Record of the Missing Sect Master ch062

In which a scuffle happens.

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Manor Lord Wei felt his vision go black, and almost without thinking, he shouted, “You, stop moving!”

Wei Jiangyue turned a deaf ear and walked forward another step.

After this one step, he was only a half-step away from Ghost Gentleman. Without saying another word, Ghost Gentleman grabbed this person, the stone in his heart settling, and with a wave of his hand, set the remaining people free.

The crowd’s tension didn’t ease, and they shouted, “Don’t let them leave! Let’s do our utmost against them!”

“Yes, do our utmost!”

“That’s right, we can’t just leave tonight’s matters like this!”

Ghost Gentleman sneered, “That’s enough. Let’s leave.”

The moment these words were spoken, the black-clothed men who were guarding in front turned their blades around, each dropping them onto the necks of Master Deru and Miracle Doctor Ji. And although Ghost Gentleman was simply holding the shoulder of “Sir Xiao”, his martial skill was high, and so it’d be the ease of a moment for him to take this person’s life.

The angry crowd immediately stiffened.

Ghost Gentleman continued to sneer, “If you can’t accept this, come up. It just so happens that I’ve gone some time without killing anyone, and I’m just itching to do so.”

No one dared to move recklessly, and one after the other, they looked at the mighty and esteemed personages in the very front row.

Someone raised a voice to say, “Are we really going to just let them go like this?”

“Hey, all you sect leaders, at least say something!”

“This matter definitely can’t just end here. Sect Master Wenren is right. When has our righteous faction ever been bullied by someone like this!”

Xie Junming wanted to laugh upon hearing this. Internally, he thought actually there have been, but all of you just forgot.

At the time, on Yushan stage, all the mighty and esteemed personages from the martial arts circle were also present, but only six people, including the Sect Master, came from the Demonic Sect. And in the end, Ye You had mocked an entire group of people with a smile on his face, while his Demonic Sect Elders gave them all a beating, before then swaggering off without a thought.

But at a time like this, he definitely wouldn’t say too much. He simply found a comfortable position and prepared to watch the show with interest.

Hearing the crowd’s noisy ruckus, Ghost Gentleman also looked at those in the front row, and his mouth suddenly twitched into the shape of a strange smile. Abbot Ciyuan and the others felt their hearts shiver, and before they could even try parsing what he wanted to do, he rapidly made a hand gesture.

The next moment, they heard the sounds of blood-curdling screams suddenly echo through the air, and then streaks of extremely fast shadows scuttled out from the crowd, all holding blades dripping with blood, to stand behind him.

“You think I have only these drugged men?” While they were still dazed by these events, Ghost Gentleman started speaking, “I’ll tell all of you the truth. Over these past few days, we’ve sent quite a few of our people to mix in with all of you, and these are only a fraction of them, so when we fight, remember to be careful of your surroundings.”

Everyone’s hearts turned cold, and they unconsciously turned to look left and right.

Many even put some distance between themselves and those next to them, secretly taking precautions.

Ghost Gentleman saw the growing fear in the righteous faction members who had, only just now, been eager to fight him as if their lives depended and, feeling as if the imposing atmosphere and the situation itself was once again firmly on his own side, began feeling slightly happier. He somewhat proudly looked at Xie Junming, and upon finding that this rascal was still cracking melon seeds, he felt his smile stiffen. And then, he swept his eyes away and saw that Wenren Heng was still standing in that same exact spot, all without the slightest change in expression. All his years of experience in Jianghu led to a sort of bad premonition flashing through his heart.

In truth, they had secretly arranged these people as preparations for the exchange.

According to the original plans, he would slowly threaten the righteous faction. Wanting Master Deru and Mr. Xiao didn’t count as too difficult, and it was only when he wanted Miracle Doctor Ji that he’d start using this group of people to coerce the other party. In this way, one after another, when it reached Sir Xiao’s turn, the pressure would be the heaviest, since after all, even Miracle Doctor Ji gave in, and Sir Xiao would be exchanged for the most people. If the person was unwilling to come over, their people would secretly act as instigators, and then they’d definitely be able to incite the crowd’s displeasure.

But who could’ve known that the first few would’ve been handed over so easily, especially Miracle Doctor Ji… His heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly gave Miracle Doctor Ji a look, seeing this person looking as calm as ever, from start to finish, and feeling more and more as if there was something wrong.

His first reaction was to take this opportunity to hurry and retreat while the righteous faction was still restrained by fear.

At this time, Xie Junming once again opened his mouth and, with a slightly condescending tone, said, “Hey, are all of you fighting or not? If you want to fight, just fight, stop making all this needless noise. If you’re not going to fight, just admit defeat and let these people go, so I can go back to sleep. This play has really been too boring to watch, and only you righteous faction members could’ve mangled it this badly. If it was me and Ah-You making the decisions, I guarantee that we’d already have had this guy return home lying down.”

Those words stabbed right to the heart, and it didn’t function as just some menacing talk, it also served to pour oil on the fire.

Although everyone didn’t want to admit it, they still had no way to refute.

Because over these years, as long as those two great demonic faction leaders were together, then they never suffered any losses whatsoever. If Ghost Gentleman really went against those two, then it was likely that even he wouldn’t end up unscathed.

But why exactly would their righteous faction become like this?

Everyone’s anger immediately burned from their chests all the way up to their heads, causing them all to seethe, almost literally, with anger.

They collectively turned their heads and looked indignantly at those in the front row.

Those elders felt practically helpless.

Matters had developed too quickly, from the crowd beginning to murmur, to the white piece’s secretly-deployed men moving to injure the people, and finally to the irritating words of that rascal Xie Junming who’s constantly just asking for a beating. There hadn’t been even the slightest pause in the middle of these proceedings, so they never even had the time to open their mouths to speak.

After being unable to stop Sir Xiao, Academy Master Ge had returned to the Abbot’s side and was just about to speak when he saw Pavilion Master Ding’s entire face frosting over before the other walked out, sword in hand.

Wei Jing, as the Head of “Moon’s Shadow”, loyally and faithfully followed behind. Hearing the other call for “Moon’s Shadow”, he waved his hand towards the back, and in an instant, countless shadows jumped out to stand uniformly behind them. And since Manor Lord Wei was worried about his son’s safety, he had made a move at practically the same time as Pavilion Master Ding, with “Heaven’s Firmament” closely following behind, and they came forward together.

“Moon’s Shadow” and “Heaven’s Firmament” were both elite troops, the experts among experts.

Just seeing them lifted the righteous faction’s spirits, and the crowd became fired up at once, with overflowing vigor. Even Xie Junming couldn’t help but let out an, “Oh!”

“So it looks like you don’t want to let me go?” Ghost Gentleman narrowed his eyes. “You don’t even care about their lives and deaths anymore?”

The moment he spoke, the black-clothed men applied some pressure to their swords, and the necks of Miracle Doctor Ji and Master Deru immediately trickled blood. If the wounds were even a little deeper, then their lives were forfeit.

Pavilion Master Ding and Manor Lord Wei’s expressions were both dark.

At exactly this moment, the Wei Jiangyue who had been quiet up until now turned his head to look at Ghost Gentleman and said, “I’m Wei Jiangyue.”

Ghost Gentleman startled, but before he had the time to confirm this information, he felt a sliver of internal energy strike the palm of his hand. Wei Jiangyue had taken the opportunity to knock loose the other’s hand that had been gripping his shoulder. He then shook his sleeves, grabbing onto the dagger that slid out, before fiercely turning his hand to stab towards the other. Caught off guard, Ghost Gentleman dodged on instinct.

Wei Jiangyue had thoroughly thrown off the other’s grip. Using his other hand, he fished out the concealed weapon that Wenren Heng had given him and tossed it. He heard only a thud before thick smoke began billowing out erratically.

Upon seeing that the time was right, Wenren Heng, Xie Junming, Abbot Ciyuan, and Sect Leader Xuanyang simultaneously acted, throwing out concealed weapons of inborn energy, one after the other, and accurately hitting the knife-wielding, black-clothed men, freeing Miracle Doctor Ji and Master Deru from their predicaments. Miracle Doctor Ji didn’t wait for the other party to bend and retrieve their weapons. With a shot of a silver needle, those men immediately became unable to move a single step.

The scene turned into complete chaos in an instant.

Without saying a single word, Pavilion Master Ding and Manor Lord Wei rushed into the thick fog.

Wenren Heng and Abbot Ciyuan also brought people to rush over.

The faraway flute player was apparently able to see that an unforeseen incident had occurred, and the sound of the flute quickly began echoing. However, it echoed for only a moment before, in the next, it was covered by the chilly sound of a qin, collapsing in utter defeat.

At this time, Wei Jiangyue had already pressed close to Ghost Gentleman. In this thick fog, he first spoke some words to preserve his life, saying, in a low voice, “I know where Sir Xiao is. He isn’t at Shaolin.”

Ghost Gentleman stopped the other’s dagger and, upon seeing the next attack following immediately after, dodged to the side, asking, “Where is he?”

Wei Jiangyue changed his methods and continued attacking. “My father said he’s at a tavern in the small county town.”

“Tavern?” Ghost Gentleman had time to say only this one word before he heard the sounds of other people arriving. At once, he used a palm strike to shake the other off, leaping backwards into the dark night. He then fished out a delicate bamboo pipe and raised it to the sky, transmitting the order to retreat.

Wei Jiangyue subconsciously wanted to give chase, but he was stopped, his shoulder grabbed by those who had chased after him.

The thick fog was gradually dissipating, and Manor Lord was able to recognize his own son. He asked, “How are you? Where is that person?”

Wei Jiangyue said, “Ran away.”

Manor Lord Wei said, “Which way did he run?”

Wei Jiangyue pointed in one direction.

“You’ve made enough trouble. Go back.” Manor Lord Wei threw down these words and, without even a backwards glance, went along with Pavilion Master Ding to give chase. At the same time, the thick smoke once again exploded outwards, this time seemingly set off on the black-clothed men’s side.

Upon seeing the first wave of thick smoke about to dissipate, those in the surroundings were originally planning to rush over to help, but then they saw that side once again being covered up and so could only stop and stare, doing their best to distinguish events by sound. “What exactly is happening?”

“Ah, I don’t know.”

“Why don’t all of us together…”

Xie Junming said, “I’m advising all of you not to go and cause trouble.”

Everyone shot him a glance, extremely unhappy.

Xie Junming said, “You should learn from the example of that ghost just now. If he had listened to me, he would’ve already been long done. Do you want to be as big a fool as he is?”

If Ghost Gentleman was around, then he probably would’ve been angered once more by this rascal.

Everyone fell silent. Right as they were hesitating over whether they should listen to him or not, they heard this rascal unhurriedly add some more words, “Well, you can go if you want, just don’t go as a big group. Or else, if you’re not careful, the one beside you might be someone sent by the white piece, someone who’ll give you a stab in a moment of happy inattention.”

“…” Everyone thereupon gave up on the idea of rushing into the fray.

They stood on tiptoes to look every which way. After waiting for a short while, they saw Wenren Heng and Abbot Ciyuan bringing people out, with even Miracle Doctor Ji and the still unconscious Master Deru alongside. They sucked in a deep breath and fiercely clenched their hands into fists. “That’s great!”

“That’s right, where’s Sir Xiao and that Mr. Xiao?”

“That shouldn’t be Sir Xiao, right? Wasn’t Sir Xiao’s martial arts… He also came out!”

Everyone hastily looked over and saw that “Sir Xiao” was pulling off the bandages on his face as he walked, slowly exposing the face of Wei Jiangyue. They were first dumbfounded before then finding it inconceivable. “Could this thing have been planned?”

But the white piece was hidden within the elders of the martial arts circle, and basically everyone was suspect, so if there truly was a plan, then it was possible that they simply didn’t notify those sect leaders… Everyone looked at the calm Wenren Heng and remembered this person relating the entire story just now. They all thought that this matter had most likely been planned by that Sir Xiao who was able to see through the moves of that white piece, and perhaps Sect Master Wenren also offered some ideas. Immediately, they felt as if they should be prostrating out of respect for this pair of disciple-brothers.

Wenren Heng gave Wei Jiangyue a glance. “Not injured?”

Wei Jiangyue insipidly made a sound in acknowledgement and returned the two remaining concealed weapons to him before asking, “Just now that was?”

“Perhaps it was something the white piece threw, wanting to retreat,” Wenren Heng said, “Or perhaps…”

Wei Jiangyue waited and waited but wasn’t able to hear the next words and so couldn’t help but turn to look at him.

The corners of Wenren Heng’s mouth raised, but he didn’t respond.


Ghost Gentleman had been traversing Jianghu for many years, all the while being chased to the death by both “Moon’s Shadow” and “Heaven’s Firmament,” so he had not the slightest bit of fear on his face. He pulled and threw out a concealed weapon and successfully managed to retreat, breaking from their encirclement, disappearing without a trace.

He quickly hurried towards the previously decided-upon meeting place and saw that his partner was already there. He looked at the miserable flute player. “It was that surnamed Tao girl again?”

Under the moonlight, the flute player’s face was deathly pale, and the person had to be supported by the nearby black-clothed men as he nodded and said, “There was also Xunliu Manor’s Qin Yuemian.”

“Weren’t they both at Shaolin…” As Ghost Gentleman spoke, he thought of the events tonight and said, “We’ve been tricked. Our plans were definitely seen through.”

The flute player nodded once again and, after waiting for a moment, saw some subordinates and the already freed Mr. Xiao catch up but, upon looking behind them, asked, “Where are those drugged men?”

Those people shook their heads. “We didn’t see them.”

“That’s impossible!” The flute player had spoken too urgently and ended up coughing out a mouthful of blood, speaking again only after a long moment, “When I saw the signal, I immediately sent the order to retreat. Why did they not come back?”

Just now, he had used the last bit of his strength to play that flute, and that was the reason why he was so heavily injured!

Ghost Gentleman frowned. “Let’s wait a while longer.”

“No need to wait.” A sharp tone of voice, carrying the sound of a smile suddenly echoed from the nearby forest. “It’s currently nighttime, so perhaps they were too tired and fell asleep. You shouldn’t disturb someone’s beautiful dreams.”

Ghost Gentleman’s expression changed slightly. He had always boasted of his strong martial arts, but he had actually not been able to perceive that anyone was nearby.

He hastily turned his head, shouting, “Who? Come out!”

The remaining people also turned, one after the other, to look at the source of the sound, secretly making preparations.

The only thing they heard were the echoes of footsteps, walking neither too slow nor too fast, before seeing a person quickly step out of the dusky forest, appearing underneath the moonlight. He was wearing a set of black robes, with a mask on his face and a faint smile on his lips, carrying a vaguely wicked atmosphere.

They practically blurted out, “The Demonic Sect’s Sect Master!”

“Yes, it’s me. This night is quite long, so why not…” Ye You smiled, dragging out the words, before his figure flashed. Ghost Gentleman had not yet even clearly registered these movements when he felt a pain in the chest, and his entire person was sent flying, smashing into the ground with a bang.

Those in the surroundings instantly felt cold from head to toe.

This was the Ghost Gentleman who had made all of Jianghu uneasy even in mere discussion, and he had actually been unable to exchange even one blow with Sect Master Ye!

Ghost Gentleman spat out a mouthful of blood and, holding onto his chest, stood up, the depths of his eyes carrying a trace of dread.

This was the first time in his life that he had met such a fearsome person, especially as Sect Master Ye was still quite young. What martial art was this person actually practicing?

Within this deathly stillness, Ye You slowly finished his words, saying, with all smiles, “Why not all of you keep me company?”


With the light breeze blowing, the thick smoke in front of Shaolin had thoroughly dispersed.

Everyone stared, and all of them immediately couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

Under the moonlight, the drugged men were lying, askew every which way, over a vast expanse.

Two people, one black and one white, were standing in the middle of the “sea of corpses”. The white-clothed person even seemed to have a sort of white, thread-like object hanging from both hands and, with a flick of the wrist, the entire thing was stowed away.

When they were able to see these two’s appearances clearly, they shouted at once, “The Demonic Sect’s Elders!”

“What are you two doing here?”

“That’s right, why did you two come to Shaolin? What did you two do to them!”

Elder Hei said, “We came to help clean up your mess. Remember to be grateful.”

“What shit, you two…” As everyone spoke, they regained their senses and anxiously ran over, shouting out the names of their dearly beloved friends and family members.

They turned the people over one-by-one in their search and then held the person in their arms, their expressions of apprehension replaced with expressions of joy, saying, choked with emotion, “They’re still alive!”

“Yes, my Senior Brother is also still breathing!”

“What exactly is going on here…” Someone spoke, stopping midway into the sentence upon feeling someone nearby pulling on his sleeve. He couldn’t help but turn his head and saw his companion pulling up a strand of thread from the clothes of the drugged men.

The remaining people also slowly discovered this point and silently turned their gazes to Elder Miao, realizing that this was his doing, but… From when the fog came to when it dissipated was such a short window of time, yet this person was actually able to make this enormous troop of drugged men collapse. What terrifying ability!

There was a portion of the crowd who didn’t go over, and upon seeing this scene, someone muttered, “Ah, it’s Miao Wang…”

Xie Junming heard this very clearly, and he immediately stopped cracking melon seeds. He looked at that person. “Miao what?”

That adventurer didn’t think that Temple Master Xie would pay attention to him and was somewhat shocked. He said, “Wang.”

Xie Junming said, “What? Miao what?”

The adventurer said, “Wang!”

Xie Junming nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, my last bit of sleepiness is finally gone now.”

The adventurer was baffled, and it took him a while to react and realize that he had shouted “Wang” twice[1], meaning that this surnamed Xie had played him!

He felt his face cracking. Why was this rascal Xie Junming still not dead! Still not dead! Still not dead!

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[1] 汪 is Miao Wang’s name, but 汪汪 is “woof woof” in Chinese, so basically the adventurer was just tricked into barking like a dog.

More Demonic Sect Elders next chapter, so look forward to it~

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