Record of the Missing Sect Master ch058

In which Ding Xilai resolves to try harder to get Sir Xiao to accept him as a disciple!!

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Ding Xilai had never dared to act impudent in front of his old man, so he also didn’t dare to ask his old man about the matter with the Alliance Leader and Xie Junming. This morning, he had also lazily overslept for a while and hadn’t had the time to ask that crowd of Junior Sect Masters before he ran, burning with anxiety, to find Sir Xiao. Thus, at this time, he still didn’t know the actual facts.

He watched and waited for an entire morning, and upon seeing Sir Xiao and Sect Master Wenren about to leave the hall when they finished eating, he also left.

He hurriedly chased after them. He tried enduring it but in the end couldn’t and so ended up asking, in a small voice, “Why does everyone think that the Alliance Leader was tricked away by the white piece?”

Ye You said, “Didn’t you also believe this before?”

Ding Xilai said, “I had been considering it from a big picture perspective, but there’s actually still another possible reason.”

Ye You was somewhat curious about this young master’s reasoning and asked, “Oh?”

Ding Xilai’s voice went even lower, “Wasn’t Xie Junming interested in the Alliance Leader? What if the Alliance Leader is afraid that Xie Junming would mess around some more, and so left for the sake of avoiding him?”

Ye You, “…”

Wenren Heng, “…”

So as it turned out, he had completely not tried to look deeper into the words that those elders and Xie Junming had exchanged just now.

The two both didn’t open their mouths, and Ding Xilai was about to ask again when he heard Ren Shaotian let out a dry cough. Immediately following, the familiar sound of the great Temple Master Xie’s voice echoed from behind, sounding rather as if he was in deep thought, “Say that again.”

“…” In one giant leap, Ding Xilai rushed over to Ren Shaotian’s side, hiding behind the other, not daring to look over.

Xie Junming laughed, looking as if he was about to drink blood. “I’ll count to three, and you better come out.”

Ding Xilai looked beseechingly at Sir Xiao and saw the other indicate that he should come out. Upon hearing Temple Master Xie already counting to two, he sucked in a deep breath, stiffened up his face, and came out.

“Acceptable, still counts as knowing where you stand right now.” Xie Junming was a bit more satisfied. Reaching out two fingers, he pinched the other’s face. “What did you say just now?”

Ding Xilai said, “I was wrong.”

Xie Junming asked, “Where were you wrong?”

Ding Xilai’s attitude was very earnest. “I shouldn’t be talking bad about someone behind their back.”

Although Xie Junming was unbridled, he was still the master of a temple, and he had no interest in getting into an actual dispute with someone younger. He simply told the other to get the facts straight and that he’ll give the other a beating if he heard this kind of talk again. Ding Xilai had not thought that he would’ve been let go so easily, and blinking, he deeply thought that this was all because of Sir Xiao’s encouragement. He then became even more resolute in his conviction to follow and mingle with Sir Xiao.

He saw those three people leaving and didn’t follow for now. He asked, “Shaotian, how do you think I can get Sir Xiao to take me in?”

Ren Shaotian asked, “Young master, why do you want to follow him?”

Ding Xilai said, “For the sake of making a profit. I actually do have a speck of desire in my heart to work hard for the sake of the country, although it’s not clearly evident.”

Ren Shaotian laughed and said, “With young master’s identity, if you’re willing to work hard, then you’ll definitely be able to.”

Ding Xilai said in bitter anguish, “But I don’t have any brains.”

Ren Shaotian, “…”

“Look at how clever Sir Xiao is. If I follow and learn from him, maybe I’ll be able to profit from being instructed by him for a while.” Ding Xilai said, “Let’s say it another way. For instance, the matter with Xiao-Zhong right now. I’m about the same as him. If one day I’m kidnapped by someone in order to threaten my dad, what do you think could be done? But if I profit and become incredible, other people perhaps wouldn’t dare to touch me. That’s right, with Xiao-Zhong missing for two days, do you think something’s happened? Do you think that Uncle Zhong will be able to save him?”

Ren Shaotian said, “The heavens will help those worthy like Young Master Zhong. Nothing will happen to him.”

Ding Xilai’s face was full of worry. After letting his imagination run wild for a while, he couldn’t help but run off to find Sir Xiao again.

Ren Shaotian felt somewhat helpless.

If it was possible, Ren Shaotian actually didn’t want the young master to interact more often with Sir Xiao. Sir Xiao was too clever, and his inner thoughts were also too difficult to fathom, such that even those experienced in the ways of the world couldn’t see through this person. The young master wouldn’t even be enough to fill in the gaps of the other party’s teeth. But, on the other hand, regardless of whether or not Sir Xiao was the black piece’s man, at least he wasn’t on the white piece’s side. If his heart wasn’t wicked, then the young master would truly get some benefits from following Sir Xiao.

Ren Shaotian internally thought I still need to observe some more before following after.

Ye You had just lost his beloved and so he needed to be unwell for a few days. Xie Junming had originally wanted to take the opportunity to chat with him but in the end, he simply heard the other let out two sighs, full of some convoluted meaning. Shooting the other a glance, he said, “Are you still feeling unwell?”

Ye You said, “Yes. I also think it’s not good to always be like this, so I want to go out and breathe some fresh air.”

Xie Junming said, “When?”

“Just these next two days,” Ye You said, “But the white piece is always very concerned about me, which I’m not very happy about. So when I leave, I’ll have the white piece think that I’m still here.”

Xie Junming’s thoughts turned, and he understood. He asked, “Do you need this brother to accompany you and take the time to enlighten you on the way?”

Ye You’s reply was a sigh, full of pained sorrow, as if he was itching to find a corner to huddle in by himself, preferring to die there without a word. The moment Xie Junming heard, he knew that the other didn’t want him to follow along, and with no interest in the other’s uncanny act, he turned around and left. Ye You walked two steps and frowned. “Senior Brother, I still feel unwell.”

Wenren Heng asked, “I’ll bring you to see Miracle Doctor Ji?”

Ye You said, “All right.”

At this time, Ding Xilai had just caught up with them, and he saw that they were going to see Miracle Doctor Ji.

He immediately volunteered to follow along but was tactfully refused. Immediately heartbroken, he asked once again, “Shaotian, what exactly do you think I can do to get him to accept me? Capture Fuping as a gift for him?”

Ren Shaotian asked, “How does the young master plan to capture him?”

Ding Xilai’s entire face was full of melancholy. “A person like me can rely only on a big stroke of good fortune.”

Ren Shaotian, “…”

Ding Xilai sighed.

Ren Shaotian thought for a moment and said, “I see that Sect Master Wenren perhaps has some intentions towards Sir Xiao. Why don’t you first ask Sect Master Wenren about his thoughts, and if it’s true, you can give him some ideas. He might then help you put in some good words.”

Ding Xilai said, “No need to ask. He definitely has some intentions towards Sir Xiao. I’m just afraid he won’t speak the truth.”

Ren Shaotian internally thought that’s true.

Ding Xilai said, “Why don’t I just directly think up some ideas for him.”

Ren Shaotian asked, ill at ease, “What kind of ideas does the young master want to give?”

Ding Xilai stroked his chin. “Coaxing men should be about the same as coaxing women, right…”

Ren Shaotian felt that he’d definitely mess it up and promptly pulled the topic back, telling him that Sir Xiao was in such heartrending grief because of Fuping, so why not first think of a way to have the person let go of all this pain and sadness. As if already having some ideas, Ding Xilai said a word of yes and went to find that crowd of Junior Sect Masters.

Miracle Doctor Ji and Young Miracle Doctor Fang had been constantly guarded by Shaolin’s people, who were nearly always seemingly a mere step away. Even when Ye You went to get examined, they were still guarding right alongside. Both Ye You and his Senior Brother were already long aware of this fact, so they were completely unsurprised.

Miracle Doctor Ji stroked his beard and watched this youth walk over. After listening to their reason for coming, he asked, “Didn’t my disciple go to see you yesterday?”

Ye You’s voice was like a thin reed. “It’s too uncomfortable.”

“Illness isn’t so easy to get rid of.” Even as Miracle Doctor Ji spoke these words, in the end, he still put down an arm pillow and indicated for the other to hold out a hand, asking, “Where does it feel uncomfortable?”

Ye You said, “Lost love. My chest hurts.”

Most likely because Miracle Doctor Ji had seen far too many patients, his face didn’t change in the slightest as he said, “This is an issue with the heart. I can’t cure it.”

Ye You said, “Then can you prescribe some nourishing medicine? I still feel as if I’ve been fiercely injured.”

Miracle Doctor Ji had never met a person who lost their love and wanted some nutrition. This time, he wasn’t able to endure it and gave the other a slight exasperated expression when he returned to taking the pulse. Ye You looked at the little fool nearby and asked a few words about Master Deru’s situation. Miracle Doctor Ji said, “Still like that.”

Ye You said, “Is there a way to cure him?”

Miracle Doctor Ji said, “We’ll spare no effort to try.”

Ye You said, “What about Li Hua? Did she eat the drug as a child?”

Miracle Doctor Ji said, “Still haven’t finished investigating.”

Ye You nodded and rambled with him about this and that for a while before finally turning to talk of Young Miracle Doctor Fang. After hearing Miracle Doctor Ji praise the little fool for a few sentences, Ye You asked, “I heard that Miracle Doctor Ji used to have an eldest disciple, and that he was quite incredible?”

Miracle Doctor Ji’s hand paused, and he gave the other a glance. “Yes, he was very gifted, but it was a pity that he passed long ago.”

Ye You said, “What was the reason?”

“The same as you, an emotional wound, and he also liked only men.” Miracle Doctor Ji let out a sigh and immediately followed with a lecture, “So right now when I look at all of you young men, sometimes I’ll think of him. In this world, what pit is there that can’t be traversed, that’d make one more willing to die on a tree than try.”

Ye You also let out a sigh in heartfelt sympathy. “Elder just doesn’t know that kind of feeling. It’s truly unbearable. He was also thrown away by someone?”

Miracle Doctor Ji said, “No, it was a one-sided love, and the other didn’t have any thoughts about him. At one point when he reached a dead end, he just… Ah…”

“We’re all pitiful people.” Ye You sighed and sniffled incessantly and asked, “Then who was the one he liked? Is that person still alive?”

“He was ill and also passed early,” Miracle Doctor Ji said, “If his bones were healthier, he’d definitely already be famous throughout Jianghu. Right now, not many people remember him, and even I’ve almost forgotten about him. I only remember that he was surnamed Shen, and that he still had an elder sister.”

Ye You’s pupils contracted.

Miracle Doctor Ji said, “Everyone says that a sister’s son will look like his maternal uncle. If his sister was able to have a son, who knows if he and his uncle will look alike.”

Ye You said, “Perhaps.”

In the middle of this conversation, Miracle Doctor Ji let go of his hand and examined the “state of his illness” for a bit before writing a prescription of no real importance and sending these two out.

Wenren Heng brought his Junior Brother out, and they walked shoulder-to-shoulder back. He said, “Looks like his eldest disciple really didn’t die.” Or else Miracle Doctor Ji wouldn’t have said so many things to them.

Ye You made a sound in acknowledgement.

“His words later were…” As Wenren Heng spoke, he saw his Junior Brother’s mouth twitch before quickly turning even again, not reaching the other’s eyes at all. He couldn’t help but ask, “What?”

Ye You said, “Senior Brother, you never asked me what my surname was. You probably already guessed it, right?”

Wenren Heng said, “Yes.”

Since the extermination of those families was a major event, he definitely could guess it, but he wouldn’t force his Junior Brother to speak.

Ye You said, “But there’s one thing you probably don’t know. My mother’s family is surnamed Shen.”

Wenren Heng’s heart skipped a beat. “Miracle Doctor Ji said everything especially for you to hear?”

Ye You made a sound in agreement.

The two people almost simultaneously thought of the time spent at the Wang family residence. So it turned out that, at that time, Miracle Doctor Ji had already suspected his identity. No one could have thought that the other would have been able to show no indication of this knowledge at all. This old fellow’s endurance skills were truly great.

“He said his eldest disciple met a dead end.” Ye You touched the bandages on his face. “I originally thought that if they still had some affection as a master and disciple, perhaps we could use Miracle Doctor Ji to lure that person out. But right now it seems that it’ll be even easier just to use this face of mine.”

Wenren Heng wrinkled his brows. “What do you want to do?”

Ye You said, “I still haven’t thought of it yet. Since I haven’t seen him before, and I can’t tell him apart from the others, how can I coincidentally walk over and let him see my face?”

Wenren Heng looked at him. “You really haven’t thought of it?”

Ye You said, “I’ve just had only one thought. I still need to think a bit more.”

Wenren Heng was just about to warn the other not to do anything dangerous when he saw that crowd of Junior Sect Masters in front and so swallowed back the words in his mouth.

The Junior Sect Master’s reason for coming was very simple. They still wanted to advise Sir Xiao to go out for a walk around.

In the course of their discussion, they had decided that it wasn’t right for Sir Xiao to always be forcing a smile, and maybe it’d be better for him to have one big, great cry. So how could they get him to cry?

Really easily.

Two words: drink alcohol!

Ding Xilai said, “Sir Xiao, we know that matters are tense right now, but it’s because of this that there’s even more reason why you can’t be distracted by such a small thing.”

“Let’s go out for a walk around, ease your heart a little, and perhaps everything will feel better.”

“You need to pull yourself together!”

Ye You listened to them advise him while all talking over each other as he brought the people back to his room. He asked, “All of you aren’t afraid that you’ll be kidnapped just like Sir Zhong?”

Everyone hesitated for a moment.

Wei Jiangyue said, “What would we be afraid of. It’d be the perfect opportunity to capture them.”

Ding Xilai, as the proposer of the idea, was the second to speak, “That’s right. Let’s bring a few more people, and wherever we go, we can send people to follow. Nothing will happen.”

Ye You said, “But I’m too offensive to the eyes, and the white piece is probably continuously watching me, perhaps also thinking that I’m a hindrance and wanting to assassinate me. If you’re with me, all of you will be in danger.”

Wei Jiangyue said, “I’ll still say the same words, it’d be the perfect time to capture them.”

“But I don’t want to involve all of you. If you truly want to go out, we can only change our method.” As Ye You spoke, he looked at Wei Jiangyue. “Sir Wei, would you help out?”

Wei Jiangyue said, “There’s no harm in asking.”

Ye You said, “Your stature looks about the same as mine, so I want to exchange identities with you. You stay behind, and I’ll go out to breathe some fresh air and drink a cup of wine before coming back.”

Wei Jiangyue was startled and immediately understood his meaning, saying in reminder, “Those of ‘Heaven’s Firmament’ might be able to see through it.”

Ye You said, “You can send them all back. It’d be the right time to have them tell Manor Lord Wei that you’re going down the mountain to drink wine. We just don’t have to bring them. There’s no need to worry about me. My Senior Brother will send people to protect me in secret.”

Wei Jiangyue saw them all fixedly staring at him and agreed.

The two prepared for a while, quickly disguising themselves.

Ye You changed into Wei Jiangyue’s clothes and strutted out the door, leaving Shaolin Temple with that crowd of Junior Sect Masters.

The next day, with the reason that his health wasn’t good, Sir Xiao didn’t appear at the dining hall, appearing only in the evening to walk around with Wenren Heng near the small courtyard before returning to the room.

Xie Junming had made one trip over, and upon seeing this “lantern” that was Wei Jiangyue, he felt only that it was extremely dull before leaving again.

The other person in the know, the scarred man, contained himself for half a day. Upon seeing the sky grow darker and darker, he finally found a time when the Sect Master came out to approach and ask, in a low voice, “Sect Master, will I need to put up another bed?”

The Sect Master couldn’t actually sleep in the same bed as Wei Jiangyue, right? Their Sect Master couldn’t possibly be this inattentive.

Wenren Heng said, “No need. You should sleep earlier.”

The scarred man silently looked at him and, with a face full of doubt, left.

Wenren Heng lifted his head to watch the full moon for a while before turning around and returning to the room. To Wei Jiangyue, he said, “If you’re tired, just sleep. The bed is over there.”

Wei Jiangyue said, “What about you?”

Wenren Heng said, “I’m not tired for now.”

Wei Jiangyue saw him sitting down in front of the table and thus poured a cup of tea, asking, “Does he have some kind of goal this time?”

Wenren Heng said, “What are you referring to?”

“How could I know,” Wei Jiangyue said, “I just have this kind of feeling.”

Wenren Heng said, “Yes, we guessed that the white piece’s troop of drugged men will surround Shaolin in the next two days.”

Wei Jiangyue’s expression changed, and he looked as if he was going to jump to his feet. “What?”

Wenren Heng continued with, “At that time, they’ll definitely want a few people, and my Junior Brother will definitely be on the list. Oh, it’s who you are right now. In that crowd of Junior Sect Masters, there were also others with a similar stature to him. Do you know why he especially chose you?”

Wei Jiangyue composed himself and said, “Because my martial arts is the highest among them, and I can take the opportunity to capture that group of people?”

Wenren Heng gave him a look and slowly poured another cup of tea, pushing it towards him, his manner still as tender as always, as if completely unaware of how earth-shattering these words were.

“No, because we suspect that your father is the white piece.”

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It’s OK, Ding Xilai, I believe in you. Boys are cuter when they’re a bit slow-witted! Not like I can talk since I’m not into boys anyway lmao.

Surprise double update because this chapter was really funny, and by the time I felt like stopping, I realized that I’d almost reached the end and it was a major turning point, so I just finished it in one sitting, haha.

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  1. ‘In this word..’ should be ‘world’? ‘Understood his meeting…’ should be ‘meaning’? Thank you so much for your wonderful dedication. Take care.


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