Record of the Missing Sect Master ch065

In which Elder Miao and Elder Hei are faced with an inconceivable truth.

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When Mr. Xiao died, his face carried evident shock and incredulity, with both his eyes opened wide, and it’s this appearance that had been forever frozen in time. Ye You didn’t even spare this corpse a glance, simply calling for his subordinates and telling them to also have this thing buried.

The scarred man was practically heartsick with worry.

The great Sect Master Ye’s existence right now was too powerful, completely like a person of seated on high, and completely unlike the usual, good-natured Sir Xiao. He was truly afraid that his Sect Master would be hurt by Sect Master Ye’s poison tongue.

Wenren Heng was well acquainted with his Junior Brother’s temperament and asked in understanding, “What did you say to him?”

Ye You said, “I didn’t say much of anything. I only set up a trap for him, and I waited for him to happily answer all of my questions before I told him that I’ve actually been lying to him all along.”

No wonder he had such an expression, and he probably even almost had a seizure at the time, right?

The scarred man fell silent.

Wenren Heng was not in the least surprised. He had guessed that it had probably happened like this.

His Junior Brother had suspected that Mr. Xiao was possibly the Alliance Leader’s man and presumably had first wanted to confirm it, before then finding a way to convince Mr. Xiao that the white piece intended to harm the Alliance Leader. Perhaps, the other had even proposed a willingness to partner with the Alliance Leader in order to kill the white piece and rescue Young Master Zhong.

And once Mr. Xiao’s trust was obtained, and all the information handed over, his Junior Brother would then tell the person that Fuping had already been buried and hadn’t gone so-called missing on purpose, and that the Alliance Leader’s son had been kidnapped by Xie Junming — if Mr. Xiao hadn’t been murdered on the spot, then the person probably would’ve spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at his Junior Brother. “Where do you want to return to?”

“Of course it’s to return to our Demonic Sect’s headquarters.” Ye You smiled and said, “If Sect Master Wenren isn’t busy, would you do me the honor of accompanying me for a cup of wine?”

Wenren Heng said, “Let’s go.”

Ye You gave those two Elders beside him a glance, indicating that they could return to Shaolin. The two had continuously been observing him and Wenren Heng, feeling as if their relationship didn’t appear to be too bad, and so they did their utmost to blink meaningfully at him. Ye You lifted his brows slightly and took them to the side, asking, “What is it?”

Elder Miao said, “Sect Master, Wenren Heng said you were disciple-brothers.”

Elder Hei added, “He had even unfathomably used a, ‘first of all,’ as if there were even more things to talk about.”

Ye You said, “He really is my Senior Brother.”

“…” Elder Miao thought that luckily he hadn’t beaten the guy up and asked, “Then what was Sect Master doing just now, pretending not to be familiar with him?”

Elder Hei said, “And you even called him Sect Master Wenren, saying that ‘it’s been a long time’. Didn’t you two just separate from one another this morning? Do you not want to recognize him? We can help you make him leave?”

Ye You naturally couldn’t tell them that he saw that his Senior Brother had liked his current appearance and so had wanted to tease the other a bit, so he said only, “I have my own reasons.”

The two showed that they didn’t understand.

Ye You intimately and benevolently looked at them. “Go back and spend some more time thinking it over. Perhaps you’ll be able to acquire a daughter-in-law early.”

The two, “…”

What does this have to do with a daughter-in-law?

Wait, that’s not right!

Elder Hei asked, probing, “Sect Master, since Sect Master Wenren first used a, ‘first of all,’ was there really something more after that?”

Ye You said, “There was.”

The two waited with bated breath for his next words.

Ye You cheerfully said, “Second, he’s your Sect Master’s wife.”

The two, “…”

“That’s enough, you two should return to Shaolin.” After Ye You said these words, he instructed them on what to say when they returned before then going to find his Senior Brother.

Those two Elders’ eyes were empty, their expressions sluggish. They followed him back, with no strength in their footsteps, and silently gave Wenren Heng a look, before slithering right past the other, immediately hitting a tree with a thud right afterwards.

Wenren Heng, “…”

The scarred man, “…”

The two found a way around the tree extremely slowly and continued walking, all the while turning back to look at Wenren Heng every few steps. In the end, this was the disheveled way with which they left.

Wenren Heng said, “What exactly did you say to them?”

Ye You laughed and returned with a question, “What does Sect Master Wenren think this lord would’ve said?”

“How could I know.” Wenren Heng didn’t put the matter to heart and walked shoulder-to-shoulder with the other out of the forest. Midway, there were still many of the Demonic Sect sparing no effort to dig the pit, and so he thoughtlessly asked why the Demonic Sect’s people simply killed the person upon hearing that “Ghost Gentleman was now an Elder” and if it was a secret signal.

Ye You said, “Yes, it’s a secret signal.”

Wenren Heng said, “Oh?”

Ye You explained, all smiles, “This was an idea that my sect’s Elders thought up. Just saying in front of outsiders that someone was to be an Elder means that person was to die. I think their original intention was to tell me, in an obscure way, about how their usual lives were full of suffering and wanted me to restrain myself a little. I thought this idea was a pretty good one, so I used it.”

Wenren Heng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and asked, “Then what if you really encounter a situation where you want to add a new Elder?”

Ye You said, “That would be a big affair, and the remaining Elders must all be at the scene in order to make the announcement.”

Wenren Heng nodded and, after a moment, thought of another thing. “In the past, how did that Gold Sect came to be?”

Ye You unconsciously wanted to reply, but when the words reached his mouth, he stopped, and he simply smiled and looked at the other. “It seems that Sect Master Wenren is very interested in my Demonic Sect?”

Wenren Heng honestly said, “Yes.”

Ye You made a guess, “You couldn’t have sent people to watch our Demonic Sect’s movements before, right?”

The scarred man’s cold sweat once again dripped down in waves.

Wenren Heng’s tone didn’t change at all, and he once again gave the other a simple, “Yes.” Seeing the other’s smile deepen, he asked, “In the past, Sect Master Ye didn’t send people to watch Shuangji Sect?”

“Naturally, this matter…” Ye You smiled and drew his words out, waiting for when his Senior Brother couldn’t help but look at him before shamelessly saying, “Never happened.”

Wenren Heng felt that this disaster really needed to be tidied up.


At this time, Shaolin Temple was still brightly lit.

Other than the drugged people and the arrogant and despotic man who left people itching to take off their shoes and give him a sound thrashing known as Xie Junming, who had returned to his room to sleep, none of the remaining people had any intentions of sleeping. But Xie Junming not being around was a good thing; after all, what was out of sight was out of mind.

Wenren Heng and the Demonic Sect Elders hadn’t left for long when Manor Lord Wei, Pavilion Master Ding, and the people from Shaolin and Wudang who had left to provide support all returned. They had searched many places, but with the high level of Ghost Gentleman’s lightness skill, along with the fact that it was nighttime, they all ended up not seeing even the slightest bit of that person’s shadow.

Manor Lord Wei looked around the circle. “Where’s Xiao-Heng and the others?”

Abbot Ciyuan said, “Benefactor Wenren went to look for Benefactor Xiao.”

Manor Lord Wei said, “Then let’s wait for them.”

Abbot Ciyuan’s party wanted to know the entire sequence of events and so had already decided to do so, but before this, there was still another matter that they needed to take care of. Because, of the three assassins caught tonight who had been sent to assassinate Lady Tao, one of them was the Alliance Leader’s man, while the other two were strangers.

Pavilion Master Ding furrowed his brows. “You’re sure?”

Academy Master Ge said, “Yes.”

Although the Alliance Leader had left the mountain, he had left a portion of his people at Shaolin Temple. While they themselves didn’t have any recollection of that assassin, there was someone who recognized him and had said so right at the scene.

The group walked and talked, entering the study that was used to discuss official business.

Manor Lord Wei’s usual amiable expression had been replaced by a grave one, and he asked, “What does everyone think about this matter?”

What to think? everyone thought, this matter was much too simple.

Sir Zhong had been kidnapped just that night, and the Alliance Leader left merely a day later. Following that, the white piece’s people surrounded Shaolin, and the assassin sent to assassinate Lady Tao was even the Alliance Leader’s subordinate. Everything was extremely clear-cut.

But precisely because it was too simple, it led people to feel as if they dared not believe it.

Academy Master Ge said, “It also isn’t definite that it’s the Alliance Leader, right? That day when he heard that his son was kidnapped, his expression didn’t look faked.”

“Could it be that the white piece found the Alliance Leader?” Sect Leader Xuanyang said, “The white piece kidnapped the Alliance Leader’s son and threatened him to leave this place and then used his people to kill Lady Tao so as to shift the blame to him.”

The moment these words were said, some sect leaders immediately raised their voices in agreement, feeling as if this was very possible.

But there was still another group of people who were concerned about Xie Junming’s words. Although this rascal Xie Junming was constantly inviting people’s hatred, his brain was still quite good. Perhaps the Alliance Leader really was the white piece and had been cornered by the black piece so that he had no other option except to escape. In particular, regarding reason why the Alliance Leader did these things — although he was the Alliance Leader, in the most truthful terms, he was only there as a mediator, without much power and influence, and so if he felt dissatisfied, it wasn’t impossible that he’d secretly conspire to do these things.

Sect Leader Xuanyang said, “Let’s wait until Sir Xiao returns and ask him.”

Abbot Ciyuan said an, “Amitabha,” and lowered his eyes to count his prayer beads, evidently agreeing with those words.

They were the two who hoped the most that the Alliance Leader didn’t have any problems because, after all, they were the ones who had chosen him. And, at Bodhi Prison, they had already made a grave mistake, so if there was another issue this time, then even they would become suspected.

The group waited for a while, but while they weren’t able to wait until Sir Xiao’s return, they were able to wait until Lady Tao’s, and so they went out to welcome her.

When the adventurers heard the news, their hearts thumped, and they looked over in the direction of the sound, preparing to watch the irritating Sect Master Ye enter the gates. And then, as they stared, they actually saw that the one who was standing beside Lady Tao was Qin Yuemian, and they were all immediately astonished.

Abbot Ciyuan’s party had also just arrived and, upon seeing this, asked, “Sir Xiao isn’t together with you two?”

“He was,” Qin Yuemian said, “But he was worried about those Junior Sect Masters’ safety and so returned to the small county town. He said that since he had brought those people out, he had to bring them back healthy and safe.”

Those nearby were deeply moved, internally thinking that Sir Xiao was truly kindhearted and heroic, and especially with him being that smart, he’d definitely become an important person; if he hadn’t been around tonight, then they’d have had a bloodbath on their hands!

Qin Yuemian saw the crowd’s reaction, and he couldn’t help but think in his heart that a certain person sure was shameless, obviously wanting to stay outside to wait for Wenren Heng but then purposely finding a grandiose excuse to do so.

Academy Master Ge asked, “Wasn’t it said that Sect Master Ye also came?”

Lady Tao said, “Yes, we met him while we were chasing that flute player. At the time, we had already lost the person’s trail, so he went ahead instead.”

Qin Yuemian added, “I followed for a stretch, but then I heard him say that Ghost Gentleman was among them and that I should return. I saw that he seemed quite interested in Ghost Gentleman, so I don’t know if he’d still come back to Shaolin.”

The adventurers’ spirits shook.

It was the first time that they thought that Ghost Gentleman was so pleasing to the eye, thinking that it’d be good if he could lure Sect Master Ye all the way to the ends of the earth!

Abbot Ciyuan and the others couldn’t meet Sir Xiao and so simply invited these two people into the study and asked them exactly what had happened.

Qin Yuemian hastily waved his hand. “I don’t know about this thing at all. Ah-Heng only told me that I need to go down the mountain with Lady Tao, and to look after her for a bit. It was only later that I heard from Lady Tao that the white piece might surround the mountain tonight.”

One after another, everyone looked at Lady Tao.

Lady Tao said, “I also only knew that the white piece would surround the mountain. They didn’t tell me the rest.”

Everyone then fell silent.

Those they were waiting for didn’t return, and the assassins refused to say anything useful, so after discussing for a moment, the only thing they could do was return to their respective rooms.

Manor Lord Wei returned to his small courtyard, and right as he pushed open the door, he became dumbfounded. He saw Wei Jiangyue currently sitting in his room, back tense and ramrod straight, appearing to have waited for a long while. He had originally thought that this person had gone down the mountain with Wenren Heng.

He closed the door and walked over. “Coming to admit your wrongs?”

Wei Jiangyue was silent for a moment before saying, “I have something to ask. Let the people of ‘Heaven’s Firmament’ move further away to guard the surroundings and don’t let anyone approach.”

Manor Lord Wei said, “What do you want to ask?”

Wei Jiangyue didn’t reply.

Manor Lord Wei gave him a look before going out and giving the order to his subordinates. Upon his return, he said, “Talk then.”

This time, Wei Jiangyue was silent for even longer. It was only when Manor Lord Wei was once again about to speak that he lifted his head to meet the other’s gaze, asking, one word at a time, “Father, are you[1] the white piece?”

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[1] Polite ‘you’ here.

Ye You really needs to put the scarred man out of his misery, haha. I feel like everyone is going to know that Ye You and Wenren Heng are getting it on before he does.

And, man, Wei Jiangyue sure feels young here, just straight up asking his dad if he’s an evil murderer. Well, you do you, kid.

4 thoughts on “Record of the Missing Sect Master ch065

  1. I think husband would be the better title for Wenreng Heng – even though ‘wife’ scared the elders enough already. Hope they found back to Shaolin without any grave accidents (or rather, without running into any more trees).

    And these two just keep flirting. I agree with you: the scarred man should be out out of his misery – everyone will know before he knows. He’s just unable to see the wood for the trees ~

    Lady Tao and Qin Yuemian working together to layer on more secrets. It’s hilarious, how they think of ‘Sir Xiao’ of a benefolent (is this written correctly?) person, while ‘Sect master Ye’ is a nightmare for them. Can’t wait to see their reaction if they ever find out, that they’re the same person. That scene will be pure comedy gold.

    And Wei Jiangyue … child – are you sure about this? Asking a probably murderer who even schemed against his own ‘allies’ and friends if he is a murderer? Straight to his face? Do you not want to live anymore? Or do you want to complicate the situation even more? Do you want to help him, if he says yes? Naive, boy, naive!

    Thank you for the chapters, stay healthy and safe and I wish you a nice day!


    1. I really agree with all the three thoughts you said here. Hengheng is really a husband, demonic sect elders are poor frightened souls and wei wei is a naive kid ✌


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