Record of the Missing Sect Master ch074

In which Ye You sets the trap.

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Ye You’s talk of a honey trap was referring to the usual meaning of a honey trap, and he had also wanted to use it immediately. The only issue was that he had some hesitations about choosing the location and so had needed to ponder over it some more.

This time, other than taking care of those people of the white piece, he had come to find Miracle Doctor Ji mainly to ask more things regarding the other’s oldest disciple. Now that he had finished asking, he left with his Senior Brother.

Wenren Heng saw him sitting in the carriage in deep contemplation, not speaking a word, and asked, “Thinking about how to set a honey trap?”

Ye You laughed. “Am I hearing things? Why do these words sound kind of sour to me?”

Wenren Heng ignored his teasing and continued asking, “Where do you want to set it?”

Ye You considered for a moment before saying, “Senior Brother, do you think that he’ll come to see his master?”

Wenren Heng fell silent for a time.

The human heart was the hardest to predict.

If they had a general understanding of that person’s character, then perhaps they’d be able to make a somewhat accurate judgment, but they had never even seen the other party. The only information they had was from Miracle Doctor Ji’s scant few words, and even that was Miracle Doctor Ji’s recollections from over twenty years ago; who knew whether that person’s disposition had changed.

He said, thinking it over, “Seeing how Miracle Doctor Ji was acting, I think he’s probably already somewhat aware of what the white piece has done over these years, but he’s never suffered any harm probably because of the influence of his oldest disciple.”

Ye You made a sound in agreement and, following that train of thought, said, “And now those drugged men whom that miracle doctor has spent many years researching has ended up in the hands of his master, and there’s also an extremely talented youngest disciple as well as a Demonic Sect Elder who could, in a short period of time, topple those drugged men. The possibility that he’ll definitely personally come to oversee things is extremely likely. I just don’t know if he’ll enter Shaolin. Senior Brother, where do you wish me to be?”

Wenren Heng said, “Shaolin.”

Ye You said, “Other than the fact that it’ll be dangerous in the small county town, do you have any other reasons?”

Wenren Heng returned with a question, “That still isn’t reason enough?”

Ye You laughed and was about to speak further when he saw the other take out the concealed weapon that had been taken from Adventurer Zhang. He then thought of the possibility of using this item to lure those accomplices over to Shaolin so as to get rid of them but quickly gave up on the idea. For one, with the white piece ruthlessly desiring to obtain Shaolin this time, he wasn’t clear on what kind of people would come. For two, the majority of the righteous faction members had left, and those who currently remained at Shaolin weren’t guaranteed to listen to his directions; if he did that, he’d be taking too many risks.

Wenren Heng had also wanted to use this item as bait just now, but when he thought that there wasn’t sufficient enough guarantee, he dismissed the idea and said, “Endure for a few days. When they’re late in receiving the information, they might enter Shaolin to investigate. First try it. If it doesn’t work, then go down to the small county town.”

Ye You soothed their relationship and nodded. “Then let’s first start with Shaolin.”

Wenren Heng reminded, “Don’t forget Miracle Doctor Ji’s words.”

Ye You said, “I know.”

He was true to his words. When they returned to headquarters, he sent someone out to prepare a new carriage, specifically a clearly expensive one, while he himself changed into some magnificent clothing and put on on a top quality jade pendant. Afterwards, he picked and chose from his shadow guards for a while before ordering them to put on some servants’ clothing and tidy up the luggage. Then, he was ready to set out.

Elder Hei saw that he wore neither his mask nor a disguise and was immediately startled. “Sect Master, where are you going?”

Ye You said, “To seduce someone.”

Elder Hei said, “…What?”

Ye You didn’t explain further, simply patting him on the shoulder, indicating that he take good care of the Madam, before leaving without turning back.

Elder Hei’s entire body felt unwell, and he saw that, at some unknown point in time, the Madam had come out and was currently standing at the doorway, looking in the direction where the Sect Master had just left. His train of thought veered in a strange direction and somehow ended up in the same place as Xie Junming’s. He asked, “The Sect Master wants to find a concubine?”

Wenren Heng gave him a look, remaining silent and not speaking a word.

Elder Hei felt as if the Madam’s silhouette appeared somewhat desolate, and he couldn’t help but add some words of comfort, “These matters, the Madam should understand…”

He was originally going to say “should understand that all men are like this”, but then he immediately remembered that this was their truly incredible Sect Master and thereupon hastily changed his words, “Our Sect Master isn’t an inconstant person. The Madam and the Sect Master have had such a great relationship as fellow disciples for so many years that, no matter what happens, the Sect Master’s heart will definitely remain yours.”

Wenren Heng smiled in a way that was nothing like a smile and didn’t take notice of any of that, instead saying, “Don’t forget to continue guarding Shaolin at night.”

Elder Hei made a sound in agreement. And after a while, he truly couldn’t endure it and asked, “Where exactly did the Sect Master go?”

Wenren Heng said, “Shaolin.”

Elder Hei was caught off guard. “What? The one he’s interested in is a monk?”

No wonder he had to set out so ostentatiously, so it turned out the other party was a monk! But the other party’s a monk, how was this reasonable!

Wenren Heng, “…”

Elder Hei said, “Can he succeed?”

Wenren Heng let out a soft sigh. “Over these years, it’s also been quite hard on your Sect Master.”

“Says who, it’s been us who’s had it quite hard…” As Elder Hei spoke, he passed his initial shock and, thinking it over, hesitantly said, “Ah, that’s not right, Madam. At this critical juncture, would the Sect Master really have the mind to seduce someone?”

Wenren Heng was somewhat gratified but that form of address slightly marred his satisfaction.

Elder Hei asked, “Is the Sect Master thinking of doing something?”

Wenren Heng looked at the color of the sky, and while they still had time, he took the person into the room and said, “We suspect that the white piece’s miracle doctor is Miracle Doctor Ji’s oldest disciple.”

Elder Hei was very shocked. “Didn’t his oldest disciple die?”

“It’s likely he faked his death,” Wenren Heng said, “Miracle Doctor Ji said that he originally had some kind of superiority complex and that he had always wanted to try using drugs to control people. For this reason, Miracle Doctor Ji had also scolded him before. He most likely didn’t want to break with Miracle Doctor Ji completely and so he faked his death. In the past, he had liked a person, and that person was your Sect Master’s maternal uncle. Unfortunately, the other party died of illness.”

Elder Hei sucked in a breath. “Then the Sect Master…”

Wenren Heng said, “According to what Miracle Doctor Ji said, Ah-You looks a lot like his uncle.”

Elder Hei finally understood the truth behind the honey trap and asked, uneasily, “Is that oldest disciple strong? Nothing will happen to the Sect Master, right?”

Wenren Heng said, “It’s unclear.”

After all, it had already been over twenty years, and even Miracle Doctor Ji had no way of confirming how much space the dead still held in his oldest disciple’s heart, and there was even less knowing whether his disciple would be disgusted or curious or wild with joy upon seeing someone that looked a lot like an old memory.

But that still wasn’t the most important thing to be worried about. The most important thing was that that oldest disciple was an expert at making drugs and most likely kept many live-saving items on his person. And Miracle Doctor Ji also said that the position of his heart was incorrect, having grown in strangely, and that, since he had also gone through a qi deviation before, even his acupoints had deviated, so there was definitely no way to seal his acupoints. Although Ah-You’s martial skill was high, if he was unable to control even one move from the other party, then he might be immediately detected, and at that time, there was also no telling what would happen.

This was also the reason why he let Ah-You choose Shaolin.

Originally, of the places they had considered, other than Shaolin, there was also the small county town. If it was the small county town, the news of the sudden appearance of a beauty would travel even faster to the other party’s ears, but in the small county town, innocent fishes were also mixed in with the vicious dragons and so it would be even easier to drug someone. The danger was too high, so in comparison, Shaolin was still more dependable.

He said, “For the next few days, send people in disguise to Shaolin to light some incense and keep watch on the movements inside.”

Elder Hei hastily said an ‘understood’ and went out to prepare.


Ye You had used an ordinary speed to travel, and when the carriage entered Shaolin, shaking and swaying, it was already late evening.

The autumn sunset warmed up half the sky, and all of Shaolin was immersed in its halo.

He stepped off the carriage and raised his head to take the measure of the building in front of him. He slowly walked through the doors before then piously entering the main hall to light a stick of incense. Upon seeing the attending monk on the side, he amiably said that he wanted to have a discussion with the Abbot.

The attending monk put his palms together and told him that the Abbot had left the mountain on business.

Ye You asked, “Then right now who’s in charge of Shaolin?”

The attending monk asked, “What kind of business does Benefactor have?”

Ye You said, “My younger brother’s health has been especially bad for the past month. Thus, I’ve come to recite some scripture and pray for blessings for the next seven days, so I want to stay here. Would this be convenient?”

The attending monk had some hesitations.

Their Shaolin did have residences specifically set aside for pilgrims to live, but Miracle Doctor Ji was currently at the temple and the Abbot had also instructed, before he left, to be more cautious in this respect, or else they might be infiltrated by someone.

Ye You asked, “What, is it too inconvenient?”

The attending monk didn’t dare to make the decision alone and so asked him to wait for a moment before going to find his Martial Uncle.

In a short while, a Master entered through the door; it was Abbot Ciyuan’s Junior Brother, Master Cihui.

Ye You had spent several days specially observing the people of Shaolin and so naturally recognized this Master, and along with the fact that he’d also investigated the people of Shaolin and Wudang beforehand, he thought that this person would probably be reliable, so he didn’t try to hide himself and politely greeted the other.

Master Cihui startled upon recognizing this person’s voice.

Ye You said, “Master, I want to stay here. I don’t know if there are still rooms available?”

Master Cihui regained his senses and inquired after his circumstances only to hear him say, as if deeply worried and sick at heart, about how miserable his younger brother was, how this younger brother almost couldn’t make it, and the Master’s always steady expression nearly couldn’t be maintained. The person faintly rolled his eyes and couldn’t endure listening further, saying an, “Amitabha,” before agreeing and then personally bringing the other to the guest room. On the way, Master Cihui took the opportunity to ask, “Benefactor Xiao, this is…”

Ye You said, “Master, this one is surnamed Ye.”

Master Cihui said, “Benefactor Ye.”

Ye You made a sound in agreement and said, “I suspect that the white piece will surround Shaolin once more.”

Master Cihui’s expression changed. “What?”

“Shhh—-” Ye You interrupted him. “Master, keep calm, no need to get flustered. It’s only a suspicion. Besides, haven’t I returned?”

Master Cihui practically didn’t know what to reply and asked, “Does the Abbot and the others know?”

Ye You said, “They don’t. The white piece wants to burn the Alliance Leader’s house and, midway, even sent people to assassinate me, so I faked my death. Right now, the Abbot and the others are all hurrying to stop the white piece from burning that house.”

“…” Master Cihui slowly digested this news.

Ye You said, “In short, for the next few days, I’ll stay here at Shaolin first, and if there’s nothing wrong, then I’ll go find them.”


The sky quickly turned dark.

Elder Hei obediently brought people to guard outside. Upon hearing his subordinate say that he had once again found people’s shadows within the forest, he told them to keep an eye on them just like last night.

Those people were completely unaware that Adventurer Zhang had already been taken care of, and that the concealed weapon used to send out signals had also been confiscated. They waited for a long while and once again retreated without any success. Having received the news, Elder Hei also left.

In this way, a day passed, and the next night, that troop of people waited again, before once again helplessly withdrawing.

Elder Hei returned to report and asked the Madam how many times they’d try.

Wenren Heng said, “I don’t think that they have that much patience. Send people to light some incense again tomorrow.”

Elder Hei nodded and returned to his room to sleep.

Over these two days, Ye You had truly been reciting scripture, and he was especially devout. He had also even discussed the matter of his pitiful and out-of-luck younger brother with Master Cihui, even pulling out an entire birth date for Master Cihui to divine with[1].

Master Cihui was helpless. “Benefactor Ye, this monk is not an expert at divination.”

Ye You said, “No matter, there’s no harm in trying.”

Thus, Master Cihui could only use his scant knowledge to divine for a bit and, in the end, found it surprisingly easy, saying, “This benefactor has a life gifted with riches and honor, with no worries in regard to food and clothing.”

Ye You said, smiling, “The Master is deserving of the title of Master. Your divining is quite accurate.”

Master Cihui was unclear whose birth date this was, but he knew that it was definitely not Wenren Heng’s because this person’s age was younger than Wenren Heng’s. Could it actually be Benefactor Xiao’s younger brother? But wasn’t he Elder Yu’s disciple? Hadn’t he been missing for ten years? Wasn’t it even said that he’d lost his memories? Where exactly did this younger brother come from?”

Ye You pretended that he didn’t see the questions in the other’s eyes and continued chatting with the other for a bit longer before then going to walk around Shaolin. He even specifically picked places where there were more fellow pilgrims.

His looks were able to shake one’s heart to the core, and the shock he gave was similarly powerful, so everyone immediately started upon seeing him. Following that, there were people who approached to start a conversation, and Ye You held his temper to deal with them. Not perceiving anything wrong, he internally thought that that oldest disciple’s truly good at remaining composed, before then walking away disappointed.

Just as he turned around, a sound echoed from behind him.

“Xiao-Fang, don’t run around everywhere, stop right there!”

Upon hearing chaotic footsteps sounding from behind him, Ye You turned his head to look, seeing a fifteen or sixteen-year-old little girl currently running forwards, absolutely seething, and right about to pass him. At this moment, she met his face and, caught off guard, couldn’t help but let out a cry, stopping in her tracks.

The person behind her had also coincidentally caught up and also stopped upon seeing him.

Ye You thought that it was an ordinary father and daughter having an argument and was about to leave when he heard an extremely soft murmur, “Ah-Cheng…”

His heart turned cold, but as if nothing had ever happened, he continued walking. He then heard the person behind him running over and, following that, felt his hand being grabbed, as he’s suddenly pulled into turning around.

That father closely stared at him, expression clearly in disbelief, seeping with pain, as if about to break into tears. “Ah-Cheng?”

Ye You internally thought that the person has finally arrived, but before he could even open his mouth, he keenly discovered that the anguish in this person’s eyes had quickly dissipated and a boiling heat and thread of danger had replaced it. In his heart, he was immediately somewhat astonished.

It looked like this face of his was even more useful than he had imagined.

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[1] 生辰八字…算 Basically, astrology. By “birth date”, it also includes the day and hour one is born.

Fufufu, so who do all of you think is the owner of the birth date that Ye You gave? Remember Ye You’s skill at telling half-truths! Also, for the record, I’m pretty sure all the major actors have either already appeared or have been named. I don’t think we’ll be introduced to anyone new from now on (or from next chapter onwards).

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    1. Started is also a word! — From the Cambridge dictionary: to move your body suddenly because something has surprised or frightened you. [He started at the sound of the phone.]


  1. This was a very interesting chapter – we have the usual shenanigans of the elders and our dearest couple, as well as another plan to implement. It will be interesting to see, what they’ll do with the troop of people – will they lure them out or follow them?

    I am quite sure, that this is his own birthdate.
    Additionally: The reaction of the ‘father’ towards Ye You was quite interesting. He is the oldest disciple for sure. The question is: how will this situation develop?

    Thank you for the chapter and have a nice day!


  2. this eldest disciple /shudder
    he gives me the creeps.

    also, I’ve been thinking this a while now, if you half-ass your translations, then there’s a lot of translations out there sleeping through it all (including many official translations). your work, and tl notes, are greatly appreciated.


    1. Haha, the half-assed is more referring to how I suck at consistency, and I waffle between localizing and just translating things literally.

      Also, while I strive to make my translations as easily readable as possible, I didn’t want to conflate readability with accuracy. Just because my translations *sound* good doesn’t mean they’re necessarily correct. (As is evident by the numerous times I’ve had to go, “Oops, sorry, I mistranslated this!” in the notes, especially early on, haha.) So that “half-assed” is also kind of a warning, since right now I’m privileging quantity over quality, and there’s just bound to be some things I inadvertently misread and mistranslate.

      But thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying my translations. As always, if you ever spot any issues, feel free to tell me!


      1. the fact that you find and note your mistakes and make changes as needed as you go is part of the fun, imo :)

        anyway, thank you!


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