Record of the Missing Sect Master ch077

In which a plan for capture is set, by both sides.

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Ye You’s words were said easily, but actually carrying out those words was somewhat troublesome.

Because according to common sense, with a person kidnapping another, and this person’s own strength being quite strong, the kidnapper would be unlikely to expose any mistakes or clues for others to find. What’s more, Cong Yun and them also weren’t idiots. If he made even one misstep, then it’d be just like telling them that this matter was suspicious.

The chessboard had long been taken away.

With Elder Hei gone to continue keeping watch on Shaolin, they were once again the only two people left in the room. Wenren Heng unhurriedly prepared a pot of tea and poured a cup for his Junior Brother.

Ye You accepted it but didn’t drink it for now.

The faint smell of tea mixed into the air, spreading out into spirals with the steam. This fragrance was something that only his Senior Brother could prepare, and his spirits slowed and relaxed as he leaned against the soft couch, before looking at his Senior Brother.

Wenren Heng asked, “You’re finally willing to look at me?”

Ye You beamed as he crooked a finger at the other.

Wenren Heng resisted the temptation to kiss and simply smiled before taking a seat on the chair next to him.

Ye You asked, “Senior Brother, if you kidnapped someone, what would you do?”

In contrast to that elegant appearance he was carrying, Wenren Heng said, “If that someone is like you, then I’d definitely be impatient to enjoy him first.”

Ye You let out a laugh. Although he knew that his Senior Brother’s words had some elements of impropriety, he was also able to hear the actual implications. Following his Senior Brother’s train of thought, he considered and then asked, “Is there a type of drug in this world that, after being eaten, would make the person unable to be touched by others?”

Wenren Heng returned with a question, “Whether there is or not, does it matter?”

Ye You raised a brow. “Wouldn’t something this obvious arouse suspicion?”

“Anxiety will lead to confusion.” Wenren Heng said, “If the person I desired was kidnapped by someone, I’d definitely be worried, and at this time, if there was even one thing that I could believe in, then I’d definitely try believing in it.”

Ye You thoughtfully repeated, “As long as there’s one thing…”

Wenren Heng added, “On the premise that those subordinates of yours would be able to continue with this charade. If they get seen through, then this whole enterprise would fail.”

Ye You said, “Our Demonic Sect’s shadow guards are also responsible for collecting information, so their acting should definitely not have any issues.”

Wenren Heng considered for a moment before offering an idea, “Or you could simply not let them know, and simply lend a hand by turning the whole board over to Cong Yun to determine.”

Ye You immediately understood his Senior Brother’s meaning. Thinking that that could work, he said a simple, “Yes.”

Wenren Heng asked, “Let me?”

Ye You gave him a look, his expression somewhat evasive, with some faint signs of having decided to burn the bridge after crossing it. Wenren Heng smiled very handsomely, taking the other’s teacup and putting it on the side. Ye You ducked back a bit, explaining with a laugh, “Senior Brother, I really do want to let you help, but your stature is different from mine.”

Wenren Heng paused slightly, able to hear his Junior Brother’s decision in those words. He said, “Doing it like this…”

Ye You said, “It’s truly troublesome, but it’s reliable.”

Wenren Heng nodded and began discussing with him the exact details of this plan.

When Elder Hei came to invite them to eat dinner, he saw that these two people had pulled out a map who-knew-when and had spread it out before them, even drawing a few circles on it. Seeing how focused they were, he refrained from speaking for the moment. He instead stood on the side to listen and discovered that they were discussing how to murder someone. Silently, he considered replacing that person with himself and felt that, if it was him, then he’d definitely be unable to avoid it. He thereupon immediately felt no end of admiration towards the Sect Master and the Madam.

Ye You looked at him. “Time to eat?”

Elder Hei said, “Yes.”

Ye You put away the map, his mood cheerful. “Let’s go then.”

When night arrived, as usual, he had Elder Hei go and guard Shaolin, eventually receiving the news that the white piece’s people had not come. He was now thoroughly certain that Cong Yun wanted to find him first before moving against Shaolin. Thus, he changed into some night-walking clothes and took a trip to Shaolin.

On his way back, he discovered that there were people following him, and after thinking it over, he ran to the back mountains and jumped off. In a flash, he saw several people nearby. With a slight smile, he purposely created some subtle movements for them to detect, and only when they started following did he shake them off, finally returning to the small county town.

The next morning, the shadow guards once again went to look for Master Cihui, holding a strip of paper in their hands. “Master, this was found stuffed into the slit of the door today. What do we do?”

Master Cihui quickly read the note and asked, “Do you know of the things written on this?”

The shadow guards uniformly shook their heads. “No!”

Master Cihui internally thought that this should be Sir Xiao’s escape plan and immediately began considering what should be done in order to seize an opportunity to rescue this person, though he quickly began feeling his head ache. He was good only at reading scripture. Although he could somehow manage to handle affairs while the Abbot was gone, in a battle of wits and valor, he definitely fell somewhat short. If he really ended up making a poor decision, then everything would be over.

He finally couldn’t endure it and called them all over to the side to ask, in a low voice, “Something this big has happened. Are none of you going to tell Benefactor Wenren about it?”

The shadow guards all said in unison, “Who’s that?”

Master Cihui, “…”

The shadow guards looked at him, their expressions especially sincere.

Could they be men that Sir Xiao hired? But that also wasn’t right, how could hired men cry themselves into this kind of state? Or it could be that Sir Xiao’s skill with disguise was extraordinarily high, and he had kidnapped another family’s young master in order to disguise himself with the other’s appearance?

The shadow guards said, “Master?”

Master Cihui was truly unable to be sure of what their relationship was with Sir Xiao, so he didn’t continue speaking in case he was wrong. He simply said, “It’s nothing. This poor monk is thinking…”

The shadow guards were very worried and continued staring at him.

Master Cihui looked at their gazes full of expectation and, in his heart, felt a deep longing for the Abbot and Wenren Heng.

It was at this time that the attending monk entered the room and told him that yesterday’s doctor had come once again, wanting to discuss the matter of Sir Ye with him. Since he was currently bereft of any ideas, he hastily said, “Hurry and invite him in!”

Accepting the order, the attending monk left.

While Master Cihui originally retained quite a bit of hope, he slowly began to come to a realization. At this time, it was just about the hour to eat breakfast, and since that Benefactor was actually coming by this early, then there must be some kind of reason?

Cong Yun had actually arrived at Shaolin during the period before dawn[1].

He had first made a trip to the back mountains but in the end found no clues. Only then did he turn back to go through the main gates.

When he entered the room, the first thing he did was look at the shadow guards and ask, “Did the other party have any movements?”

The shadow guards were greatly alarmed. “How did you know?”

One of them quickly reacted, “Were you the one who captured our young master, and now you’re helping us investigate in order to throw us off your trail?”

Cong Yun said, “If it was me, why would I do something so unnecessary. I would’ve been fine simply walking away.”

The shadow guards started. “That’s true. Then how are you so clear on these things?”

Cong Yun said, “Since I don’t know if that person who captured Sir Ye was doing it for the sake of money or for the sake of his life, I instructed people to stay behind in Shaolin last night…”

“What?” Master Cihui now felt that this person was perhaps somewhat suspect, and upon hearing this, he couldn’t help but interrupt. “But this poor monk didn’t allow any pilgrims to remain yesterday.” With that matter happening yesterday, and him also not knowing if it had anything to do with the white piece, he naturally exercised more caution and refused any pilgrims’ requests to stay overnight.

Cong Yun calmly shot him a glance and asked, “Finding a pilgrim who had already been staying and then giving him a handful of money before then disguising as one of his relatives to stay in his room for a night… None of that is particularly difficult to do.”

Master Cihui, “…”

The attending monk, “…”

Ouch, how pitiful! They’ve now learned how vicious people’s hearts can be, huh?

The shadow guards looked at the pure Shaolin monks and decided to throw them a bone. Maintaining their anxious bearing, they asked, “Let’s put these things aside for now. Could those people you left behind have seen someone?”

Cong Yun said, “Yes, they saw a person in black clothes. My people followed for a while and, in the end, saw him jumping down from the back mountains.”

Everyone was astonished. “What?”

“This means that his lightness skill is very high,” Cong Yun said, “My people were unable to follow him, but I also sent people to one part of the back mountains last night. They also saw this same person in black clothes. Unfortunately, they also lost him. So I thought that, since he took so many risks to come to Shaolin, he most likely left behind a strip of paper.”

The shadow guards agreed at once, “That’s right. This is it.”

Cong Yun took the paper and opened it, seeing that only a few words were written on it.

The general gist was to hand over the antidote for the drug on your young master’s person. The antidote should be placed in a wooden basin and then placed in the small creek in the back mountains.  No one must follow, or else if he saw even a single person, he would simply kill this beauty. If he wasn’t able to have the person, the no one else could either.

Cong Yun raised his head. “What antidote?”

The shadow guards said, “Don’t know.”

They truly were at a loss this time, because last night the Sect Master had simply told them to say that they didn’t know and then to voice a few rumors, that was it.

One of them said, “Speaking of drugs, I seem to have heard people mention that the young master had some drugs in his body, leaving others unable to touch him. If they did, then they’d die.”

“Oh, right, but could such a fantastic thing be true? We all think that the master concocted the lie upon seeing the young master’s appearance as he grew up.”

“Yes, I also think so. Even if it’s true, we still don’t have the antidote! How could we do this?”

When they finished, they looked towards Cong Yun and Master Cihui in a plea for help.

Cong Yun instantly deduced a number of things.

First, that person captured Sir Ye in order to ravage him. Second, that so-called drug didn’t exist from the start, or at least he had never heard of such a mystical thing existing before. However, since Sir Ye’s family had always passed on this rumor, it meant that other people had probably been attracted before. Thus, Sir Ye was now capable of stopping that person for the time being.

This was an opportunity!

He immediately said, “Write a letter and place it in the wooden basin. Say that ingredients must be bought first before the antidote can be made and have him extend the deadline by a few days.”

The shadow guards, “And then?”

Cong Yun said, “And then come find me. I’ll give all of you a prescription, and then all of you can put up an act to make some medicine before then going to the mountains to pluck some random herbs. First delay him. I’ll help all of you rescue Sir Ye.”

Grabbing onto this last hope, the shadow guards looked at him simultaneously. “Truly?

Cong Yun said, “Truly.”

In contrast, Master Ciyuan felt his suspicions over this person’s identity growing, especially after hearing that the other still had subordinates. He asked, “What would this benefactor like to be called?”

Cong Yun said, “My surname is Zhang.”

Master Cihui said, “What is the benefactor’s usual occupation?”

Cong Yun said, “I’m a simple doctor.”

Master Ciyuan fell silent for a time, wanting to ask further, but Cong Yun clearly didn’t have the patience to continue dealing with him, simply throwing down a few words for the shadow guards, telling them to follow these instructions, before then leaving without even looking back. Upon seeing that the shadow guards truly were going to do those things, he moved to stop them, “All of you are prepared to listen to him?”

The shadow guards turned blank before light suddenly shone out of their eyes. “Could the Master have an even better idea?”

Master Cihui, “…”

The shadow guards continued to look at him.

Master Cihui thought of this matter several times over and finally said, “…let’s first try following his method.”

The shadow guards then obediently wrote a letter, found a small wooden basin and placed it in the river, before then running over to the small county town to make up a prescription and then running up to the mountain to pick herbs. After they had done all these and returned, Cong Yun had already long left Shaolin, leaving behind only one subordinate.

They asked, “Where’s your master?”

The subordinate said, “He went to the back mountains to lie low. Don’t worry, he’ll be able to capture that pervert.”

The shadow guards had an instant of anxiety, but when they thought of their Sect Master’s strength, they then calmed down.

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[1] 五更 3-5am. I might start translating it like this from now on, instead of “fifth night period” since I think this is basically what author means.

I legit feel sorry for Master Cihui in these past few chapters. Probably been losing hair by the day with how worried/at a loss he is. Unfortunate collateral damage in Ye You’s grand master plan lmao.

Also, my friends convinced me to get Animal Crossing, so now my time is even more consumed. Apologies in advance for slower updates.

EDIT: Also, if you’re coming here from NU, I accidentally published a draft version of this chapter during my last update and had to send in an error report about it. (I always pre-draft my next chapter with a few sentences so I don’t face empty page syndrome, but this time I misclicked.) Unfortunately, it seems bot just updates the previously dead link with this new link and doesn’t fix dates or anything, which is why the dates are still messed up over there. Just fyi for those wondering why NU is listing this as an upload from three days ago.

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  1. The trap is slowly coming together – and there will probably wuite the considerable collateral. At least mentally.

    Yes, Master Cihui is quite pitiful in this scenario. He just doesn’t know how to deal with those shadow guards and has to worry about Ye You every single day. With his suspicions and worry only increasing instead of decreasing in any way. Adfter this, he’ll probably want to stay in seclusion for a while.

    Thank you for the chapter ^-^


  2. Haha Animal Crossing! I’m actually amazed this is still so popular. It’s weirdly addicting…

    Anyway those Shadow Guards should get an Oscar for their acting. Poor Master Cihui indeed, he’s so confused lol

    Thank you for the chapter :D


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