Record of the Missing Sect Master ch080

We’re two-thirds of the way through this now!

Also, while I don’t think it quite needs it, here’s a content warning anyhow:

There’s a (very brief) faked sexual assault scene in this chapter.

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The back mountains were secluded, and other than the nearby villagers who’d occasionally come to hunt, the area was usually devoid of people.

The growth rings on each tree signified that all of them had already passed a hundred years of age. With flourishing branches and luxurious leaves, these trees covered the sky and blanketed the earth, making the area so quiet that only birdsong could be heard.

Right at this time, a sharp animal cry suddenly exploded in the air, the sound neither too high nor too low, coincidentally allowed the people in the surroundings to hear it. Wenren Heng lifted his head to parse it for a moment before saying, “Go over and look.”

The black-clothed person asked uneasily, “Nothing could have happened to the Sect Master, right?”

Wenren Heng said, “If this was something he did, there shouldn’t be anything wrong.”

The black-clothed person didn’t quite understand.

Right now, since the white piece’s men were currently on watch throughout the forest, with this sound, wouldn’t those people all go over to surround the Sect Master?

Wenren Heng didn’t explain. After walking for a while, he suddenly seemed to have remembered something. Giving the other a look, he asked, “Before, when you two were on the cliff, how did you trick them?”

The expressions that those colleagues gave him just now flashed through the black-clothed person’s mind, and the person decided that he’d rather die than talk, replying with, “That is… I j-just tricked them like that.”

Wenren Heng said, “Hm?”

“…” The black-clothed person silently turned his head, not daring to look at the Madam.

Wenren Heng gave him another look but didn’t continue wasting time, simply reminding the others that had followed along to be careful before cautiously stealing over.

Wenren Heng’s guess wasn’t wrong.

That action really was done by Ye You.

After he had suppressed Demonic Medicine King, during the interval when he had shouted out to the white piece’s men, he had also quickly pulled out a handful of previously prepared copper coins and accurately threw them out to hit those people’s acupoints. Afterwards, he had pulled out the instrument used to send signals from their persons and hung the people on trees before then taking Demonic Medicine King and leaving.

Although Demonic Medicine King’s expression had already recovered, the shock in his heart still remained.

High lightness skill, lecherous, cautious… These were the impressions that the one who kidnapped Sir Ye had given them. When matters came to light, he and Cong Yun had thought about who could be the one making a move and had gone through all the people of Jianghu once. They had chosen one or two people from the selection, all of whom had high lightness skills but ordinary martial arts. They had made such a guess because that person had never dared to confront them directly.

They had originally thought that when they surrounded this pervert, they’d definitely be able to retrieve the hostage. Even if the other party used Sir Ye’s life as a threat, it’d be useless because, after all, if that person killed Sir Ye, then his own life would definitely also be forfeit here, so the choice he would’ve had to make in the end was readily apparent. But who could’ve known that this originally supposedly simple and easy matter would turn out like this.

Although he never boasted about being the highest of experts, he was still able to be considered an expert of some kind! But in that instant just now, he had actually not even seen this person’s movements at all clearly. This person truly had some terrifying skill!

In Jianghu, who exactly had this level of strength?

He didn’t understand.

Ye You carried Demonic Medicine King far away from the previous location. Upon finding a large, attractive-looking tree, he jumped onto it and threw the person down before saying, “Is that friend of yours also in this forest?”

Right now, the only thing Demonic Medicine King was able to move was his mouth, and he silently looked at the other, not replying.

Ye You maintained his distance, having no apparent desire not to approach. He said, “Regardless of whether or not you have some concealed weapons in your mouth, for now, I don’t want to remove your jaw, so you’d best stop testing with my tolerance, Demonic Medicine King.”

Demonic Medicine King had originally calmed down, but upon hearing that, his expression changed once again. “You recognize me?”

Ye You said, “No, but now I’m certain.”

Demonic Medicine King, “…”

Ye You asked, “I’m quite curious. According to your strength, you wouldn’t have any problems even if you cause some trouble in Jianghu. Why would you be so willing and happy to throw your lot in with someone else?”

Demonic Medicine King still didn’t reply, though cold sweat began trickling down his body. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak; he was simply too shocked and so had lost his voice for a time.

He felt that this person was very likely to be the Demonic Sect’s Sect Master Ye You.

Rumors were that Sect Master Ye’s martial arts were deep and unfathomable, and it looked like the rumors were true.

One after another, Fuping, Ghost Gentleman, and Mr. Xiao had all disappeared, their lives and deaths unknown. Along with the matter this time, he quickly came to an understanding: Shuangji Sect, Wuwang Temple, and the Demonic Sect had joined hands!

And that group had even done the same thing as their boss, appearing to leave on the surface but actually secretly leaving a move to be played — Wenren Heng, Sir Xiao, and Xie Junming had left for the Alliance Leader’s residence with the righteous faction, but Ye You had actually remained behind!

So this matter had never been an ordinary kidnapping; it was a trap.

But there was one thing that he couldn’t understand. How was the Demonic Sect so certain that their honey trap would definitely work on Cong Yun?

Ye You said, “You don’t want to speak, hm?”

This “hm” was full of hidden subtleties, and Demonic Medicine King immediately regained his senses.

After straightening out his train of thought, he actually turned tranquil.

He became famous through his creation of poisons, and even his body contained poison. Now, whether it was his sweat or his blood, as long as he used some internal energy, he would be able to kill someone on the spot. But this person had clearly long already suspected his identity and so had directly sealed his internal energy. No matter what he said, there was most likely no way that this person would undo it.

Thus, he became resigned and said, “Can I ask something?”

Ye You said, “Speak.”

Demonic Medicine King said, “Are Fuping and Ghost Gentleman and them dead or alive?”

Ye You laughed. “You aren’t afraid that once you learn this, I’ll simply kill you directly?”

Demonic Medicine King returned with a question, “Even if I don’t learn of it, would you still leave me alive?”

“It’ll depend on my mood,” Ye You said, “So speak then. Why did you put your lot in with someone else? At the time, the righteous faction also didn’t say that they were going to kill you. When you suddenly disappeared that year, I actually thought that you had been captured by your master and them to make drugs.”

Demonic Medicine King said, “Because of the drugged men.”

He liked all different kinds of bizarre and fantastic drugs. Cong Yun’s invention interested him. It was just that simple.

Ye You said, “This kind of answer really isn’t original at all.”

Demonic Medicine King looked at him. “You don’t have any interest in those drugged men?”

Ye You laughed and said, “What, can you make the drug on your own?”

Demonic Medicine King said, “Of course. I wasn’t simply doing nothing all these years, after all.”

Ye You said, “What about undoing it?”

Demonic Medicine King said, “I can try.”

Ye You lowered his eyes to examine the other. From his mask only his eyes were exposed, with an indecipherable expression within them, making one incapable of parsing even the least bit of his mood.

Demonic Medicine King held his breath.

This was his only opportunity to save his own life. If this person ignored it, then it’d be useless for him to even try struggling; he’d definitely be unable to live to see tomorrow.

Ye You said, “Why should I believe you?”

Demonic Medicine King felt his mind relax, and he said, “Why don’t you first give me a drugged person and I’ll try?”

Ye You said, “I’ll consider it.”

Demonic Medicine King thought for a moment and was just about to continue this struggle some more when he was suddenly hit in his mute acupoint, immediately throwing him into silence.

Ye You pulled out a pair of silvery white gloves and pinched his jaw, pushing his mouth closed, before starting to take off his clothes. Demonic Medicine King immediately knew that he had managed to preserve his own life for now and so didn’t complain about the other’s actions. It was only when he saw this person taking off even his inner garments that he began staring, wide-eyed.

After Ye You threw away the other’s inner garments, he stared at the person’s last remaining piece of clothing, the underwear.

Demonic Medicine King, “…”

Ye You asked, “Do you have a habit of putting poison here?”

Sect Master Ye, do I look like I have that kind of habit to you? Demonic Medicine King silently stared at him.

Ye You looked at his expression and, in the end, left him that last piece of clothing. With one final glance at him, Ye You threw this person on the tree before turning around and leaving. Demonic Medicine King waited for a long while but didn’t see the other return, and right when he began considering the possibility that he had been left for dead, he saw the person return carrying someone. Or, it’d be more accurate to say, he saw the person return carrying a corpse that had already had its face disguised.

He looked at that face and then looked at the person in front.

Ye You ignored him and changed the corpse into Demonic Medicine King’s clothes. He then indicated for Demonic Medicine King to be a bit more well-behaved before once again swiftly leaping away. Afterwards, he found an empty space and faced the sky to let out a piercing signal.

Cong Yun had already been searching in the forest for half a day but in the end still wound up empty-handed.

He internally thought that the person had probably gone over to Demonic Medicine King’s side and was about to take people over there when, at this time, he heard the sound of the signal, which neatly confirmed that his guess had been right. He hastily sped up his footsteps, but when they arrived, they didn’t see the person at all.

He observed the surroundings and said, “Go look nearby.”

The subordinates said, “Understood.”

“Hah? What is that?”

In the instant they opened their mouths, Cong Yun had detected movement, and after raising his head to look, he immediately retreated three steps. Immediately after, he heard only a muffled thump as a corpse fiercely crashed down from above.

— Demonic Medicine King!

An expert who had once been scorned by all of Jianghu had now become a cold corpse.

The impact was too strong, and the scene turned deathly still in a flash. Every single person’s face was full of appalled shock.

Ye You stood on the tree, his voice very ugly. “This elder said over and over that people weren’t allowed to follow. Did you all think I was joking? Look closely, this is the result of refusing to listen!”

Cong Yun’s expression changed multiple times, but when he looked at the Demonic Medicine King in front of him, he discovered that the other had a bit of skin curling up near the ears and couldn’t help but carefully examine the corpse for a moment. Heart pounding, he turned towards the person above him and asked, “Where are they?”

Ye You said, “Naturally they’re dead. You thought that this elder didn’t have any helpers?”

Cong Yun asked, “Then where’s Sir Ye?”

Ye You said, “You don’t need to know this. If you don’t want to end up like him, then hurry and scram. I’ll tell you the truth, all the helpers I’ve invited are all more incredible than me.”

Cong Yun’s thoughts turned extremely fast.

First, this corpse definitely wasn’t Demonic Medicine King, but the clothes were certainly real. It’s unknown whether it had been prepared ahead of time or it had truly been taken off of Demonic Medicine King himself. Otherwise, with the signal having sounded for quite a while, why hadn’t Demonic Medicine King and those other men come over?

Ye You said, “Still not leaving!”

Cong Yun said, “Do you know who I am?”

Ye You said, “What do I care who you are!”

Cong Yun said, “You don’t know who I am, yet you still dare to challenge me?”

Ye You snorted. “Stop talking nonsense, hurry and scram, or else I won’t be so polite.”

Cong Yun said, “Come then. Let me see how impolite you’ll be with me!”

Ye You stilled. “Boy, you aren’t afraid of death?”

Cong Yun said, “I’m afraid that you’ll be the one dying.”

Ye You chuckled. “Not bad. How wild. I like this. Seeing as how you and I have some affinity, I’ll spare your life today. Take your people and scram.”

Cong Yun was more and more certain that this person was putting on an act, or else the other wouldn’t have used a disguised corpse to scare them. Could it be that Demonic Medicine King hadn’t come after so long because that person had also been played with like this?

He raised his head and shot this person a glance before suddenly pushing himself off the ground, jumping onto the branch that the other party was currently standing on.

Ye You hastily retreated, and his tone was no longer as arrogant as before as he said, “Little boy, you really want to fight with me?”

Cong Yun said, “Not fight, no, I’m going to kill you.”

Seeing that he was about to attack, Ye You swiftly dodged onto the next tree over. Upon witnessing his fruitless strike, Ye You said, “You can’t even touch me, yet you’re still trying to play hero? Right now this elder is being generous, so you best be more tactful.”

Cong Yun didn’t reply, chasing immediately after. Ye You once again dodged, jumping away into the depths of the trees. Cong Yun naturally wouldn’t let the person go, continuing to give chase from behind, before then keenly discovering that this figure seemed somewhat unsteady. He thus began to guess at the possibility that this rogue had been poisoned. After a short while, upon seeing the other’s shadow once again becoming unsteady, he asked, “Do you want the antidote?”

Ye You stopped and asked, “Antidote? The beauty’s antidote?”

Cong Yun said, “The one for yourself.”

Ye You calmly said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Cong Yun said, “It’s called the Heart Devourer. A drug that Demonic Medicine King made. If you don’t take the antidote, within half a month, the poison will spread, and you will die.”

Ye You fell silent.

Cong Yun let out a sneer in his heart and said, “Give the person to me, and you can take the antidote. I’ll let you keep your life.”

Ye You angrily said, “Little boy, what kind of attitude is this?”

At this time, Wenren Heng was coincidentally hidden nearby and, upon seeing the current situation, looked at the black-clothed person, “Do you know how to call out? Shout a few things.”

The black-clothed person didn’t understand. “Shout what?”

Wenren Heng said, “Haven’t you gone to brothels before?”

The black-clothed person blinked and finally understood. His first reaction was, “Madam, whenever I go to those places, the people always shouted things like, ‘Daddy, no more.’ Can we skip those bits?”

Wenren Heng gently replied with a question, “What do you think?”

The black-clothed person felt himself tremble from that look. After a moment of thought, he messed up his hair, tore open his clothes, and rolled around on the ground before saying, in a low voice, “No… don’t be like this… mn, oh, no… ah…”

The colleagues who had followed along, “…”

Wenren Heng silently looked at him, feeling a sharp desire to tear off that face of his.

Ye You and Cong Yun were both experts, and they quickly heard the moaning from nearby. Cong Yun appeared to have a certain thought, and his expression immediately sank as he threw aside Ye You and hastily flew towards that direction. Ye You had also gotten a grasp of what was happening and, knowing that this was an opportunity that his Senior Brother had found for him, hastily made as if he was intending to obstruct Cong Yun, as he headed directly for the other.

Wenren Heng saw that they were coming and pressed the person down onto the ground, tearing open his clothes with a rip. “Stop struggling, take us obediently.”

The black-clothed person tried to block his chest with both hands, saying in a choked voice, “No… I have drugs in my body, all of you can’t touch me…”

With one look, Cong Yun saw that familiar silhouette along with the tattered remnants of clothing, and burning rage immediately coursed through his body. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw that the pervert had also hurried over, and he immediately let out killing intent, raising his hand to strike.

Ye You stopped him and immediately returned with a strike.

Cong Yun was completely caught off guard, and blood sprayed out wildly from his mouth as he flew back.

Ye You didn’t hesitate at all and chased after, wanting to add another strike, when he saw Cong Yun throw out something. He heard only a bang explode outwards before thick smoke frantically bubbled forth. He held his breath, wanting to continue moving forward, only to feel a sharp pain in his eyes. He then hurriedly leapt backwards to throw off the mist.

Upon seeing his Junior Brother rushing in, Wenren Heng had hurried over, and when he saw the other coming out this time, he hastily walked to the other’s side. “How is it?”

Ye You said, “Nothing’s wrong, I didn’t breathe it in, but it’s only that…”

He wasn’t even able to finish speaking before he felt a spell of dizziness and collapsed.

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This chapter is brought to you by: my taking a two-day break from playing the Genshin Impact beta! So, I guess, thanks, Genshin Impact for, uh, really not playing well on PS4. Hope they fix it before the actual release. Animal Crossing is great though, even with the sometimes weird time gates. 10/10, would fork over $60 again to talk to cute animals.

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  1. First: Demonic medicine does have a brain after all! And a rather good one too! Why do I feel proud? It was certainly an elightening chapter.

    second: That was nice play Ye You put out there. A very nice play. And Cong Yun didn’t see through it all. That was a good fight – though I have to say, that I worry about Ye You. The mist was probably poison after all. Or he is acting again. Guess we’ll find out next chapter?

    Third: The poor shadow guard xD


  2. Does this author have other books out there, because this one is just a gem and I really want more of this type of humor.
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    And of course thank you for translating this, you are the real MVP :)


      1. Thank you. I just read one of her transmigration novels, it was silly but so very funny, I really am a fan of her writing. She comes up with some silly plots.


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