Record of the Missing Sect Master ch079

In which lots of acting ensues.

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In the face of important business, the shadow guards relaxed their guards for only a short moment. They returned to proper form soon enough.

Underneath his mask, the black-clothed person had also been carrying a slight smile, before then adjusting back his mood and saying, “Now that you’ve already seen the person, where’s the antidote I wanted?”

The shadow guards didn’t answer, first looking at the Sect Master and asking in worry, “Young Master, are you all right?”

“…I’m all right.” Ye You’s voice was weak as he strove to escape from the black-clothed person’s hands.

The black-clothed person sneered and roughly confined him, thumb still remaining on his face. Ye You couldn’t help but furrow his brows and tilt his head slightly, as if unwilling to be humiliated.

A beauty needed only to furrow his brows to provoke a sufficient amount of tender feelings, and many people secretly felt their hearts ache at the sight.

Demonic Medicine King originally didn’t have any good feelings towards Sir Ye, but now he finally somewhat understood why Cong Yun wanted this person in hand, because the other truly was too beautiful, beautiful to the point that even he felt some desire.

He shot a glance at Cong Yun, and upon seeing this person’s expression so cold that it was scary, he was immediately surprised.

How could there be much affection after knowing a person for a mere day?

From the beginning, he had believed that, and afterwards, when he learned that Cong Yun had applied the Heart Devourer without the slightest misgivings, he had believed even more firmly in this way of thinking. But it wasn’t until now that he discovered that it didn’t appear to be as he thought, or at least, seeing Sir Ye like this, Cong Yun was unhappy, and extremely so.

But why was that?

Sir Ye had already been kidnapped for several days. Although that person had been temporarily obstructed from touching by the “drug” in Sir Ye’s body, if that person wanted to take advantage, then he would’ve long already taken advantage. Cong Yun also wasn’t a fool, so the other should’ve been able to guess this. Right now, Sir Ye had simply been stroked a bit on the face, so why would Cong Yun be so angry?

Could it be that it didn’t matter when the person was out of sight, but when actually witnessing it, it became difficult to bear? Or could Cong Yun have also felt his heart ache at the other furrowing those brows? Was that possible? Even after much thought, Demonic Medicine King was well and truly baffled.

Cong Yun was able to perceive the other’s short examination and calmly allowed his measure, not even giving him a single look.

Even if this person thought so much his brain collapsed, the other would never be able to guess that Cong Yun was unhappy because he didn’t want to see another person touch that face.

Besides Demonic Medicine King, the others were also similarly confused. In this world, only his master knew about that short-lived and heartbreaking love in his youth.

It was precisely the impossible, unobtainable nature of that time that led to the feeling becoming carved into his bones and engraved in his memory.


Cong Yun repeated in his heart as he stared at that face, unblinking.

At this time, the black-clothed person began feeling dissatisfied with their sluggish reactions.

He suddenly grabbed Ye You’s neck and narrowed his eyes. “Stop talking nonsense! Hand over the antidote!”

The shadow guards startled and once again began howling, “Young Master!”

“What are you planning on doing? Hurry and let go of our young master!”

“If you dare to hurt our young master, we won’t let you go even if we become ghosts!”

“Are you freaking blind, do you know who our young master is?!”

“This elder doesn’t care who he is. Are you handing it over or not? If not, just wait to receive his corpse then!” As the black-clothed person spoke, he raised his head to look at the forest behind the shadow guards. “Who are the ones in there? Come out, all of you, stop hiding!”

Demonic Medicine King and Cong Yun almost simultaneously looked at Master Cihui and said, “You, go.”

At this moment, Master Cihui’s mind was full of doubts.

Sir Xiao’s face didn’t have a disguise, so his guess of “kidnapped another family’s young master and acted as a substitute” had been debunked. Then what exactly were these household servants doing? And how could they not know who Wenren Heng was? Was this matter purposely constructed by Sir Xiao, or was he really being suppressed by someone? If it was the former, what was the reason for all this?”

Confusion had practically swallowed him completely, and upon hearing their words now, he wasn’t able to make his mind return to its proper place to react in time and so ended up saying, “What?”

Cong Yun said, “Go delay him for a while.”

Master Cihui asked, “Then what about all of you?”

Cong Yun said, “We’re leaving.”

He didn’t say where they were going, simply turning around and leaving with Demonic Medicine King.

Yesterday, they had speculated that the other party might rely on the edge of the cliff in order to retreat, but they hadn’t been entirely certain. Now, with one look, they were thoroughly able to confirm that guess and so they naturally wanted to hurry down there first to make preparations.

The other important reason was that, from the start, Cong Yun had not wanted to return Sir Ye to the others and had already made the decision to directly take the person away once he rescued Sir Ye. Thus, right now, he clearly needed to separate from these people in order to handle these affairs separately.

The two’s martial arts were high, and in the blink of an eye, they had already distanced themselves well over thirty meters[1].

When Master Cihui saw this, he was astonished, growing even more suspicious of their identities, but before he could sort out his thoughts, he heard the black-clothed person’s shouts and so could only take the few people that the doctor had left behind and show himself. He walked to the household servants’ sides and looked at the black-clothed person before advising, “Benefactor, the sea of bitterness is boundless, so turn back to the shore[2] while you…”

“Less damn nonsense,” the black-clothed person interrupted him, “I’ll ask one last time. Where’s the antidote?”

Master Cihui looked at Sir Xiao, eyes unblinking.

Ye You also looked at them, and with his neck grabbed, his expression looked particularly pained.

Master Cihui stared for a long moment, trying with all his might, but he wasn’t able to see any suggestions coming from Sir Xiao’s direction and felt that the other might have truly been suppressed. He internally thought how terrible! and was just thinking about whether he should bring out Wenren Heng’s name to scare this man when he heard the people beside him asking what to do so that the other would let the person go. He then righted his senses and said, “Benefactor, we can give you the antidote, but you can’t harm this person.”

The black-clothed person chuckled. “Of course I won’t harm him. This hard-to-come-by beauty, I’m still itching to take care of him.”

The shadow guards were furious. “What? Shameless!”


“You bastard!”

The black-clothed person’s voice turned cold, “All of you try saying that again!”

The shadow guards uniformly shut their mouths.

The black clothed person said, “It looks like all of you won’t understand until you see a coffin.”

When he finished speaking, his hand exerted some strength, and Ye You immediately let out a muffled groan, the suffocating sound making him appear even more pained. Upon seeing their colleague use such vicious force against the Sect Master, those shadow guards practically fell into shock, but they didn’t show it on their faces and continued to persist in shouting at him to stop.

Master Cihui also hurriedly said, “Benefactor, hurry and stop!”

“…Don’t…give…” Ye You suddenly opened his mouth and said with difficulty, “Not allowed to give…”

Before he could finish speaking, the black-clothed person let out a curse and knocked him unconscious, before turning to look at them and saying, “Don’t listen to him. He’s simply throwing a little tantrum. All of you prepare the antidote. Wait for me to put him in a nice place first, and then I’ll come back to get it.”

As he finished, he leapt up and, under everyone’s eyes, jumped off the cliff with the hostage.

The shadow guards, “…”

Master Cihui, “…”

The scene was deathly still for an instant. Then, those people’s expressions changed, and they staggered over to throw themselves down at the edge of the cliff. They caught sight of this person easily stepping into the forest down below and quickly lost sight of his figure. Master Cihui’s heart immediately turned cold. Upon seeing the people beside him break out in tears, he asked, without any hope, “All of you really don’t know Sect Master Wenren?”

The shadow guards shot him a glance and hesitated.

They of course didn’t dare to make the decision personally, but the Sect Master had mentioned before that, if they were able to find a suitable time, they could remind Master Cihui a bit. Did right now count as a suitable time?

They thought for a moment and asked, “Where are the doctor and the others?”

Master Cihui said, “They went who-knows-where.”

The shadow guards looked towards the back and saw that the subordinates Cong Yun had left behind were already rushing into the forest. They then knew that Cong Yun had long already given the order, and that these people were most likely all hurrying towards the bottom of the cliff. And now that the Sect Master had lured them down below, he should be able to take care of them all, right?

The group didn’t have any misgivings and replied with, “We know him.”

Master Cihui had not expected that the situation could still take a turn for the better, and he hastily asked, “Then why did all of you say earlier that you didn’t know him? So is this matter something that your young master is doing on purpose? What does he want to do?”

The shadow guards said, “We don’t know.”

Master Cihui, “…”

The shadow guards said, “Master, don’t look at us like that. We really don’t know. The only thing we can guess is why the young master didn’t tell you ahead of time.”

Hearing the implication that Sir Xiao had truly done this all on purpose, Master Cihui immediately felt more steady and asked, “Oh, why?”

The shadow guards said, “Master, you’re too honest.”

Master Cihui, “…”

How is being honest a bad thing?

The shadow guards didn’t continue to delay their efforts. They rubbed their faces, eyes turning blank as some tears slowly seeped out, before then turning their heads and rushing over crazily, shouting out in anguish, “Young Master, ahhhhh—-!”

Master Cihui, “…”


After Ye You and his subordinate had fallen into the forest, it began to be his turn to take control of the situation. He took his subordinate through a simple series of leaps and jumps before steadily landing at the bottom of the cliff. From beginning to end, the two had been continually stuck together, and Ye You’s mastery over his fine control was excellent. Even if there were witnesses, they wouldn’t be able to discover that he was really the one who was using the lightness skill.

He looked around and, upon seeing the mark that his Senior Brother left, then hurried to reconvene with the other.

At this time, Wenren Heng was also wearing a set of black clothes. Seeing them return, he concisely said, “People are all around. Be careful.”

Ye You made a sound in acknowledgment as he took off his outer garments, revealing the black clothes underneath.

The black-clothed person who had seized him was also taking off clothes and putting on the Sect Master’s outer garments. After taking off the mask, the person’s facial features were astonishingly revealed to be the same as the Sect Master’s; it was clearly a disguise.

The two swiftly exchanged their identities while Wenren Heng relayed the white piece’s rough positions to them.

Ye You and Wenren Heng had already guessed that Cong Yun would lay an ambush at the foot of the mountain when they sent over that map.

Since they did have a hostage in their hands, they presumed that Cong Yun would definitely not send too many people. For the sake of grasping that decisive moment, Wenren Heng had taken people to the bottom of the cliff extremely early in the morning, and while Ye You and Cong Yun were having a confrontation, he had slowly ascertained the other party’s tendencies, so as to allow his Junior Brother more ease of movement later.

Ye You carefully finished listening and nodded before ducking into the forest.

There were three paths at the bottom of the cliff. The top path was not easy to traverse, and no one would choose it even while running for their lives because it was a dead end and it’d just lead to being surrounded the moment one entered. The white piece’s people also didn’t have enough numbers to bother with that path. In contrast, the paths left and right were about the same. Ye You suspected that Cong Yun and Demonic Medicine King had already most likely split up, with one person guarding in each direction, wanting to enclose him in their trap together.

As for who was on which side, he didn’t actually know.

He examined the surroundings for a moment and chose the left path. After walking for a while, he quickly detected that there was someone in the trees. He thus continued walking forward, coldly saying, “What kind of attitude is all this scurrying and hiding. If you’re man enough, come out!”

Just as he finished speaking, the person in the trees leapt down. The outline of this person’s facial features were very deep; it was precisely the person suspected of being Demonic Medicine King. What’s more, there were even several people following behind, and they all simultaneously looked at him.

Ye You sneered. “Oh! What numbers.”

He had chosen that specific subordinate not only because their statures were similar but also because the two’s tones were markedly similar when they meticulously changed their voices. Thus, Demonic Medicine King was clearly unable to hear any distinguishable difference, and believing that he was still that pervert, the person asked, “Where’s Sir Ye?”

Ye You said, “Naturally I’ve hidden that treasure well.”

Demonic Medicine King said, “Do you think that you’ll be able to escape from our hands?”

Ye You said, “How could I know if I don’t try? Are you that Sir Liu?”

Demonic Medicine King startled before then remembering that when Cong Yun had originally introduced him to Sir Ye, the other had in fact said that his surname was Liu. He said, “That’s me, so what?”

Ye You said disdainfully, “That darling dreams about Sir Liu this and Sir Liu that every day. You don’t actually look like much, and of course I’m much better looking. Quickly, come at me. Once I take care of you, he’ll become dead set on following me in the future.”

Demonic Medicine King, “…”

Wait, what’s the meaning of this? Could that beauty have fallen in love with him at first sight? This won’t do, Cong Yun must absolutely never learn about this matter!

He calmly said, “There’s so many people surnamed Liu under the heavens. It doesn’t necessarily have to be me.”

Ye You said, “You haven’t been to Shaolin before?”

Demonic Medicine King said, “I have.”

Ye You said, “Then I’m right, that darling said…”

His figure flashed, and he suddenly unleashed his strength. Demonic Medicine King was preparing to listen to those next words but, in the blink of an eye, saw the other flash in front of him. Afterwards, he felt only a pain in his chest before his entire person was blown away.

It wasn’t easy to seal Cong Yun’s acupoints, but Demonic Medicine King’s was fair game. With one palm strike, Ye You had sent the person flying and, immediately following, had chased after and sealed the person’s major front acupoints. Grabbing the person’s neck, he said to the subordinates who were still in a state of stupefied confusion, “Stand there and don’t move.”

Demonic Medicine King suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and, with an expression full of shock, said, in a hoarse voice, “Who… exactly are you…”

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[1] 10丈 = 33.3333 meters.

[2] 苦海無邊,回頭是岸 This is actually a Buddhist saying, so I just translated it directly. Kind of similar in vibe to the whole Christian: repent your sins and you shall be saved, kind of deal.

Master Cihui, there’s no need to listen to these scoundrels! Being honest is a great quality! Always be honest, kids!

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

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  2. Lol, I laughed so much int his chapter – and Master Cihui. Poor guy. But at least he knows now, that those shadow guards are perfect actors! xD

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