Record of the Missing Sect Master ch059

In which Wei Jiangyue goes through a crisis of faith, and Ding Xilai just goes through a crisis.

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Wei Jiangyue instantly thought that he had mistakenly entered a fantasy.

This time, he couldn’t hold himself back, and he suddenly stood up. “What did you say?”

Wenren Heng quietly looked at him.

Wei Jiangyue forced himself to sit back down and said, very tensely, “This isn’t possible. Do you have proof?”

“No, it’s only a suspicion,” Wenren Heng said, “First, the white piece has the Lantern-Extinguishing Poison on hand. Those who came into contact with that monster originally, Manor Lord Wei, Pavilion Master Ding, and those elders, are all suspicious. Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Master Ding acted as the leaders, so they had even more opportunities.”

Wei Jiangyue said, “It’s only an opportunity.”

Wenren Heng slowly drank a sip of tea. “Second, ten years ago, my Master was murdered. I suspect that the swordsman who had a qi deviation at the time had been fed the drug. Manor Lord Wei was coincidentally chasing behind him and brought along people to kill him.”

“Saying it like that, wasn’t my dad getting rid of evil for the sake of the martial arts circle? And he still managed to invite suspicion?” Wei Jiangyue couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh, but he immediately realized that arguing like this was wasting time and forcefully wrestled back his rationality. He said, “If that swordsman really had been fed the drug, it also could’ve been done by someone else. What does it have to do with my dad? Over the years, the things my dad has done for the martial arts circle are obvious to everyone. Besides, twenty years ago, Fengxian Manor was one of the two great sects of Jianghu and wouldn’t have been at a disadvantage even when going against Lingjian Pavilion. Would my dad find it worthwhile to make a troop of drugged men?”

Wenren Heng said, “So I said it was only a suspicion.”

It was the first time that Wei Jiangyue thought that the other’s calm manner was somewhat hateful. Pushing down his anger, he said, “Your suspicions do not have a single bit of basis.”

Wenren Heng said, neither slowly nor quickly, “My Junior Brother also suspects the same thing.”

Wei Jiangyue choked, and the face underneath those bandages turned even more unsightly.

Wenren Heng just knew that this person’s attitude towards him and his Junior Brother was somewhat different, and he gave the other a look.

Wei Jiangyue suppressed his disordered state of mind and strove for calmness. “Not speaking of anything else, let’s just talk about the things that happened along the way. At that villa, Blood-sucking Ghost wanted to kidnap Xiao-Rou, and he also murdered my sixth brother in the past. All of this couldn’t have been purposely engineered by my dad.”

Wenren Heng said, “At that time, the first one who gave chase after Blood-sucking Ghost was Manor Lord Wei. The kind of experts they were, they’d very easily be able to find an opportunity to have a few words of conversation. I’m guessing that kidnapping your sister was also Manor Lord Wei’s idea; the first reason being that he knew nothing would happen so he arranged it like that, and the second reason is something you won’t like hearing.”

Wei Jiangyue harshly asked, “What kind of thing would be uglier to hear than all of this?”

Wenren Heng said, “At that time, your sister and my Junior Brother were standing very close to one another. So when a father who dotes on his daughter suddenly comes across someone who’d hinder his daughter, and who had also caused his darling daughter to cry a few times, if he came across an opportunity to eliminate this other party, do you think he’d do it?”

Wei Jiangyue’s entire body trembled. “You’re saying that… my dad wanted Blood-sucking Ghost to kidnap Xiao-Rou because he had another motive, and that was to find an opportunity to kill Sir Xiao?”

Wenren Heng nodded. “It was only that, at the time, I had stuffed that person at my Junior Brother, coincidentally also following along with their idea, so these intentions weren’t readily evident. Or else, with that many people, no matter who he caught, Blood-sucking Ghost would’ve been able to stall for time. Why would he have been so insistent on catching your sister?”

“That’s because my dad was the one who fought him off a cliff that year, and he bore a grudge against my dad which is why he did such a thing. His being given the idea to kidnap Xiao-Rou is also something that you’re simply guessing at… That’s not right,” Wei Jiangyue said, “My father couldn’t have known from the beginning that Xiao-Rou would definitely be standing together with Sir Xiao.”

Wenren Heng said, “Do we still need to rehash this? After both of you left your sister behind, she’d definitely come find me.”

Wei Jiangyue choked again, but he still didn’t believe a single word from the other and said, “Then how can you explain the matter with my sixth brother? My dad couldn’t possibly go as far as to cause the death of his own blood-related son.”

“It’s unclear. Maybe there’s some other reason that we don’t know about.” Wenren Heng saw that he still had things to say and lifted a hand to stop him. “Manor Lord Wei isn’t the only one we suspect. We simply feel that there’s a possibility, so we’re taking the opportunity to test it.”

When Wei Jiangyue heard this, he felt as if his suspended heart had slowly fallen back into place, and his voice was finally no longer that tense. “I believe that my dad definitely isn’t the white piece. What do the two of you want me to do?”

Wenren Heng said, “Only that when they choose people and call your name[1] to take the initiative to come out.”

Wei Jiangyue said, “And then?”

Wenren Heng took out three things and handed them over.

Wei Jiangyue startled. “These are…”

“Concealed weapons,” Wenren Heng said.

This was something he had ordered his subordinates to find a way to obtain while his Junior Brother and Wei Jiangyue had been exchanging identities this morning. It was only just now, at night, that they had been delivered.

He looked at Wei Jiangyue. “Remember well the words that I’m going to say next.”


Ye You and that crowd of Junior Sect Masters didn’t walk very quickly, and when they reached the small county town, it was just about noon. They then went to eat some lunch before one of the Junior Sect Masters proposed going to a brothel to drink while also taking the chance to watch some dancing.

Ding Xilai immediately said, “What brothel?”

That Junior Sect Master was about to speak further when he suddenly remembered that Sir Xiao was into men and said, “Ah, this place doesn’t appear to have a single male brothel.”

The rest of them said, practically all at once, “What do you mean male brothel? We’re going straight to drinking!”

That Junior Sect Master had also remembered, right after he finished speaking, that Fuping had been a male entertainer, so he had practically been sprinkling salt on Sir Xiao’s wound! He saw this crowd of people glare at him, looking as if they wanted to give him a group beating, so he lowered his head and tried to make himself as invisible as possible.

The remaining Junior Sect Masters looked at Sir Xiao and changed the topic, “The weather isn’t bad. Why don’t we walk around first before we go and drink?”

Ye You said, “No need. Let’s just go to the brothel.”

That first Junior Sect Master was just about to be frightened sick, and he gave a hollow laugh and said, “Nonono, just now, I was just speaking whatever came to mind. I actually don’t want to go, let’s go walk around, haha…”

Ye You stood up and delivered the final blow, “So it’s the brothel. Let’s go.”

Everyone did their utmost to try and read his expression, but this person’s thoughts were too deep, and they couldn’t see a single thing wrong, not to mention that there was even a layer of false skin there right now, so it was even more difficult to read anything. Ding Xilai asked suspiciously, “You really… really want to go?”

Ye You said, “Yes, I want to listen to some songs. Every time my mood isn’t good, I like listening to music.”

Everyone understood, and only then did they set off without a care for the brothel.

During the day, the brothel had not yet reached its most lively hours, and the majority of people didn’t have any guests. Upon seeing this many noble young masters, they all immediately became excited, their smiles brilliant as they welcomed the guests inside. The Junior Sect Masters requested a private room, choosing a few beautiful people who were pleasing to the eye and ordering a few plates of fruits as snacks, before starting to listen to music.

Ye You sat for a while before wanting to go to the toilet.

Ding Xilai was afraid that something would happen to him and so hastily moved to go with him.

Ye You didn’t refuse and went downstairs with him, slowly walking towards the backyard. Ding Xilai felt that this was a good opportunity and asked the other again about accepting him. Ye You asked, “Do you know why I came here?”

Ding Xilai internally pondered if this was a test and thought deeply for a moment before asking, in a probing attempt, “You wanted to face your pain head-on and so endured your suffering to come walk around a place of entertainers, all in order to forget about Fuping?”

The Ren Shaotian behind them wanted to laugh but couldn’t, his lips trembling as he turned his head away.

Ye You said, all smiles, “This answer is…”

Ding Xilai asked, “How… how is it?”

Ye You said, “It’s really something only you can come up with.”

The moment Ding Xilai heard this, he knew he was wrong and asked, “Then what’s the real reason?”

Ye You said, “Because I felt that, at this point in time, the white piece’s drugged men probably wouldn’t come to a brothel.”

Ding Xilai blinked and repeated the words, asking for confirmation, “The white piece’s drugged men?”

Ye You said, “Yes, if nothing unexpected happens, Shaolin will be surrounded by them.”

Ren Shaotian’s pupils contracted.

Ding Xilai silently took a moment to react. “…Hah?!”

Ye You indicated for a quieter tone of voice before bringing the other to a place with no one else around and explaining his own conjectures, telling them not to worry. This time, the white piece’s most important goal was to obtain a few people, and it wasn’t yet time for all-out war was going to be declared, so there most likely won’t be the beginnings of a big massacre.

Ding Xilai swallowed some salivia. “Then… Then what should we do?”

“All of you stay here and wait, no need to send over information to Shaolin or else the white piece will become suspicious. Shaolin has my Senior Brother around, so nothing will happen,” Ye You said, “Although I don’t know when exactly the white piece will act, I estimate it’ll probably be these next two days. If I was them, before I go to Shaolin, I’d definitely capture a few people. All of you shouldn’t leave the brothel, or else they might decide on you.”

Ding Xilai felt his legs go soft, as if he could no longer stay standing. “Us coming down this way… Could they have already seen us?”

Ye You said, “That’s fine, as long as none of you are left on your own. Before they surround Shaolin, they wouldn’t dare to make any big movements. When all of you left this time, you brought along many people, and if you continue to stay in such a lively brothel, if they don’t have any interest in devouring all of you at once, they simply wouldn’t touch any of you. But pay attention to the drinks. Don’t let yourselves be drugged.”

Ding Xilai had not yet heard anything wrong when Ren Shaotian couldn’t help but speak, “All of us? Then what about Sir Xiao?”

I have some other matters. I also came out this time on purpose.” Ye You saw that Ding Xilai wanted to speak and patted his shoulder. “I’m willing to tell you these things because I believe in you. Pull yourself together, and protect these people well.”

Ding Xilai felt only that his heart was beating rapidly and warm blood was rushing directly to his head. “Can… Can I do it?”

Ye You said, “You can. Don’t you also have Shaotian to help you?”

Ding Xilai’s entire mind was a mess, and he opened his mouth, with his first question being, “What about you? What do I say to them about you suddenly leaving?”

“You can just say that my Senior Brother came and called me away.” Ye You lowered his eyes and hesitated for a while before saying, “Actually, because of the matter with Fuping, my Senior Brother… confessed his feelings for me.”

Ding Xilai startled and said, immediately following, “Ah, as expected! We all saw this coming a long time ago!”

Those words, “I truly like you,” said by his Senior Brother flashed through Ye You’s mind. Suppressing the joy that was threatening to drown him, he said in a low voice, “I’ve only just learned of it, so I still need to think about it some more. Anyway, a person like my Senior Brother also isn’t afraid of having other people know about this matter. If they ask, you can just tell them that my Senior Brother didn’t like me coming to the brothel.”

Ding Xilai felt this excuse was very fair and reasonable and nodded.

Ye You said, “That’s enough. You should go upstairs now. I’ll find a place to switch out my clothes and change my appearance.”

Ding Xilai hesitantly said, “You…”

Ye You said, “I’ll be fine. Many people from Shuangji Sect came along, so they’ll protect me. Both of you should go upstairs. Right now, there’s no time to waste.”

Ding Xilai was completely distracted and could only listen to the other, telling him that he definitely had to be careful before leaving.

Ye You then went to tidy up for a spell, changing his outfit and strutting out of the brothel, unhurriedly walking into a small courtyard that was a few streets down.

Those Demonic Sect Elders had already long been kept waiting, and now that they saw him, they felt only incessantly moved. With tears streaming down their faces, they threw themselves over. “Sect Master!”

Ye You laughed and dodged out of their reaches. He asked, “Did all of you finish the things I had you do?”

The Elders said, “Yes, they’re all done.”

Ye You nodded in satisfaction and sat down on a chair. Seeing Elder Miao nearby, he crooked his fingers, all smiles. “Miaomiao, come.”

“…” Elder Miao’s face stiffened, and he silently backed up a step.

Ye You laughed and said, “Don’t be that against it. This is a good thing. Come here.”

Elder Miao hesitated for a moment before resigning himself and walking over.

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[1] Note, in case you missed it: Wenren Heng’s referring to Wei Jiangyue disguised as Ye You. They’re planning a good old-fashioned switcheroo.

Ah, Wei Jiangyue, you do know the saying that, “The bigger you are, the harder you’ll fall,” right?

Next chapter is also finished and will be up in a bit.

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  1. Not only wei jiangyue or ding xilai, even our dear demonic sect elders are going through CRISIS ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ even they are pitiful, their master never let them hug him too ๐Ÿ˜


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