Record of the Missing Sect Master ch075

In which Ye You’s honey trap works a bit too well.

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Miracle Doctor Ji’s oldest disciple was called Cong Yun.

Ye You could discover only that this person had been picked up by Miracle Doctor Ji, and he didn’t know where this name had come from. The only thing he was certain about was that this person was discriminatory and cold-blooded, not very suited to such a picturesque name as “Cong Yun“[1].

Cong Yun had become famous at a young age, and when he faked his death, he had still been a youth of only sixteen or seventeen. Even after over twenty years, he still had yet to reach the age of forty.

He looked very upright, and perhaps owing to his exquisite medical expertise or perhaps owing to having lived too well these past several years, he didn’t look even a bit old. If he said he was twenty-eight or twenty-nine, people would probably still believe him.

The pink-clothed little girl on the side had been startled for a moment by Cong Yun’s abrupt movement and, afterwards, didn’t run around anymore, obediently walking over to his side to stand. With wide, bright eyes, she curiously looked at them.

At Ye You’s current level, he was able to determine a person’s strength through just their breathing, footsteps, or other minutely subtle things. Now that this little girl had suddenly calmed down and wasn’t deliberately making her footsteps chaotic, she was no longer able to escape Ye You’s eyes even though she walked only a few steps.

This girl’s martial skill isn’t weak, he thought.

He didn’t know whether it had anything to do with the drug, only that when he and his Senior Brother were this age, they didn’t have as much strength as her. As time went on, this girl would definitely become an expert.

He looked at Cong Yun and attempted to free himself, politely saying, “I believe this gentleman has recognized the wrong person. This one is surnamed Ye.”

Cong Yun loosened his hand, though his eyes still stared at the other, unblinking, but he carefully suppressed his burning mood until it wasn’t so clearly forceful. He said, “Young sir looks very much like one of my friends. Apologies for my rudeness.”

Ye You said, smiling, “No harm done. With so many people in this word, it’s not surprising that some would look alike.”

Cong Yun asked, “Young sir also came to light some incense?”

Ye You said, “Yes, my younger brother’s health is not good. For his sake, I came to recite some scripture and pray for blessings.”

“Do you know how exactly he’s unwell?” Seeing the other’s eyes carry a hint of question, Cong Yun explained, “If the young sir does not take offense, then there’s no harm in talking about it. I’m a doctor, so perhaps I can provide some help.”

Ye You sighed. “He was born prematurely. Since he was small, he’s been weak and prone to illness. In the past month, he’s always saying that he’s tired, and there’s also no color on his face. He even faints with the slightest movement. Our family has invited doctors before, and he’s also tried many different kinds of medicine, but there’s never been any improvement.”

Cong Yun said, “If the young sir allows, why don’t I go for an examination?”

Ye You said, “All right, but I’ve already made a vow to Buddha to recite scripture for seven days. Right now, it’s been only two days, so I still need to stay for five more.”

Cong Yun could tell that this “all right” was said without much sincerity, and thinking that the other didn’t trust his skill, he smiled and didn’t speak further. In contrast, the little girl standing on the side wasn’t so polite and said, “My daddy’s medical skill is very incredible. He’s definitely more useful than you reciting scripture.”

Ye You smiled as he teased, “Oh? Just now I saw you stomping around all angry, and now you’re helping to speak up for your dad?”

The little girl suddenly remembered what happened just now and hmph’d out a ‘don’t overstep’, not looking at her dad, wearing a face as if she was still in an argument. She was fairly good-looking, and she looked even cuter with a bit of additional arrogance, leaving people unable to muster even the slightest feeling of annoyance. Those in the surroundings had already been looking over because of Ye You’s presence, and at this moment, they also couldn’t help but look at her.

Ye You also looked at her with a slight smile.

Seeing that this young sir didn’t want to continue the previous subject, Cong Yun didn’t mention his medical expertise again. Rubbing the little girl on the head, he said, “Young sir is mocking us.”

Ye You said, “I wouldn’t.”

Deep down, he understood it all very clearly. They had originally wanted to have this little girl run every which way while Cong Yun chased behind, taking the opportunity to look at Shaolin’s layout. If, by happenstance, she was able to run to Miracle Doctor Ji’s place, then it’d be even better. But this method was a little too simple and rough, so these two people couldn’t be the only ones who were here.

During the time he was considering this, another man came up to them.

This person was just a little over thirty, with deeply outlined facial features. With a taut face, this person seemed to give off a detached coldness as if he was a thousand miles away from everyone else, but when he walked close enough, he let out a faint smile, which instantly let people feel near and dear to his heart. And, what’s more, this was an expert martial artist.

Who could this be?

Ye You wondered in his heart.

The man was also currently looking at him and asked, “And this is?”

“A young sir who we met just now, surnamed Ye.” As Cong Yun spoke, he also introduced this person to Ye You, “This is my friend, surnamed Liu. He’s also a doctor.”

Doctor? Ye You’s heart skipped a beat. Is it Demonic Medicine King?

But according to what Ghost Gentleman said, Demonic Medicine King wasn’t included in that group of monsters. Could it be that Demonic Medicine King had never been sent to the villa and had always been by Cong Yun’s side? Or could he simply be thinking too much, and this was another expert that the white piece had found?

Ye You politely gave a word of greeting and, while looking at the Cong Yun who was well within his reach, moved his fingertips slightly.

The white piece had always relied on Cong Yun, and killing Cong Yun would be equivalent to cutting off one of the white piece’s arms. This was something that he had wanted to do since a long time ago. It didn’t matter even if Demonic Medicine King was standing right there. Killing Cong Yun right under Demonic Medicine King’s eyes was something he should still be able to do. With a strike of a palm, even if Cong Yun didn’t die, he’d still be heavily wounded.

But the problem was, exactly how many people did the white piece send here?

In case the first time didn’t succeed, and Cong Yun was saved by Demonic Medicine King and the others, it’d be even more difficult if he wanted to try a second time.

What’s more, this was Shaolin, and Miracle Doctor Ji and the drugged men were all here. If Cong Yun truly died, then would Demonic Medicine King be angered enough to take his subordinates and launch an immediate counterattack?

He muttered indistinctly to himself for a while, thinking that, regardless, it seemed that it wasn’t worth it to make a move right now. He needed to find a more dependable method to kill this person.

After he finished thinking, he tucked away that bit of killing intent in his heart and smiled, just as friendly as before.

Since Cong Yun had met this person, he had never removed his gaze.

As he looked at this young sir, his mind was full of that person from his memories, and he was completely unaware of this person’s schemes to kill him. He said, “This meeting must have been fate. Why don’t we go together down the mountain to drink?”

Changing the direction of his thoughts, Ye You said mildly, “I can’t. For these seven days, I must abstain from meat and recite scripture.”

Cong Yun said, “We could drink tea.”

Ye You smiled and said, “But I still need to recite scripture. Let’s pick a different day.”

When he finished speaking, he looked at the little girl and told her that this was a place where Buddhists cultivate spirituality, so she should listen to her daddy’s words and not run everywhere. And then he took his leave.

In the instant when he turned around, out of the corners of his eyes, he saw Cong Yun moving an arm slightly. In a flash, he tensed his muscles, bracing himself to intercept it, only to see the man suspected of being Demonic Medicine King grabbing Cong Yun’s wrist. Only then did he feel at ease enough to leave.

From the first glance, Cong Yun’s eyes had held a flash of danger, with the other even willing to toss away the business at Shaolin to invite him off the mountain, and combined with that small movement right as he left… All these various indicators made it clear that his guess was correct: Cong Yun wanted to kidnap him.

If it hadn’t been for that man’s obstruction, Cong Yun might have actually kidnapped him in full view of everyone.

But this madman should’ve already been able to tell that he wasn’t his uncle. He was somewhat curious. What exactly did Cong Yun want to do after kidnapping him?

The Demonic Sect’s shadow guards were right nearby, and upon seeing this, caught up with him, saying in a low voice, “Young Master, that person just now seemed like he wanted to make a move.”

“I know, I saw it,” Ye You said, “I’m going to recite scripture. All of you go walk around nearby, and try your best to find out how many people they have.”

The shadow guards said, “Understood.”

These shadow guards were those that Ye You had picked as servants on his way out, and they all looked very ordinary, counted among the category of people who could be thrown into a pile of people to ask a few questions and be forgotten immediately after a blink. After they saw off their young master, they then became like the common folk, finding a place to rest and chat. Subsequently, there were two people who, as if bored by this state of affairs, went to walk around a bit before returning.

In this period of time, there was a person who had come to find these shadow guards to chat, both explicitly and implicitly trying to probe into the young master’s affairs.

The shadow guards had already prepared their words, and they puffed out their chest, saying arrogantly, “Our young master is from the north, from a great family. Young Master really dotes on the Second Young Master, so with our Second Young Master recently ill, the Young Master decided to come to Shaolin. Let me tell you, these two brothers’ relationship would move even the heavens! You need to know that our Young Master is usually extremely busy! Extremely, extremely busy!”

The person who had come nodded in agreement and asked, “From the north, is it the capital?”

The shadow guards feigned mystery. “There’s no need to worry about this. I can tell you only that it’s a great family, a great family.”

That person was amazed. “Could it be a family of government officials?”

The shadow guards chuckled. “If I say it, it’ll scare you to death.”

That person indicated that he was all ears.

The shadow guards said, “So for your sake, we won’t say it.”

That person, “…”

Those shadow guards laughed, and no matter what the person asked, they didn’t answer. After a few more times, this person realized that they were tight-lipped and could only give up. After chatting a bit more, they then returned to report.


These past few days, Elder Hei had also sent subordinates to light some incense. These subordinates had agreed to pay attention to the Sect Master’s movements and so had honestly told Elder Hei about what had happened.

Elder Hei thereupon went directly to find the Madam.

Wenren Heng said, “Two men, one woman?”

Elder Hei said, “Yes, they and the Sect Master exchanged a few words, and it’s said that when the Sect Master was leaving, one of the men seemed like he wanted to block the Sect Master, but he was stopped by the other one. Afterwards, that person began inquiring about the Sect Master’s matters. Madam, do you think he’s that oldest disciple, or is he simply a regular pilgrim who’s become captivated with the Sect Master?”

Wenren Heng returned with a question, “Is there any difference?”

Elder Hei silently thought for a moment and, after thinking about it, internally thought that’s right, no matter who it is, the other party’s still attracted only to the Sect Master’s face!

He asked, “What do we do now?”

Wenren Heng said, “Wait. If Ah-You has some ideas, he’ll inform us.”

Elder Hei said, “What if he doesn’t have the time to inform us?”

Wenren Heng said, “Then he’ll tell me.”

Elder Hei said, “Wait, no, if he already doesn’t have time, how will he tell us?”

Wenren Heng said, “He’ll tell me after the fact. He wouldn’t walk into danger alone.”

Elder Hei thought of the Sect Master’s disposition and expressed, very doubtfully, “Re… really?”

Really, as long as a certain person still wanted to get out of bed.

Wenren Heng thought in his heart, as he made a sound in acknowledgment and said, “Tonight, I want to eat Tianzhai House’s seasonal delicacy, Yipin Hot Pot[2].

Elder Hei, “…”

Were these two things at all related?!

Wenren Heng raised a brow.

Elder Hei dared to be angry deep down but didn’t dare to actually say it out loud and went out to buy this ridiculous seasonal delicacy of Yipin Hot Pot.


A day passed by quite quickly.

Ye You truly had held his temper and sat in the main hall for an entire day.

The small monk had already observed him for two days and was extremely curious.

This young sir was holding a string of prayer beads, sitting cross-legged on the prayer mat, head lowered slightly, with the scriptures spread out before him, staring so blankly that not even one page had been turned. Rather than saying that he was reciting scripture, it was more accurate to say that he was completely lost in thought. The glimmers of light in front of the Buddha were shining down on his eyelashes, making him appear as if he had sunk deep into another world entirely.

Ye You perceived his gaze and looked towards him, with smiling eyes that seemed to carry some profound contemplation, especially bewitching.

The small monk received a fright and didn’t dare to look again.

Ye You smiled and said, “Does the little master have some business?”

The small monk hesitated for a moment before saying, “Benefactor, reciting scripture needs to be sincere.”

Ye You said, “I’m very sincere.”

The small monk said, “But I haven’t heard you recite.”

Ye You said, deadly earnest, “I’m reciting it in my heart. There’s only one person in my heart, and everything I think is for the sake of wishing him well.” If you count letting him die a little easier as wishing him well.

The small monk said, “If Buddha hears, then they’d definitely bless Benefactor.”

“It’d be great if so.” Ye You smiled and stood up.

The things he wanted to do would definitely save many people. If Buddha could hear him, then they’d definitely bless him. But he didn’t believe in these kinds of things. He believed only in the human capacity to prevail against all odds.

He held his impulse to stretch and unhurriedly exited the main hall, preparing to eat the unpalatable Buddhist meals again.

The shadow guards followed him, saying in a low voice, “Young Master, they left, and they seemed to have gotten into an argument right before they left.”

Ye You said, “Oh?”

The shadow guards said, “Those two men looked like they were both quite angry. These subordinates didn’t dare to approach, so we don’t know what they argued about.”

Ye You considered for a moment before asking, “Did any of you bring sleeping drugs?”

The shadow guards didn’t understand his intentions but still told him that they had brought some.

Ye You said, “Lend me some to use tonight.”

The shadow guards said, “Who does Young Master want to knock unconscious? These subordinates will do it for you.”

Ye You said, “I want to knock all of you unconscious.”

The shadow guards, “…”

Ye You said, “Remember not to resist.”

The shadow guards tried to endure it but couldn’t, “Young Master, are you being serious?”

Ye You said, “I am. All of you could simply pretend to be unconscious. The most important thing is that I want people to be able to smell the sleeping drug in the room the next day. Just remember this…”

The shadow guards silently finished listening and understood.

Thus, that night, when they smelled the drug, they really didn’t try to resist. They simply held their breaths and then went somewhere else to stay for a while, only returning once the smell of the drug had diminished in the room. They then slept with the remnants of the drug still in the air.

The next morning, they ran out of the small courtyard, as if panicked to no end, to find Master Cihui, telling him that their young master had disappeared.

Master Cihui’s expression changed. “What?”

The shadow guards said in anguish, “What do we do, Master? Yesterday night, our young master was kidnapped by someone!”

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[1] 從雲 lit. from the clouds. Usually don’t translate names, but since Ye You’s pointing it out…

[2] 一品鍋 A specific type of hot pot from Huizhou, apparently. According to Baidu, it contains shark fin, abalone, chicken, and mushrooms. I have never had this.

Next chapter is really funny. Ye You’s really into the disappearing act, huh? At one point, he’ll be like the boy who cried wolf and no one will ever believe him again.

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  1. Here “as friendly a way as before.” maybe : as friendly as before or in a friendly way like before?
    Thank you! I am so worried he will outsmart himself one day and get really hurt :(


  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    Okay, wow – I mean, I thought that he wanted to take Ye You away, but I didn’t expect the Sect Master to actually let himself be kidnapped. Again. How often has he ‘disappeared’ ’til now? 3+ times? At some point they will never believe, that he has actually gotten abducted.

    And Wenren Heng keeps calm. Or at least as calm as he can be with such a person as his lover.
    Quite intersted in the next chapter – what exactly was he abducted for this time? Except for looking a bit too much like his uncle…


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