Senior Brother, I like you.”

Those words Wenren Heng had said just now had been said carelessly, and he had originally almost entirely suppressed everything. But upon being provoked by his Junior Brother at this time, he felt the fire in his body once again ignite, and as sudden as lightning, all his rationality was swallowed up.

He pinched this disaster’s chin and fiercely kissed the other, reaching out a hand to feel around the headboard for a while before finally grabbing the thing he wanted to grab.

Ye You took this intimate moment to give him a look and, in between gasps, said with a smile, “What kind of expression would Miracle Doctor Ji have if he knew that you were using his Hundred-Grass Dew for something like this?”

Wenren Heng said, “You better talk less and save your energy.”

“…” Ye You earnestly said, “Senior Brother, I thought about it, and let’s go out tonight after all. Let’s not delay in handling our proper business.”

“It’s late.” Wenren Heng lowered his eyes to look at the other. “Did I hurt you last time?”

Ye You had always felt that he was thick-skinned, but even he felt somewhat uncomfortable upon hearing these words. He said, “It was… all right.”

Wenren Heng held the back of his head and dropped a kiss between his brows.

Ten years ago, the impatient youth had wholeheartedly wanted to obtain this person in his embrace, but with his clumsiness, he had to spend a long while of effort to fulfill his deepest wishes. And because of the use of alcohol, the entire event was hazy in his memories, as if completely shrouded with a layer of thick fog, and he had forgotten many of the details. The only thing he remembered was that this person in his arms had been continuously wrinkling his brows, looking weak enough to break into pieces with a single pinch.

He said, in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you this time.”

Ye You felt as if his heart had been lit on fire. This feeling of someone spoiling him made him unable to help but say some cheap words, and he said, “All right. If it hurts, then I’ll do it next time.”

Wenren Heng smiled in a way that looked nothing like a smile. “You can try.”

Ye You looked at his Senior Brother’s erotic appearance and gave the other a rub. Hearing the other’s breathing turn rough, he laughed wickedly, hugging the other’s neck and licking the ears, languidly stretching out his words, “Senior Brother, why don’t I just do it now?”

Wenren Heng’s eyes darkened, and he didn’t know how many times he had thought in his heart the words you disaster. He pressed the person down and deepened the kiss.

Mid-autumn was about to arrive, and the moonlight got fuller by the day. One by one, everyone entered the world of dreams.

Under that silvery light, everything was extremely still.

Wenren Heng felt as if time was being stolen away, and in a flash, it was already past midnight.

Ye You’s breathing had not yet turned even, and his body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Wenren Heng helped him wipe himself clean and pulled him into an embrace, with no intention of sleeping for now. Ye You saw the soft light in the depths of the other’s eyes and reached out a hand to hug. “What are you thinking about?”

Wenren Heng lightly kissed his exposed shoulder. His voice carried a sliver of deep meaning, “Thinking about losing one’s head over sex.”

Ye You immediately let out a laugh, and he once again became naughty, licking his lips and saying, “Senior Brother…”

Wenren Heng pressed down his hand. “If you continue provoking me, then don’t even think about getting out of bed tomorrow.”

Tonight had been completely different from last time, and he had eaten a great delicacy while sober. Right now, he was craving to eat it again, so he was already being quite good in controlling himself and not continuing.

Ye You was acutely aware of the changes in his Senior Brother’s body, and having a clear view of things, he listened obediently.

He closed his eyes, and he felt himself slowly enclosed by a gentle sleepiness, laying down his weapons in surrender.

The next morning, Ye You faintly heard bits and pieces of a noisy clamor and came fully awake very quickly. Seeing his Senior Brother had long already gotten out of bed, he asked, “As expected, something happened?”

Wenren Heng handed some clothes over to him. “Should be. Let’s go.”

Ye You got off the bed and put on the clothes. After tidying up very simply, he followed after the other. When he raised his head, he saw Ding Xilai running over to them with a face full of anxiety. With a clear understanding, he asked, “What happened on the Alliance Leader’s side?”

Ding Xilai stopped and panted out a few breaths before saying, “The Alli…Alliance Leader, he, he disappeared!”

Ye You said, “Disappeared?”

Ding Xilai said, “Yes, isn’t it now almost time for breakfast? The Alliance Leader hadn’t gotten up yet, and those guarding outside didn’t see him come out, so they asked a small monk, and the small monk said that he woke up quite early every day. They then went to knock on the door, and after waiting for a while and not hearing any movements, they opened the door and saw that the one inside was the Alliance Leader’s servant. Over the night, the Alliance Leader disguised himself as this servant and left. Do you think he was called away by the white piece?”

Ye You said, “Perhaps he was worried about Sir Zhong’s safety and wanted to go investigate himself. Does the Abbot and the others know already?”

Ding Xilai said, “They all know.”

Ye You said, “Yes, then let’s go eat.”

Ding Xilai saw that these two people still remained as calm as always and wondered at how their hearts managed to be so steady before following them into the dining hall.

Those elders were all already present and were currently discussing this matter.

Xie Junming was also up, but he wasn’t participating and was, rather, unselfconsciously eating by himself. His meal consisted of tremella porridge[1], mini steamed rolls[2], and a few other small vegetable side dishes to match.

Shaolin still had not begun to serve meals, so all of this were definitely sent somehow by the people of Wuwang Temple, and they looked far better than Shaolin’s delicate meals[3]. But this rascal didn’t even try to act well-behaved and eat it in his room, instead insisting on eating right here, making all the Sect Masters who had been eating only vegetables for the past few days want to dunk his head right into the porridge.

Wenren Heng gave the scene a look and took the opportunity while they were still at the door to say, “If this was you…”

Ye You laughed in his heart and said, “Yes.”

Wenren Heng said, “I just knew it.”

Ye You said, “It can’t be helped. Nature is as the heavens dictate.”

Ding Xilai was standing behind them, and he looked left and right before asking, baffled, “What does that mean?”

Wenren Heng said, “It means that Temple Master Xie is asking for quite the beating.”

“Really?” Ding Xilai’s face was full of doubt, but even after he thought of their conversation, he still couldn’t understand it.

Wenren Heng didn’t explain again, stowing away his inner thoughts and walking inside.

Right now, this Junior Brother of his truly had stowed away quite a bit of temper. He thought that if his Junior Brother didn’t need to preserve this false identity, instead changing back into the high and mighty, poison-tongued Sect Master Ye, then right now the other would probably do the same thing as Xie Junming, and possibly even work at inviting more hatred than Xie Junming — and sure enough, his Junior Brother just gave him definite confirmation.

His Junior Brother and Xie Junming’s characters were too similar.

Over these past few years, he had seen his Junior Brother only a few times, but in these few times that could be counted on one hand, the majority of the time, he had seen these two people together. This was also the reason why he didn’t like Xie Junming.

When they entered the hall, Xie Junming looked over and asked, laughing, “How’s Sir Xiao’s health? Want to eat together?”

Ye You pressed down on his instinctive reaction and said, “No thanks.”

Xie Junming thereupon turned away and returned to eating, as if he was simply asking out-of-hand just now.

Academy Master Ge and the others saw Sir Xiao and asked, “Did you hear?”

Ye You nodded. “What exactly happened?”

Academy Master Ge helplessly sighed and explained the situation to him.

Although they had been able to think of the fact that the white piece would’ve kept eyes on the Alliance Leader, they still couldn’t have watched the Alliance Leader as if they were keeping watch on a criminal. But with those younger ones making such a disturbance, the Alliance Leader couldn’t very well rebuke them too fiercely, so he simply allowed them to do whatever.

Yesterday night, those keeping watch were some disciples from Qingcheng Sect found by Junior Sect Master Han. According to what they said, when it was almost midnight, a household servant hurriedly returned from the outside and knocked on the Alliance Leader’s door. After opening the door, the Alliance Leader talked a bit with that person, that household servant shook his head in response, and the Alliance Leader let out a sigh before calling the person into the room. In a flash, the household servant came out, and the Alliance Leader followed him out, leaving a few more words of instruction, before returning to sleep.

Regarding that household servant, none of them paid him too much attention. They simply saw that the Alliance Leader was still there and so had continued guarding, at ease.

Academy Master Ge said, “They also realized only today that the Alliance Leader and that household servant’s statures were somewhat similar. In addition, it was dark at night, so then it was… Ah, where do you think the Alliance Leader’s gone?”

Almost midnight, the first half of the night, so it was earlier than anticipated… Ye You thought in his heart, and out loud, he asked, “What do you elders think?”

Academy Master Ge said, “We asked the household servant if anyone had him deliver a letter, and also what the Alliance Leader said last night. The household servant professed to never receiving any information, and that the Alliance Leader left out of a desire to investigate his son’s whereabouts. But we’re all clear on the Alliance Leader’s character. Right now, the situation isn’t clear, and he’s not the type of person to just toss aside such a big matter.”

Ye You said, “So elders still think that it was the white piece who contacted him?”

The group nodded, and carefully reviewed the events in their minds.

Manor Lord Wei said, “The entire day yesterday, the Alliance Leader was almost always together with us. There was no real opportunity for him to contact someone alone.”

Academy Master Ge said, “Yes, it could have been on the way back, or it could have been during an interval we missed, or it could have been at night.”

Pavilion Master Ding said, “I was the one who went with him to Xiangxing City and returned with him. At that time, he still wasn’t aware that his son had been kidnapped, so it shouldn’t have happened on the way back.”

During the day, there were many people, so doing anything in secret was extremely difficult. Then the most probable time-frame became during nighttime, and as for that nighttime… Together, in silent agreement, everyone turned to look at Xie Junming. Yesterday night, the only one who came into contact with the Alliance Leader alone was this rascal.

As if he could feel their stares, Xie Junming lifted his head to look at them. “What? Are you suspecting me?”

No one spoke for a while.

Pavilion Master Ding didn’t care about him and bluntly asked, “What did you say to the Alliance Leader last night?”

“I already told you all I know yesterday. Maybe he suddenly remembered someone he had offended and so had ran?” Xie Junming said, “Also, let me ask something, haven’t any of you thought that he could be that white piece that all of you keep mentioning? And that his son’s kidnapping was also something he arranged beforehand for the sake of having an excuse to leave Shaolin?”

Everyone uniformly startled.

Pavilion Master Ding coldly said, “What nonsense are you speaking?”

Xie Junming said, “I’m simply offering up a new viewpoint. He’s your Alliance Leader, so it’s natural that all of you aren’t willing to suspect him. Then all of you should continue investigating. Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with me.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored them, grabbing some vegetables and putting them in his mouth, unhurriedly eating once again, as if the only reason he came to the dining hall was to eat.

No one had any ideas. The only thing they could do was send some people down the mountain to the small county town to look for a bit and see if the Alliance Leader was investigating the matter with Sir Zhong. Abbot Ciyuan saw his disciples at the door looking at him and gave a nod of agreement, instructing them to bring in the food.

Ye You returned to his Senior Brother’s side, calmly waiting to begin eating.

The Alliance Leader leaving was within his calculations.

After all the matters happened in succession, the Alliance Leader most likely thought that it was the white piece who kidnapped the Junior Alliance Leader and wanted to have him act as a throwaway piece. And the Alliance Leader understood the white piece’s methods too well. Even if he truly was willing to act as a throwaway piece, it wouldn’t be easy to take his son off the stage, so he’d definitely not resign himself at this point in time. He’d very likely hurry to leave first before the white piece could make any moves against him.

If their speculations last night were correct, then the Alliance Leader’s only weapon that can fight against the white piece now was that monster. The Alliance Leader leaving now was probably for the sake of finding his master so as to let his master leave seclusion and devour the white piece in retaliation — of course, the prerequisite was that the Alliance Leader had to be able to stay alive until he met that monster.

Yesterday night, Ye You left in order to tell his people to protect the Alliance Leader in secret, so that the other could safely leave Shaolin’s domain. It was only that he had originally thought that the Alliance Leader would wait and see for a while. He hadn’t thought that the other would leave in such a hurry, as if unable to wait even one minute more.

Unable to wait… His heart suddenly skipped a beat, and he looked at his Senior Brother and saw that his Senior Brother was currently also looking at him.

The two’s gazes met, and both understood the implicit meaning in the other’s eyes.

The Alliance Leader didn’t want to wait, and the worst possibility was that he knew some inside information — that is, that he knew that group of drugged men could encircle this place at any time, and while the Alliance Leader wasn’t completely certain whether the white piece would use him as a throwaway piece when the time came, he didn’t want to gamble at the risk, and so had ran!

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[1] 銀耳粥 Tremella is a type of white fungus. Name of the food is provided by Baidu, so if it sounds weird, blame Baidu and not me lmao. Anyway, here’s the baidu page, which also incidentally tells you how to make it.

[2] 小花卷 They’re like mantou but, uh… softer and cooler-looking? I like eating them by peeling strip by strip lmao. Green onions are also often added to them, but it’s not required. Here’s the wiki page.

[3] 伙食精緻 This was machine-censored with □□ for some reason?? It’s not even a bad word?? So here is a note of thanks to the fine person in the comments who identified this.

Since Wenren Heng’s a fictional character, I’ll cut him some slack here, but everyone, please be wary of a partner that says something like, “If we continue, I won’t be able to stop,” even half-jokingly, because your significant other should be able and willing to stop at any point in the process if you’re uncomfortable!! And this doesn’t just apply to sex!

In other words, be more like my boy Yoonsung here from Prince Bari

See that smile?? See how he oozes charm?? That’s the charm of 100% consent, y’all!! You too can be like this handsome hunk of a man if you learn the proper avenues of consent.

So shape up, Wenren Heng!

Though most of my issues here lie with extradiegetic implications made by the author about how seemingly romantic it is that your partner loves you so much that they find it hard to control themselves during sex. Because 1) that’s not how the human body works (lmao) so they should probably get their body checked out if that’s the case and 2) if you love someone, you should find it the easiest thing in the world to cater to their needs during sex, and that includes checking in on their well-being every now and again. This is an overarching issue that other authors, Chinese and otherwise, have struggled with, but it still rubs me the wrong way every time it comes up. Huge digression, though, I know, which is why this is strikethrough’d so you don’t have to read it.

This has been a PSA about consensual sexual practices by your neighborhood opinionated translator. Stay safe, everyone. [puts on sunglasses and rides off into the sunset on a panda]

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  1. *puts on sunglasses and rides off into the sunset on a panda* HAHAHAHA I wish xD

    Well that line by WRH didn’t sit so well with me … Feel like it happens a lot in BL though.
    That overbearingness of his is the reason why I am not that into the couple itself…

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    1. Yeah, it’s a common thing in BL, but I still can’t help but be bothered by it everytime. I was actually expecting Wenren Heng to be the sweet/doting type when I started this, but I guess BL tropes just strike when you least expect it! But at least he hasn’t crossed any lines for me yet (though he’s gotten close)…

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