Record of the Missing Sect Master ch076

In which the Demonic Sect has a bit of fun with their act.

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Wenren Heng didn’t know when his Junior Brother would send him some news.

Right now, he was living at the Demonic Sect’s headquarters, and with people guarding every which way, when he went to sleep, he also didn’t bolt the doors, so when he was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of the door opening, his first reaction was astonishment.

This was headquarters, so this couldn’t possibly be a thief sneaking in.

What’s more, even if his Junior Brother had sent someone to pass on some information, the other party wouldn’t just come in without even a word of greeting.

As he listened to the footsteps that were neither too fast nor too slow, he didn’t move for the time being, prepared to see what this person wanted to do. He then perceived that this person was making straight for him, the flavor of it as if the other was approaching without the slightest pause.

He immediately raised a hand to stop the other party, but upon hearing a familiar soft laugh by his ear, he immediately loosened his hold. “Ah-You?”

Ye You said a, “Yes,” and lowered his head to drop a kiss on the other’s lips.

Wenren Heng smelled the faint scent of fragrant water on this person’s body and knew that the other had gone to take a bath before entering the room. He then brought the person onto the bed and asked, “What happened?”

Ye You said, “I pretended to go missing.”

Wenren Heng understood the moment he heard this and asked, “Cong Yun was very interested in you?”

Ye You said, “He wanted to kidnap me the moment he saw me, what do you think?”

Wenren Heng said, “And then?”

Ye You said, “The person next to him was very likely Demonic Medicine King. My men saw that they had a disagreement today, and I’m guessing that Cong Yun either wanted to stay over at Shaolin or wanted to make a move tonight, but Demonic Medicine King didn’t agree. In any case, I’m probably not wrong in thinking that that madman wants me in his hands.”

Wenren Heng then understood why the other had ran off after meeting that person for the first time, and he also knew that, since the outside of Shaolin was guarded by both Elder Hei and the white piece’s men, his Junior Brother had definitely used some lightness skill to sneak away via the back mountains. Embracing the other, he said, “Sleep first. We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Ye You obediently laid down, and with that familiar warmth by his side, he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Thus, the next morning, when Elder Hei came over to inquire about what the Madam wanted to eat for breakfast, he ended up seeing their Sect Master walking out of the room. He reflexively said, “Good morning, Sect Master.”

Ye You nodded. “Good morning.”

Right as Elder Hei prepared to return to looking for the Madam, he regained his senses, suddenly turning his head and saying in shock, “S-S-Sect Master?!”

Ye You laughed and said, “Very surprised?”

This also wasn’t the first, or even the second, time that Elder Hei had been frightened by the Sect Master, so after shouting out those words, on account of his experience, he regained his usual calm and asked, “Wasn’t Sect Master staying at Shaolin?”

Ye You said, deadly earnest, “I was missing the Madam far too much, so I came back the very night.”

Wenren Heng, “…”

Elder Hei opened and closed his mouth, deeply moved.

This was their truly incredible, truly clever Sect Master, and even when doing such a big thing, he didn’t forget to come look in on the Madam. How deeply was he in love? Was he telling the truth or not?

He couldn’t help but steal a glance at Wenren Heng, feeling as if this was his first time realizing that this rascal was actually such a formidable, tempting beauty. Damnit, the Sect Master likes you this much, so if you dare hurt him in the future, no one from the Demonic Sect will ever let you go!

After he thought this through, he went over to ask, “Madam, what kind of porridge do you want for breakfast?”

Wenren Heng said, “Just choose according to your Sect Master’s tastes.”

At least you’re conscientious!

Elder Hei said a word of ‘yes’ and then turned around to leave only to hear the Sect Master call for him. At that, he looked over.

Ye You said, “Yesterday, I chatted with a certain person. Did all of you notice?”

Elder Hei said, “The two men, one woman?”

Ye You said, “Yes, that little girl’s father will definitely come again today. Keep an eye on him, and tell me how he reacts.”

Elder Hei said, “Understood.”


At this time, Shaolin had already boiled over.

Master Cihui went to Sir Xiao’s room to look around and quickly reached a conclusion: the room had traces of a sleeping drug, so Sir Xiao had been drugged and kidnapped by someone.

The shadow guards were worried to no end, “How can we make this right, Master. Let’s report this to the authorities!”

Master Cihui almost thought he had misheard. “Report to the authorities?”

The shadow guards said, “We need to report to the authorities! How savage is it to drug and kidnap someone! How could we not report this!”

Master Cihui was about to say that matters in the martial arts circle weren’t for the courts to decide, but before he opened his mouth, he suddenly realized that Sir Xiao’s identity now wasn’t one of a person of Jianghu; the other was simply a rich family’s son. According to common sense, they had to report to the authorities. But Sir Xiao’s subordinates couldn’t possibly be ordinary commoners. Could they have other intentions?

He couldn’t help but carefully examine their expressions.

The shadow guards’ eyes were red, and they looked at him pitifully.

Master Cihui fell silent.

He began considering whether these people were people from Shuangji Sect, or if they were people that Sir Xiao had temporarily hired from who-knew-where, or could it be… this group of people were simply putting on an act?

“Master, do you have a way to find our young master? If you don’t, then let’s not delay. We need to hurry and report to the authorities.” The shadow guards said, choked with emotion, “Our young master’s health isn’t good, and he also looks like that, so who knows what’ll happen to him after he’s kidnapped…”

“That’s right, Master, ah sob…”

Master Cihui finally decided that they weren’t acting, and he also grew anxious in his heart. What’s more, Sir Xiao’s worth right now was incredibly high, and he absolutely couldn’t allow the the other to encounter a mishap right under his eyes, but reporting to the authorities was… He said, “The other party could come and leave from Shaolin without leaving a trace, and without making a sound, so it’s definitely an expert. It’s not guaranteed that the authorities will be able to catch this person.”

One of the shadow guards said, crying, “Then what could we do?”

Another person said, “Master, how about this, why don’t we search nearby? No matter what, it’d still be better than waiting around here.”

Master Cihui internally thought that’s true and agreed on the spot.

Since Miracle Doctor Ji and the others were still here, he didn’t call for too many people, leaving behind a large portion to be prepared for any eventualities, before going to search the mountains.

The shadow guards followed behind, and one of them still remained extremely worried, his eyes gleaming with tears.

His colleague endured for a while before saying, in a low voice, “You’re overdoing it a little.”

That person looked at his colleague, his tears sliding down without stopping.

The colleague went silent for a moment before asking, “You used too much of the hot peppers?”

That person nodded and continued crying.

These colleagues let out a sigh, bemoaning the fate of humanity, and one after another, reached out a hand to pat that person’s head.

Naturally, there wouldn’t be any results from searching the mountains, and Master Cihui, helpless, could only bring the people back. At this time, one of the shadow guards had already cried so much that his eyes swelled, appearing endlessly tragic. Upon seeing this, even Master Cihui didn’t dare to tell this person that he didn’t have any ideas whatsoever, simply saying, in an attempt at comfort, that he’d do his utmost to continue searching.

The shadow guard said, “Master, why don’t we report to the authorities after all…”

He had gotten only mid-sentence when he suddenly looked towards the nearby crowd.

The pilgrims were currently coming up the mountain one after the other, stepping into the front courtyard in twos and threes, walking and talking, looking very joyful and harmonious. Master Cihui saw that the other’s bearing wasn’t quite right and was about to ask when he saw them rushing toward one of the people. He hurriedly followed after.

The shadow guard found the person who had asked him about the young master yesterday and quickly blocked the man’s way.

After receiving such a sudden fright, that person saw that it was them and unconsciously wanted to laugh, but then he quickly saw that their expressions weren’t quite right, and he couldn’t help but retreat half-a-step, internally raising some defenses.

The shadow guards stared at him closely. “Yesterday, you asked about our young master. Did you have some other intentions?”

That person said, “No, it was purely out of curiosity.”

The shadow guards said, “Speak the truth. Was it someone who prompted you to do that?”

That person looked at the state that they were in and asked, “Did something happen?”

“As if you don’t know! Our young master was kidnapped yesterday!” The shadow guard with his eyes swelling from tears used both hands to grab this person’s collar. Although this abrupt action really did have some strength to it, those nearby saw his eyes and felt that he actually looked quite fragile. He said, “If you know something, tell me! Such a good person as our young master, if he’s harmed, we… we won’t let you go even if we die and become ghosts!”

The remaining shadow guards simultaneously nodded. “Yes!”

That person’s heart startled, and before he was able to say that it had nothing to do with him, Cong Yun had walked over. “What did all of you say?”

The shadow guard gave him a look. “Who are you?”

One of them immediately followed with, “I recognize you. You talked with our young master yesterday.”

Cong Yun nodded and asked, “What happened to him?”

The shadow guards said, “Young master was kidnapped yesterday.”

Cong Yun said, “Yesterday?”

The shadow guards said, “It was probably during the night. The room smells like sleeping drugs.”

Cong Yun immediately said, “Bring me to his room to see.”

The shadow guards looked at him doubtfully.

Cong Yun said, “I’ll be able to smell what kind of sleeping drug it is. Perhaps we can find out who used it.”

“Then quickly come with us!” The shadow guards didn’t even ask whether he was telling the truth or not, as if they were desperate enough to try anything. They dragged him with them as they ran to the young master’s living quarters.

With Cong Yun having left like that, the white piece’s men who had been guarding in secret all moved cautiously towards that direction, so as to protect him at any time. Demonic Medicine King also naturally saw these movements and followed after at once. Right as he entered the room, he heard Cong Yun say, “It’s Layered Fog.”

The shadow guards asked, with red eyes, “Then… can you tell who used it?”

Cong Yun said, “I can’t, but it’s definitely someone from Jianghu. This drug is used quite a bit by those in Jianghu.”

Demonic Medicine King walked to his side. “What happened?”

Cong Yun looked at the other. “Sir Ye was kidnapped.”

Upon seeing that his expression was cold, Demonic Medicine King’s breathing immediately tightened. But before the other could even speak, he had retracted his gaze while also taking the opportunity to stow away his mood.

The shadow guards didn’t miss those minute changes of his, internally thinking that as expected, the person that Sect Master wanted us to keep an eye on wasn’t someone ordinary. They then continued to act out the play with, “Then… then would reporting to the authorities be of any use?”

Cong Yun said, “Unlikely.”

The shadow guard with the swollen eyes once again cried in anguish, “Then what can we do. If our young master meets with an unfortunate accident… Ah…”

As he spoke, he couldn’t even choke out a breath, directly fainting on the spot. His colleague hastily caught him and, before Cong Yun could come over to feel his pulse, hurriedly pinched this person’s philtrum[1] to “wake him”, expression also turning into one of anguished grief.

Cong Yun didn’t comfort them, simply turning around and leaving, incredibly neat and efficient.

The shadow guards’ nervous hearts were beating as fast as drums, and they simply nodded in response to Master Cihui’s attempts to placate them on the side. Upon seeing all these people leave, they couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. One of them asked, in a small voice, “We couldn’t have been seen through, right?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. When you fainted, he didn’t even bother to look at you.”

“So we did end up getting seen through, then?”

“I don’t think so. Did you see his expression just now? Particularly cold and indifferent, as if it didn’t matter if you died or not.”


The shadow guards discussed for a time and decided to continue acting out the play, running out to chase after Master Cihui to cry some more.

When Cong Yun left, Demonic Medicine King also followed after and finally found an opportunity to explain, “It wasn’t me. If I really had the ability to kidnap him, I’d have already given him to you. I wouldn’t hide him and leave you distracted.”

Cong Yun said, “I know this.”

Demonic Medicine King let out a small breath of relief.

Cong Yun said, “I should’ve stayed here yesterday. If I had stayed here, no one would’ve been able to take this opportunity.”

Demonic Medicine King said, guiltily, “Who knew that he would be kidnapped overnight.”

Cong Yun said, “I want to find him.”

Demonic Medicine King said, “But you can’t forget that we came out this time…”

Cong Yun didn’t wait for him to finish before looking at him, saying, one word at a time, “I said that I want to find him. No matter the cost.”

Demonic Medicine King saw that the other’s eyes were somewhat red and felt his own heart turn cold, knowing that the other was truly furious. At this time, it’d be useless even if he raised the reminder to think of the big picture, the drugged men, or Miracle Doctor Ji. If the person truly couldn’t be found, then this madman might actually just burn down all of Shaolin.

He asked, “How do you want to look?”

Cong Yun didn’t answer. After he walked around once nearby, he then directly left Shaolin.

These matters were quickly relayed to the Demonic Sect’s headquarters.

Ye You was currently playing a game with his Senior Brother. He held a piece in his hands and said, all smiles, “Now this is interesting.”

Elder Hei didn’t understand. “What?”

Ye You said, “A person who, for the sake of researching some drugged men, refused to return to his teacher, even going as far as to fake his death in order to do so. I originally thought that, compared to a stranger who looked like someone from his old memories, his great undertaking would still take precedent. But who could’ve known that it wouldn’t.”

Elder Hei said, “Then what should we do?”

Ye You put down the piece and said, smiling, “Tempt him out, and kill him.”

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[1] 人中 The shallow groove between one’s lips and nose. I just used the official English name since I didn’t know what else to call it. This spot is actually considered an acupoint apparently.

I got into closed beta for Genshin Impact… So slower updates…

On a semi-related note, I’ve added my discord to the About/FAQ page, if anyone wants to contact me privately but doesn’t have a NU/MU account. I didn’t list it before because I’m rarely online, but since I’ve been sending crash reports/player feedback on the Genshin Impact discord recently, I’ll probably be on more often.

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