Record of the Missing Sect Master ch068

In which Miracle Doctor Ji is exasperated by Ye You’s acting.

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Ye You had woken up when they arrived at Shaolin.

He had already successfully learned his miraculous martial skill, and not even the slightest sounds of the wind or the movements of the grass could escape his ears, not to mention that so many people had come over to surround him just now — if he hadn’t felt so at peace while leaning on his Senior Brother on the way back, then he wouldn’t have ever been able to sleep at all.

But although he had woken up, he didn’t move.

Having always indulged him, Wenren Heng ended up carrying this person all the way back to the small courtyard and lightly placing him on the bed.

Ye You still kept his eyes closed and lazily found a comfortable position to lie in.

Wenren Heng said, “Going back to sleep for a while?”

Ye You said, “No need, I’m not tired.”

Wenren Heng didn’t ask him why he didn’t get up and instead went to pour a cup of tea and grab a book, accompanying him while reading. Ye You heard the sounds of pages turning, and only then was he willing to open his eyes. He leaned his head against his hands and quietly looked.

Wenren Heng said, “What?”

Ye You smiled and said, “When I was missing my memories, I did say one thing that was true.”

Wenren Heng gave him a look. “Only one?”

Ye You earnestly said, “Only this one came from the bottom of my heart.”

Wenren Heng could guess what he most likely wanted to say so waited, calm and unruffled, for him to speak.

Ye You said, “Senior Brother, you truly do look quite pleasing to the eye.”

Wenren Heng’s voice was very tender. “So that’s why I’m to be your wife?”

Ye You laughed and said, unafraid of death, “Yes, wait until I pick an auspicious day on the calendar[1]…”

He had gotten only halfway through these words when Wenren Heng put down the book and walked over.

Ye You promptly shut up and made to hide further into the bed, beaming as he stretched out his index finger to place it next to his mouth. Wenren Heng laughed good-naturedly and held his hand for a moment before returning to sit on the round stool.

The next moment, he heard the echoing of noisy footsteps coming from outside the courtyard, with even some low mutterings mixed in — Miracle Doctor Ji had been urged by the adventurers to come give the “extremely gravely ill, about to collapse at any moment” Sir Xiao an examination.

Ever since last night, the adventurers were now aware of the importance of Sir Xiao, and so upon seeing his body that weak, they became worried to no end. Thus, when they scrupulously brought up finding Miracle Doctor Ji, they immediately garnered everyone’s agreement.

Since they had good intentions, Wenren Heng thereby didn’t refuse and invited Miracle Doctor Ji inside.

The adventurers didn’t want to disturb Sir Xiao, so they retreated from the small courtyard to wait outside.

Conversely, since Shaolin’s people still had to guard Miracle Doctor Ji, they thus conscientiously followed, also entering the room.

Miracle Doctor Ji gave the patient on the bed a look and went over to take his pulse, finding it strong and robust, to the point that the doctor felt his own head throb. If this kind of person was considered to be so sick that he could go at any time, then those people outside would barely count as being alive.

Ye You was coincidentally “slowly awakening” and said weakly, “Miracle Doctor Ji, you’ve come?”

Miracle Doctor Ji said a mild, “Yes,” before asking, “Where do you feel unwell this time?”

Ye You said, “My chest hurts.”

Miracle Doctor Ji was somewhat exasperated with him and said, “I can’t cure this illness of yours.”

Ye You lightly coughed a few times. “Yes, my health, I… cough, I myself understand…”

Wenren Heng walked quickly over to support him, patting his back to allow him to breathe easier, all the while sporting a completely solemn face.

Miracle Doctor Ji silently stared at them.

Ye You “caught his breath” and said, “Right now, I just want to catch the white piece early and get some justice for Jianghu. That’s right, how are those drugged men?”

Miracle Doctor Ji said, “Still sleeping.”

Ye You said, “I heard that last night the Demonic Sect Elders also came, and since he had the means to topple the drugged men, perhaps he’ll be able to provide some help.”

Miracle Doctor Ji declined to comment, but he did end up taking the other’s words to heart, and with some amount of surprise, he wondered how this person had established a relationship with the Demonic Sect. After telling them that they should continue to follow the prescription he made last time to get new medicine, he left.

When he returned, an entire crowd of people were congregated at his place.

Miracle Doctor Ji pulled apart the human crowd and saw that a white-clothed man was standing at the door.

The outline of this person’s facial features was very rich, and one was able to see that he had some foreign blood, with pretty and delicate features. This was precisely the Demonic Sect’s Elder Miao. It was unknown when exactly he arrived, but he was currently standing at the doorway and talking to the youngest disciple.

The adventurers and the Shaolin disciples were afraid that the foolish Young Miracle Doctor wouldn’t be able to contend against the hidden barbs of the Demonic Sect and thus would incur some kind of cruelty. They therefore had treated this place as akin to enemy territory, standing on the side as guards. Now upon seeing Miracle Doctor Ji’s return, they simultaneously let out a breath of relief.

Miracle Doctor Ji asked, “Does Elder Miao have some business?”

Elder Miao nodded and told the other that he wanted to see the drugged men to see if he was able to cure them.

The implication was that he wanted to stick his hand into these matters.

Those nearby immediately started gossiping. Some thought that a try wouldn’t hurt, while others felt uneasy towards all of the Demonic Sect. If it wasn’t done well, and if it was even done poorly enough, the people might even be turned into puppets who wouldn’t even blink at killing someone; then what could be done.

Of course, what they said didn’t matter, as it all depended on the thoughts of Miracle Doctor Ji and those elders. And although Miracle Doctor Ji had set the rule of “not treating those of the demonic faction”, it also wasn’t like he would stand in cold opposition every time he met someone of the demonic faction outside; the most he’d do was pretend he didn’t see them. But no one knew if he’d actually agree to work together with a person of the demonic faction.

Miracle Doctor Ji gave him a few looks before taking the lead to enter the courtyard and say, “Come in then.”

Elder Miao thereupon also entered.

At this time, the elders were currently reading the letter that the Demonic Sect’s Sect Master had sent someone to give Lady Tao. And since the Shaolin disciples were responsible only for ensuring those two miracle doctors’ safety and would not question their decisions, they simply followed the two into the small courtyard. While those standing watch nearby originally wanted to inform the others, right when they had just returned to the human pile, they heard that the black piece had sent another letter, and so immediately forgot about this matter.

So it wasn’t until noon that those elders learned of this occurrence.

The catalyst was their discovery that Xie Junming had only an Elder Hei beside him. Since they could see neither hide nor tail of the other Elder, they ended up inquiring about it without much thought.

Xie Junming told them, “Miaomiao went to help Miracle Doctor Ji find a cure for those drugged men.”

Those elders startled. “He went to Miracle Doctor Ji’s place?”

Xie Junming nodded and said some rare words on another’s behalf, “Miaomiao might sometimes be unreliable, but he’s still quite incredible.”

Abbot Ciyuan and the others exchanged some mutual looks, all feeling somewhat strange.

After this many years, the righteous faction and the demonic faction had never worked together on anything, but now not only did they have a Xie Junming but also Miracle Doctor Ji’s side had added an Elder Miao. The Demonic Sect’s people had always been somewhat frivolous, and they didn’t know if having Elder Miao participate would have some unfortunate consequences.

Pavilion Master Ding didn’t like the demonic faction, and his expression was terrible.

The rest of them managed to keep the changes in their expressions subtle, and none of them spoke up.

As Xie Junming ate the delicious meal that his subordinates had gotten for him, he also found the time to look at them. Sneering, he asked, “What? You feel uncomfortable hearing that the Demonic Sect’s people are going to help out? Ah, I’m really mystified. Your own Alliance Leader has problems, yet you still have the audacity to suspect other people.”

The group, “…”

Pavilion Master Ding coldly said, “There’s no definite evidence, so we still can’t judge if he’s really the white piece.”

Xie Junming said, “Did I say that he’s the white piece? I said only that he has problems.”

Right now, there were most likely very few people who didn’t think that the Alliance Leader was the most suspicious, so Pavilion Master Ding was disinclined to argue with him over this thing, simply shooting him a glance before turning away.

Xie Junming continued with, “Also, allow me to give a kind reminder. Yesterday night, if it wasn’t for Miaomiao’s handiwork, then you wouldn’t have been able to keep this many drugged men behind. All of you of the righteous faction don’t even know how to be grateful, not even saying a single word of thanks. It’s been really eye-opening.”

The group, “…”

“I heard that Elder Miao went down the mountain yesterday to search for Sect Master Ye. I think that the elders had wanted to give their thanks but they simply didn’t have the time to.”

A warm voice floated in from the outside of the hall, neither fast nor slow, like the blowing of the springtime breeze, leaving those elders who had heard it feeling extremely at ease. Academy Master Ge, Abbot Ciyuan, and the others felt their spirits shake at once, and they internally thought that Sir Xiao has finally come.

Xie Junming turned his head to look at the door, watching as a certain shameless someone walked inside.

Academy Master Ge took the lead to stand. “How’s your health?”

Ye You said, “Much better now that I’ve slept.”

As was his habit, Academy Master Ge also wanted to examine the other, but this person had a head full of bandages, making it entirely impossible to see the face underneath, so in the end, the only thing he could do was tell this person to rest more as he watched the other slowly sit down at a seat nearby.

Elder Hei was finally able to eat under the same roof as the Sect Master once again and was incredibly overjoyed, but this joy vanished like smoke the instant he saw Wenren Heng alongside. He really wanted to run down the mountain and tell his colleagues that the Sect Master wanted to marry Wenren Heng. How terribly frightening!

Wenren Heng felt his gaze and signaled for him to move his line of sight.

Elder Hei turned his eyes away in profound grief and continued eating while listening to the Sect Master say, “I already heard about the matter with the Alliance Leader.”

Academy Master Ge said, “What do you think about it?”

Wei Jiangyue raised his head and stared, unblinking, at Sir Xiao and Wenren Heng.

After receiving the letter, he actually felt somewhat relieved because this meant that the suspicions on his father had been washed clean, so he urgently wanted to hear these two people’s thoughts.

Ye You said, “If the evidence is real, then the suspicions on the Alliance Leader truly is very great, but…”

The group’s hearts slightly rose.

Wei Jiangyue actually directly held his breath.

Ye You said, “I’m thinking that if the Alliance Leader is the white piece, and he decided to leave Shaolin, he could’ve actually chosen an excuse at random and left during the time when he and Pavilion Master Ding went to Xiangxing City. Why did he have to return at all, and then be forced to think of a way to slip away under these many people’s eyes?”

Xie Junming said, “Maybe it’s that, when he got back, he discovered that you kidnapped Mr. Xiao and was afraid that the other would confess.”

Ye You said, “But this contradicts the matter of his son’s kidnapping. If he had also planned his son’s kidnapping, then that would mean that he must’ve long already decided to leave.”

Xie Junming said, “If the matter with his son wasn’t something that he arranged, then who could it be? The black piece?”

Ye You gave the other a word of praise in his heart and said, “But if it was the black piece, then the Alliance Leader should’ve stayed behind to wait for the black piece to get in contact so as to discuss terms. And it couldn’t be the black piece that let him leave. Temple Master Xie, if you were the black piece, what would you do after capturing the Alliance Leader’s son?”

Xie Junming said, “I’d definitely make him take the initiative to confess all his wrongdoings to all the heroes in the land, or else I’d cut something off from his son’s body and gift it to him.”

Ye You said, “Yes, so I think it’s not very possible that Sir Zhong’s matter was something done by the black piece.”

These two people’s question-and-answer session went by very quickly, and there was scarcely even a pause in the middle of it.

Everyone’s thoughts quickly turned as they followed the two’s conversation, and when they heard these words, they paused slightly. Immediately following, there was a Sect Master who asked, “Then if it wasn’t the black piece, who could it be? The white piece? If it’s really the white piece, then what’s going on with the Alliance Leader?”

Ye You said, “About that Mr. Xiao, I don’t know if all of you noticed or not, but that day, when I guessed that Fuping had purposely went into hiding in order to make him a throwaway piece, his expression somewhat changed, but his first reaction wasn’t to look at the Alliance Leader. Under normal circumstances, when someone suddenly realizes that he’s about to be abandoned by his master, he’d definitely give his master a look.”

Academy Master Ge asked, “What do you mean?”

Xie Junming said, “I think he means that Fuping’s master and Mr. Xiao’s master are probably not the same person.”

The moment these words were spoken, everyone startled.

And Wei Jiangyue’s heart, not knowing why, suddenly sank.

Ye You said, “Yes, there’s this kind of possibility.”

Academy Master Ge was speechless. “Is this… possible?”

“There’s a really simple method to determine whether it is or not.” Ye You looked at him. “Although the Alliance Leader’s whereabouts are unknown, his family residence wouldn’t have simply disappeared into thin air. Let’s go and search his study and look at the letters he’s received, then we’ll know everything.”

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[1] Ye You’s specifically referring to picking out a day from the 黃曆 (lit. yellow calendar) which is a fengshui calendar that’s still used nowadays to select auspicious days to hold big events, most often weddings. There’s a wiki page on it.

Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC is out, so updates will be slower since I really want to play it LOL. I will never finish DR V3 at this rate akshrweljrw.

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  1. ‘..his hand into in these matters’. One word too many? ‘What they said didn’t matter’. Either ‘ they’ve said’ or ‘they say’. …’a simply method’ should be ‘simple’? Thank you so much for your dedication to translating this wonderful novel.


    1. Thanks for the corrections, fixed! …Though I didn’t really see anything wrong grammatically with “What they said didn’t matter”, so I didn’t change that.


  2. Wow, the turning of events are great.
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  3. So Elder Miao who always wants to release bloody insects has pretty and delicate features ;D For some reason I find that funny xD

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