Record of the Missing Sect Master ch078

In which certain plans proceed smoothly and others go awry.

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Cong Yun had those shadow guards delay that person because he wanted to manufacture more chances to come into contact with the other party.

With the other coming and going, they’d then be able to find even more opportunities to make a move. Today was the first time, and if luck was on his side, he’d be able to catch this person on the first try.

The white piece’s people had already listened to the arrangements and hidden themselves in the forest, prepared to rush out as one to surround and besiege as soon as the order was given. Cong Yun himself had leapt onto a large tree, looking from on high down at the wooden basin flowing down the stream. But it was a pity that, even up until the basin disappeared from his sight, he never saw a single person fish it up.

Standing beside him, Demonic Medicine King said, “There’s none of our people watching from lower downstream. If he really does pick it up, you also won’t be able to give chase.”

Cong Yun said, “Yes, how regrettable.”

Despite those words, he actually displayed not a single indication of any regret whatsoever, still staring at that crystalline, gleaming stream.

Demonic Medicine King raised his head and looked at the current situation.

Last night, their people had lost that person at the opposite shore of this small river.

Following from that, one could make the guess that the other party’s arrival point was very possibly somewhere on the opposite shore, and if he truly showed himself, then he’d also come from that direction. Thus, Cong Yun had arranged everyone to be on this side and with some distance from the river itself so that the person wouldn’t be able to detect them.

All of this seemed quite reliable, but the other party had definitely discovered that people were tracking him previously, so if he decided to take a bit more caution, he might first check out the surroundings first before moving. In that case, their ambush here would be useless, and might even run the danger of offending the other party.

But to everyone’s surprise, Cong Yun still insisted on doing it like this.

Demonic Medicine King knew that this madman was very clever when he wasn’t mad and, after a moment of consideration, asked, “Will you use the Heart Devourer?”

Cong Yun said, “What are you talking about?”

Demonic Medicine King continued asking, “You aren’t afraid of a fight to the death?”

“If he really wasn’t afraid of dying, then why would he care about Sir Ye’s threat?” Cong Yun said, “And it’s only when one knows that they’re about to die soon that they’ll start acting without restraint. Besides, it’s not like your Heart Devourer will kill him dead on the spot.”

That’s true, Demonic Medicine King thought.

The Heart Devourer was a poison that he made himself, and just a touch would allow it entrance to the veins, before then flowing into the organs, causing irreparable damage little by little, with the other organs going first before finally reaching the heart, such that in the end, even an unfettered immortal would be beyond saving.

It was from this that the name Heart Devourer came to be.

When Cong Yun left the mountain, he had asked for the Heart Devourer. Before, as Sir Ye’s household servants were placing the wooden basin in the river, Cong Yun had stopped nearby for a while, and now it was clear that he had most likely been applying the poison. So, from the beginning, Cong Yun had wanted the other party to pick up the letter and, upon discovering the poisoning, helplessly take the initiative to find them to discuss terms.

But even so, wouldn’t this kind of incompetent and lackluster guarding leave the other party suspicious?

Demonic Medicine King shot Cong Yun a glance, but before he could ask, he saw the person next to him leap down, and he internally thought the words, sure enough.

Cong Yun hadn’t obstinately continued to stand around watching and had called out towards the forest before then taking people to go downstream, displaying a “wanting to take the opportunity to capture someone but still somewhat cautious and naive” attitude — if the other party really saw them, then he’d probably think a single moron disdainfully in his heart before then simply taking the letter and leaving.

But the reality also wasn’t as expected.

When they finally reached downstream after walking neither too fast nor too slow, the wooden basin had already been thrown onto the shore, and the letter inside had already long disappeared without a trace.

Cong Yun let out a sneer and brought the people back to Shaolin.

Upon seeing that he had returned unscathed, the shadow guards’ hearts startled, and they quickly ran over to surround the group. “Where’s our young master?”

Cong Yun said, “Didn’t see him.”

The shadow guards said, “Then what about that person?”

Cong Yun said, “Let him go.”

Going was good!

But wait, this usage of the word “go” didn’t seem very aggressive.

The shadow guards fell silent for an instant before discovering the exact same reaction and asking in concern, “Then what… what should we do about this?”

Cong Yun said, “He’ll take the initiative to contact us.”

The shadow guards said, “Ah?”

Someone quickly thought of something and hastily asked, “Did he notice all of you? Didn’t he say that there couldn’t be anyone there? And that if there was anyone, then he’d kill our young master!”

“That’s right!”

Cong Yun said, “He wouldn’t. I’ve smeared poison on the wooden basin and the letter. If he wants to live, he won’t touch your young master.”

The shadow guards’ expressions changed. “—-What?!”

They were practically about to fall into a rage. “How could you apply poison!”

“That’s exactly right! If he’s a madman, what can be done if he takes his anger out on our young master?!”

This time, they were truly anxious, and they were truly worried for their master. After all, even though the Sect Master’s lightness skill was good, if he was truly the one who appeared to take the letter, then right now he had probably already been poisoned.

Cong Yun had of course thought of the possibility that the other party would perhaps inflict trouble upon Sir Ye, but he didn’t care.

For him, it’d be all right as long as Sir Ye’s face was untouched and the person was still alive; nothing else mattered. But he wouldn’t actually say that and instead simply told them with confidence, “That won’t happen.”

The shadow guards asked, “What basis do you have for that?”

Cong Yun calmly said, “Just wait and you’ll see.”

The shadow guards were anxious to no end. They especially wanted to roll up their sleeves, give this person a beating, and then capture him as a gift for the Sect Master, but they were also afraid that they’d mess up the Sect Master’s plans, so they could only endure, anxiously gathering to huddle together in a heap.

Waiting like this, they ended up waiting all the way until dusk.

After dinner, Cong Yun’s subordinates went to the back mountains to take a look, bringing back a bloodied garment and a letter.

Upon seeing the blood on those clothes, the shadow guards immediately wanted to faint.

Of course, they wouldn’t really faint; their bodies simply swayed to and fro before they immediately began howling, “Ah, this is the young master’s!”

“Didn’t you say that nothing would happen to our young master? Then what is this? What is this—-?!”

“If the young master meets with an unfortunate accident, then I also don’t want to live anymore…”

Master Cihui was naturally also paying close attention to this matter’s progress, and upon seeing this, he immediately turned grave.

Even if these people might not know about Sir Xiao’s position in the righteous faction, he actually knew! This won’t do, Sect Master Wenren must be told about this matter. Letting this strange doctor take care of it was leaving him far too uneasy.

After he finished thinking, he gave the doctor a look and saw that this person wasn’t displaying a single shred of emotion, simply looking at this piece of clothing and motionlessly standing there.

Demonic Medicine King then personally went up to investigate, turning around to say succinctly, “It’s human blood. Fresh, from not long ago. There’s no poison on this letter.”

Cong Yun made a sound in acknowledgment, accepting the letter and opening it.

Seeing that certain people were still howling, Demonic Medicine King said, placating, “This blood is also just from cutting open a finger and rubbing it wherever. It’s not a big wound.”

“Cutting a finger counts as a small wound?” The shadow guards weren’t placated and solemnly told him that their young master was extremely noble and precious and, with their usual guarding, had never suffered an injury before. Demonic Medicine King was disinclined to have this discussion with them, and he walked over to Cong Yun’s side to read that letter.

At this time, Master Cihui had also walked over and similarly began to read.

The letter’s contents were very simple. It told them to send the antidote over tomorrow night, using the same method as before, and also warned them to not play any tricks. Trying to make him fall for such a trifling poison, they were really taking him to be a tender newborn.

After reading those final few words, Demonic Medicine King secretly observed Cong Yun’s expression. Seeing the person’s eyes close, he knew that the other was not happy.

He sensibly didn’t interrupt and quietly stood watching on the side. While at first he expressed disapproval at Cong Yun’s interfering in this matter, he actually felt that it wasn’t so bad right now, because they were able to remain openly at Shaolin, which would be beneficial to matters later on.

Cong Yun handed the letter over to the shadow guards and said, “Send back a letter saying that the antidote can be given to him, but since the clothes are bloodied, you need to first see Sir Ye and confirm that he’s all right before handing the antidote over.”

The shadow guards were very hesitant. “Will he be willing?”

Cong Yun said, “As long as he doesn’t have the antidote, he’ll continue dealing with us. None of you want to see your young master?”

The shadow guards said, “Of course we do.”

Cong Yun said, “Then just do what I say.”

Master Cihui also wanted to see Sir Xiao, hoping that when Sir Xiao arrived, the other could provide some helpful suggestions. Thus, this time, he didn’t try to question the doctor. Distracted, the shadow guards looked at them and could only obediently leave.


The sky had thoroughly turned dark.

Elder Hei pulled open the Sect Master’s door and saw that the Sect Master was playing a game with the Madam. Walking over, he said, “Sect Master, we weren’t able to tell what kind of poison it was.”

Ye You said, “Then put it away carefully. Later, I’ll give it to Miracle Doctor Ji to take a look.”

Elder Hei made a sound in agreement and then said, with some lingering fear, “Luckily, Sect Master didn’t directly touch the things with your hands, or else the consequences would’ve been too horrible to imagine.”

Ye You laughed and said, “With one being Miracle Doctor Ji’s oldest disciple and the other presumably Demonic Medicine King, it’s obvious that nothing that has passed through their hands should be touched.”

Elder Hei said, “Then tomorrow…?”

Ye You said, “We’ll talk later tonight about tomorrow.”

Elder Hei said an ‘understood’ and didn’t continue disturbing them, leaving with seasoned tact.


The next day, after the shadow guards finished placing the letter, they personally watched as the wooden basin floated away, not giving Cong Yun the chance to apply poison.

From the start, Cong Yun hadn’t intended to apply poison a second time. After the wooden basin floated out of sight, he picked a few experts to watch in secret, hoping to see from where that person would arrive, and also from where the person would leave.

However, even as an entire morning passed, that place didn’t have even the slightest bit of movement. The person was simply adamant about not taking the letter, as if the other party knew that there were people hiding in secret. After Cong Yun realized, the only thing he could do was have the people retreat. When the sky turned dark, and he sent people back to look, only then did he discover that the letter was gone.

After two confrontations, the other person still entirely had the upper hand.

Demonic Medicine King stroked his chin. “Looks like he’s quite clever. Not easy to deal with at all.”

Cong Yun said, “I’m already starting to anticipate what’ll happen after he falls into my hands.”

Demonic Medicine King was deeply familiar with the sort of research that he does and, declining to comment, waited together with him for the other party’s return letter. In the end, the person replied in the middle of the night and told them to meet tomorrow at the forest in the back mountains, even providing a map. Demonic Medicine King gave it a look and pointed at a nearby position. “There’s a steep cliff right here. With how good his lightness skill is, we need to be careful that he won’t just jump off the cliff and escape.”

“Yes, we’ll first send people to the bottom to lay an ambush,” Cong Yun said, “Also, bring along the antidote for the Heart Devourer.”

Demonic Medicine King startled before quickly reacting, “He replied so cheerfully, but could it be that he was actually poisoned?”

Cong Yun said, “We can’t eliminate this possibility.”

Demonic Medicine King nodded.

The letter said that only those household servants were allowed to come and the rest weren’t.

Thereupon, when the day changed, and it was time to keep the appointment, only a few shadow guards showed themselves. Master Cihui and Cong Yun and the others were instead keeping watch while secretly hidden. They waited for a while before seeing a black-clothed person unhurriedly enter the forest, actually coming out this generously.

He had a person in his grasp, and this person was precisely Sir Ye.

The shadow guards shouted immediately upon seeing this, “Young Master!”

In the instant that they cried out, the black-clothed person moved, taking the person in his embrace and rushing forward. Master Cihui and Cong Yun and the others were just wondering whether they should surround that person and were caught off guard upon seeing this. The group thus hastily moved to give chase, all the while taking care to keep concealed, to avoid being discovered.

The shadow guards had already long started giving chase and, in the end, actually reached the edge of the cliff.

They received a fright. “What do you want to do?”

“All of you don’t need to worry about what I do.” As the black-clothed person spoke, he grabbed the chin of the person in his embrace and let them see that face head-on, before then stroking his thumb from the neck all the way to the cheeks. “Look well, there’s no disguise. This is the real thing, your young master.”

The shadow guards’ backs were to Cong Yun’s party, and their faces were to the cliff, so they didn’t need to continue pretending. They thus unloaded all their worries and looked at their colleague with faces full of admiration. You actually dare to touch the Sect Master’s face like this, be careful not to be murdered by the Madam!

The black-clothed person, “…”

Could all of you please take this more seriously!

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Cliffs have returned!! Who will fall off it this time? I think the biggest shock at this point would be if someone actually died while falling off of it.

6 thoughts on “Record of the Missing Sect Master ch078

  1. Just when I thought that Cong Jun wanted to keep Ye You well he had to go and make it clear, that he just wanted his face. It was to be expected, yes – but I’d hoped, that he would be a little bit less of a bastard. Hopes and dreams, I guess!

    As always: I love it how nonchalant both Ye You and Wenren Heng are about this matter in their daily lives. And Elder Hei sure thinks too little of his Sect Master.

    Just how many plans does Cong Jun have? They get worse and worse. And I am kinda happy that the cliffs reappeared. I agree with your sentiment, that it would be more shocking, if someone actually died. My guess is, that they’ll throw either of the white pieces’ duo (Cong Yun or the Demonic Medicine King) or Ye You down there. While the shadow gueard would also be a possibility, I don’t think that he’d be thrown down there …

    Apropos shadow guard: They have to get the equivalent of an Oscar – such professionals! At least while with everyone else – I feel a little bit sorry for the one in black though. He has to put up with his colleagues’ antics xD

    Thank you again for the chapter ^-^


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    “anxiously gathering to huddle together in a heap”, makes me think of their Elders gathering around worms lol

    As always thank you for the chapter :)


  3. This is so great, I laugh out loud every chapter it seems, and your translation flows so smoothly it is a joy to read. Cannot wait to see what happens next.
    I also enjoy the comments at the end of the chapter, I feel they are definitely needed to complete the chapter.

    Thanks for your hard work in translating his, cannot wait to see who gets to BASE jump of the cliff this time (I feel like this is how BASE jumping was invented, so many people falling off cliffs and being ok, that someone said, hey, let’s make this an extreme sport)


  4. I dunno who the black clothed person is but he surely need to be careful with the Madam hahaha
    Why do I feel like Ah-You suddenly took a liking to jumping from cliffs??
    Thanks for the chapter!


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