Like Love But Not ch48

Summary: His frantic appearance as he becomes stained with blood.

So this chapter was actually locked four separate times before the author finally managed to get it to stay unlocked, and you’ll see how… lmao.

Content warning (uh, major in implications but extremely minor in what is shown):

Implied sexual assault. But the scene is censored so badly that I actually had to do a triple-take before I realized it.

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Like Love But Not ch44

Summary: Because of some new medicine, Xiao Heng loses his memories.

Content warning (I was originally going to tag this as minor, but after reading it over again, I think it qualifies as at least “slightly major”):

Lying to someone while they’re suffering from amnesia, aka A HUGE BREACH of relationship trust.

Also, if you see hovertext without the footnote number [x] next to it, that’s just me cussing Luo Yuchen out… You don’t have to read those…

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